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    Superscript²: Looking For Architecture visual identity

Typophiles Superscript² show us how it's done the other side of the Channel

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

I like to see words put together nicely – it’s the liquidity of some words on a page or the dynamism of others that just gets me really excited. So it’s always welcome when a studio such as Lyon based Superscript² are so evidently into typography and careful layout it makes me say “oooh.” Everything about their work is thoughtful, clean and fits together extremely well. Their sharp design is often monochromatic too, giving not only the people they design for, but the studio, a strong visual identity. It’s the stacks of fonts they’ve designed collated on their website I enjoy looking through most though, as it’s clear this is where their true passion lies.

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    Superscript²: Helmut typography

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    Superscript²: Echo Sonores- The End poster

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    Superscript²: Glass Fabrik visual identity

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    Superscript²: Nuits Sonores Festival 2012 poster

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    Superscript²: Beautiful Banal poster/typography

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    Superscript²: AZL3 typography


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Norwich University College of the Arts. She wrote for the site between March and June 2012