1. Bitmap-brothers-book-its-nice-that Publication Work by pioneers of the Britsoft movement, Bitmap Brothers, documented in a new book
  2. 01_case_cover_1 Publication An envy-inducing glimpse inside the homes of Barbican residents
  3. Thomas-hedger_wwd-atlanta_list Illustration Pop landscapes and punchy line work from illustrator Thomas Hedger
  4. Gerrit_academie_int_list Graphic Design Three designers depict the struggle of creative endeavour in new graduate show identity
  5. Jesse-kassel-mixed-composition_its_nice_that Art Artist Jesse Kassel finds inspiration in abandoned and stolen vehicles
  6. Biking-(1) Graphic Design Oscar Powell and Guy Featherstone design a music campaign like no other
  7. Timmblannlist Illustration Tim Blann's deliciously effortless illustrations are an autumnal delight
  8. Cufflist Graphic Design Cuff: a dance label releasing illustrative record sleeves quarterly
  9. A%cc%80-l'ame%cc%81ricaine---romain-baro-26_list Photography Romain Baro photographs the cheerleaders of suburban France
  10. List Photography Jonathan Arundel captures car boot sale culture
  11. Irislist Publication Iris Van Der Zee reevaluates the artistic sculpture in modern context
  12. Botw_wk_14 Best of the Web Celebrate the most welcome Friday in the history of time with Best of the Web
  13. List Graphic Design Graphic designer Timm Henger's posters are so fresh and so clean
  14. Dylanjoneslist Illustration The mystery of illustrator Dylan Jones
  15. List Graphic Design Yes Fam! Great graphic design from H.Y.T. Studio
  16. Mat-maitland3list Publication Danielle Pender's guide to the new issue of Riposte
  17. Catlist Photography Cats Might Fly: the weird world of Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
  18. Jimmangan Photography Photographer Jim Mangan combines vast desert landscapes and rally car racing in Blast
  19. Marcusoakleylist Illustration Marcus Oakley's collection of illustrative Instagram experiments
  20. Hansfabianlist Publication A painting and photography duo poking fun at fine art
  21. Grmmxi_baltic_circle_international_theatre_festival_int_list Graphic Design Finnish collective GRMMXI creates identity for Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival
  22. Port-levis-list Product Design Port meets Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri
  23. Bardos1 Photography The Bardos capture French gymnasts in south France's wild landscapes
  24. Katerina_voronia_int_list Illustration Russian illustrator Katerina Voronina's angular characters captured in sumptuous tones
  25. Eleni-kalorkoti-travesty-poster-web_706 Illustration London-based illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti paints understated charm with ink and watercolour
  26. List Photography Photographer Harley Weir documents the domestic spaces of Calais' migrant camps
  27. Parralist Exhibition A sneak peek at Parra's upcoming exhibit, No Work Today
  28. Intpodcastlist Miscellaneous The It's Nice That Podcast unwraps the art of the christmas advert
  29. Carlijn_jacobs_int_list1 Photography Carlijn Jacobs adds glamour to her ethereal fashion photography
  30. Peter_tillesson_int_list Publication Artist Peter Tillessen’s new book of drawings observe everyday life and its nuances
  31. Jt1 Photography The photographer bringing together beauty and boredom, James Tolich
  32. List Art Appropriating Appropriation: artist Meryem Meg
  33. Sammysteinlist Illustration Go your own way: the self-publishing comic book mogul, Sammy Stein
  34. Hato1-1 Publication A look inside Hato Press’ cinematic cookbook Cooking with Scorsese
  35. Briemorenolist Illustration Contemporary comics with a hint of yesteryear from Brie Moreno
  36. Koos_breen_int_list Graphic Design Designer Koos Breen’s well-executed work for the Royal Academy of Art The Hague
  37. Edburkeslist Art Ed Burkes, a fine art graduate winning prize after prize
  38. Us_presidential_election_freddy_taylor Miscellaneous The US presidential election: the creative response to Clinton vs Trump
  39. Harryisraelsonlist Photography Harry Israelson photographs the bizarre cuteness of dog costume contests
  40. Planet_luke_int_list Graphic Design Graffiti tags and lo-fi aesthetics: enter Planet Luke