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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho

The beautiful new Rapha Cycle Club is a dangerously pleasant place to be

Posted by James Cartwright,

Cycle enthusiasts be warned, there’s a new place in town for you to splurge away your hard-earned salary in a matter of minutes, sedated by the enticing smell of fresh croissants, piping hot coffee and the comforting sound of road-race commentary. Rapha, the most premium of all cycle apparel manufacturers, has just opened a brand new permanent cycle club in London’s Soho and it’s a wonderful place to be.

Designed by Brinkworth, the space shows off a delicate balance between retail environment and café with merchandise spread liberally over the white walls, enticing you all the while to make an essential purchase while you enjoy your morning espresso. Stepping into the space in my commuting lycra and high-performance windbreaker I was greeted by staff and fellow customers alike with the warm embrace of an old friend, welcomed into the bosom of the club to enjoy my breakfast and engross myself in an abundance of cycle literature, having hung my bike in one of many free racks within the shop’s interior.

I left without making a purchase, but I’ll be back, with a debit card in hand and a hunger for warm pastries. I defy you all not to feel the same.

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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho

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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho

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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho

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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho

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    Brinkworth: Rapha Cycle Club Soho


Posted by James Cartwright

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