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    Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy

Publication: Lorenzo Vitturi captures the vibrancy of Dalston's Ridley Road Market

Posted by Lisa Farrell,

It’s not everyday you come across a photographer who shows an equally outstanding flair for portraiture, still-life and collage making, which probably explains why Lorenzo Vitturi’s Dalston Anatomy has us all so excited!

Effortlessly combining these artistic forms as a means to express the vibrancy of one of east London’s treasured marketplaces, the cacophony of texture and colour which overflows from the pages of the publication is a result of many months spent by Vitturi in Ridley Road Market, taking photographs, building temporary sculptures and creating collages with materials and objects found amongst the debris of the stalls.

Fabrics, afros, braids, fruit, pork, fish, balloons, bright paint and tarps have been transformed into surreal, makeshift arrangements whose temporary nature can’t help but evoke the fragility of cultural heritage in the passing of time. Bound in stunning African fabric, this beautiful book is an ode to the tactile and sensual essence of the notorious market place.

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    Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy

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    Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy

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    Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy


Posted by Lisa Farrell

Lisa joined It’s Nice That in 2013 and oversees our events programme, running both our monthly Nicer Tuesdays event and our annual summer symposium Here. She has a particular interest in photography.