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    Werner Aisslinger Studio: Chair Farm

Why Werner Aisslinger is growing a chair in a greenhouse

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

We’ve all had a fondness for a cane furniture set at some point in our lives, so we already know the wonders nature and it’s plants can provide us. Challenging the extent to which it can be used though is designer Werner Aisslinger whose newest concept project, Chair Farm, sees him actually growing furniture.

Showing in Milan this week inside a greenhouse at Ventura Lambrate, Chair Farm takes the form of a plant housed in a metal chair mould. Trained to grow in that shape, once it’s reached maturity the chair plant is released as a freestanding structure. The idea is to grow and harvest locally to avoid exporting globally and to shy away from production line mentality by emphasising the organic.

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    Werner Aisslinger Studio: Chair Farm

Aisslinger is no stranger to championing new approaches to green product design, as throughout his work he’s experimented with unlikely materials and sustainable sources. Last year he presented the Hemp Chair, an eco-friendly monobloc chair created entirely from binded hemp and kenaf compressed by strong heat and mechanical pressure. Lightweight and cardboard-like in texture it’s contrasted by the chair’s durability and resilience much like the Chair Farm with it’s bare, skeletal appearance but rigid composition.

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    Werner Aisslinger Studio: Hemp Chair

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    Werner Aisslinger Studio: Hemp Chair


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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