Sophia spent two weeks with It’s Nice That as part of her postgraduate journalism studies at Cardiff University in April 2014.

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  1. Listmowgli_mexico

    You know that feeling you get when you’re sat at your desk, the sun is shining, and for a second it comes through the window, warming your arm just long enough for you to know exactly what you’re missing? If that feeling makes you fidget in your seat then Adrian Morris’ photographs will probably have you leaping over buildings.

  2. Listthings

    It’s a miracle our fingers escaped injury this week; with the amount of books we’ve been handling it was almost certain at least one papercut was on the cards. The risk was worth it though, not only have we acquired some adult colouring books and The Green Soccer Journal’s latest issue, we’ve also had a good time with some freaky acrylics, illustrious illustrations and a book in disguise as a catalogue. Who cares if our fingers were in peril, we live on the edge.

  3. Listsudan_1

    When bad things happen in far away places the easiest thing to do is ignore them, but New York photographer Mike Mellia is doing all he can to make sure you don’t. Mike is famous for using his photographs to make analytical statements (remember these guys), and his collaboration with South Sudanese refugee-turned-supermodel Nykhor Paul has made sure his latest work Our side of the story: South Sudan is no exception.

  4. Listkenglye_gold

    There are only so many times a parent can use the “having a pet is hard work” line before they cave in to the beseeching eyes (or screaming mouth) of their young child – that’s when they resort to a goldfish and so ensues the tragic flushing of hundreds of goldfish all over the world. It’s an epidemic, but we’ve found the perfect solution: Keng Lye.

  5. Listkyung_woo_han5

    I’ve always liked mind games. Not the passive aggressive sort, or anything along the lines of “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen,” but the kind that involves optical illusions, something that forces you to think a little bit. They range from the simple – two vases that are also two faces – to the more intricate such as the never-ending staircase in M. C. Escher’s Ascending and Descending, but Kyung Woo Han has taken it to a whole new level.

  6. Listblue-river-falls-4

    As the age-old saying goes: a picture’s worth a thousand words, and in the case of Brighton-based photographer Matt Henry, those thousand words come together to tell a powerful story.

  7. Listernestgoghcock2

    We’ve all seen our fair share of cocky dancers, but they’re usually in a club after 2am pretending they’ve got “swagger” and they rarely look anything like this. These hilarious and wonderful photographs are the work of Ernest Goh, whose mastery of animal photography has never been more evident.

  8. List

    This week we’ve gathered a very random collection of goodies. Not only have we got the newest issue of Library Paper to dive into, but also seeds to plant and socks to wear; proof that the world of design isn’t constrained by boundaries. (Except personal space boundaries, those are important.) There’s also an unusual pack of playing cards and a beautiful book. We’ve really hit the jackpot!

  9. Listlavie8

    Sometimes advertisements are the best thing in the world – and by sometimes I mean when you need the loo during the finale episode of Game of Thrones – but most of the time they’re just a bit of a pain. While most of us grin and bear it, French street artist Etienne Lavie decided to take action, and see what the streets of Paris would look like without them.

  10. List''test_print_for_reverse_of_florence_nightingale_%c2%a310_note__1988._credit_bank_of_england

    We’ve all got a pile of forgotten junk hidden away somewhere in the depths of our homes – that’s what the empty space is for, right? Well, my fellow hoarders, it seems the Bank of England has the same problem, but where we have attics and locked cupboards they have a museum, so it’s all been put on display in an exhibition called Curiosities from the Vaults. Luckily for us, theirs isn’t so much junk as it is rare artefacts steeped in history, and it’s all been free to see since Monday.