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    Wim Delvoye: Cement Truck (Scale Model)

Amazingly detailed cathedral-like truck models created by Wim Delvoye

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Trucks are great, but they can be awfully clunky and ungraceful. If only someone were to completely alter their structure and make them delicate works of art… Oh wait, Belgian artist Wim Delvoye has done just that and completely blown my mind in the process.

Essentially, he’s built scale models of trucks but using the architecture and aesthetic qualities of cathedrals and other Gothic buildings. I never realised the two would marry so well, but they really do, creating a huge contrast between the intricate craftsmanship of Gothic architecture and the machine-based, contemporary bulk of these vehicles. Created by laser-cutting stainless steel, it’s astounding the level of detail in these models. As if this wasn’t enough, these models are actually based on large-scale versions of these structures which are equally amazing but due to the fragile nature of the structures, are still being maintained.

Wim’s body of work is definitely worth checking out some more as he has a cavalcade of inventive projects under his creative belt – all continuing to challenge our perceptions of things. His website, too, is one of the coolest I’ve seen as he lays it out like a minuature town. Playful, clever and skilled, Wim reminds us art should be something to have fun with.

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    Wim Delvoye: D11 (Scale Model)

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    Wim Delvoye: Dump Truck (Scale Model)

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    Wim Delvoye: Cement Truck (Scale Model)

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    Wim Delvoye: Dump Truck (Scale Model)

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    Wim Delvoye: Dump Truck

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    Wim Delvoye: Dump Truck


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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