Watch Jacko (not the real one) gyrate across Rome for DJ Cam

Posted by James Cartwright,

We Cross The Line have already demonstrated that they’re more than capable of producing engaging short documentaries but now the small team of Belgian and Italian film-makers have branched out into new territory, producing their first ever music video. Uncomfortable follows a similar recipe to their documentary work – find someone who’s naturally interesting and point the camera at them – and manages to match the music incredibly well. So prepare to meet Emiliano, a Michael Jackson impersonator from Rome who honours the King of Pop on the city’s streets on a daily basis, albeit with a cheeky little belly that’s more akin to another King.

  • Mj-4

    We Cross The Line: Uncomfortable

  • Mj-2

    We Cross The Line: Uncomfortable

  • Mj-3

    We Cross The Line: Uncomfortable

  • Mj-1

    We Cross The Line: Uncomfortable


Posted by James Cartwright

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