1. Peter_o_zierlein_int_list Illustration Illustrator Peter O Zierlein uses symmetry to make his graphic prints pop
  2. List Photography Photographer Tito Mouraz is back with a spooky series
  3. Allan_balisi_int_list Art Artist Allan Balisi's oil-painted figures convey ambiguous narratives
  4. Daniel-frost_greenland-list Illustration Daniel Frost’s cinematic paintings capture the otherworldly beauty of Greenland
  5. Ethan_james_green_int_list Photography Fashion photographer Ethan James Green’s striking yet tender portraits
  6. Erlandlist Illustration Norwegian illustrator Erlend Peder Kvam embodies distinctive silliness
  7. List Illustration Artist Antoine Orand explores his chaotic side through collage
  8. Karenledererlist Art Karen Lederer's charming monoprints interpret contemporary everyday objects
  9. List Photography Bright visuals with a retro sheen from photographer Christopher Schoonover
  10. Botw_wk_100217 Best of the Web It's snow angel, it's Best of the Web!
  11. List Art Andrea Nakhla paints her friends' "existential anxiety"
  12. Liannenixonlist Illustration Lianne Nixon’s Eames-inspired interior illustrations
  13. Cover Publication Nicolas Jaar releases Network, a book inspired by radio
  14. Laura_prim_its_nice_that_08-newyear-card-2016-2015 Graphic Design The reductive and exacting work of graphic designer Laura Prim
  15. Chris_gautschi_its_nice_that_qsgl_affiche Graphic Design Graphic designer Chris Gautschi finds inspiration in type, architecture and alchemy
  16. Unnamed Friday Mixtape Friday Mixtape: An after-show mix from The Flaming Lips
  17. List Illustration Illustrator Maria Midttun's magic carpets
  18. Santafrancelist Illustration Santa France, the multimedia artist illustrating a futuristic interior frenzy
  19. Boysinpainlist Publication Exclusive: Charles Jeffrey, Jack Appleyard and Gareth Wrighton collaborate on “Boys in Pain” zine
  20. Rob-hunter-elbow-little-fictions-artwork-list Illustration Rob Hunter tells us more about his “storybook” artwork and animations for Elbow’s Little Fictions
  21. Dougmillerlist Illustration Doug Miller’s atmospheric architectural illustrations
  22. Casaverdilist Photography Eric Bachmann photographs a retirement home for penniless musicians
  23. List Photography Photographer James Tolich depicts the daily life of an ageing mother and her daughter
  24. List Illustration Friederike Hantel and Bureau Borsche made a comic for the Bavarian State Opera
  25. Group-shot-alt-03 Bookshelf The New Yorker's design team shares its favourite books in this mammoth Bookshelf
  26. Lacey-hyojoo-vogue-japan-rita-betc-list Film Lacey’s addictive film for Vogue Japan follows skater Hyojoo Ko through an architectural icon
  27. Nt_feb_launch_list Nicer Tuesdays Tickets available now for Nicer Tuesdays February
  28. List Photography Nina Manandhar photographs Mexico City's newspaper sellers
  29. Maxgutherlist Illustration Max Guther's hyper-real Sims-like illustrations
  30. List Illustration Meet the designer making prints for Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne
  31. Jacquesgreenelist Miscellaneous Jacques Greene’s new single will repeatedly play until it’s destroyed in real-time installation
  32. Dominic-kesterton-ladybeard-list Illustration Dominic Kesterton aspires to absolute simplicity with his vivid illustrations
  33. Snickers-live-super-bowl-ad Advertising Super Bowl 51: our round-up of the best adverts this year
  34. Alicelist Illustration Alice Wietzel illustrates luscious ladies in new zine, Solarium
  35. Ingo_giezendanner_its_nice_that_16 Illustration Ingo Giezendanner’s new book asks: What are the similarities are between books and trees?
  36. Felixlist Art Felix Treadwell intermixes comical characters within fine art
  37. Jo-brocklehurst-list Illustration The Jo Brocklehurst illustrations that defined counter culture, chosen by Olivia Ahmad
  38. Andrew_khosravani_int_list2 Animation Andrew Khosravani’s film explores the relationship between Sartre and Camus
  39. Tyler_comrie_list_its_nice_that Graphic Design Tyler Comrie's considered and communicative book covers and editorial illustration
  40. Botw_030217 Best of the Web The weekend has arrived, it's Best of the Web!