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    Creatives and mood boards go together like Daphne and Celeste, and try as Tumblr and Pinterest might, up until now nothing has come anywhere close to challenging the satisfaction that comes from wielding a handful of drawing pins and some print-outs over an unassuming noticeboard. Curator might be in with a shot though. The brainchild of architect and app developer Daniel Nordh, Curator is an iPad app which “allows users to collect, organise and present mood boards mixing websites, images and text using a simple, intuitive tap-and-drag interface.” And for once, it really looks like it might do the trick.

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    I’ve always wanted to have synesthesia, the guys that do have it seem to be in this really cool club that can taste numbers and smell words, and it’s pretty hard to fake it. For those of us that want to feel like we have special powers, here’s an app from illustrator Julian Glander called ROY G BIV. It’s a simple concept – just hold up the phone to anything colourful and hear the phone play a noise. Well, it’s actually much more complicated than that. “The app takes colour data from your iPhone or Android’s camera and converts it into modulations for an 8-note synth,” Julian says. “Play a multi-coloured symphony with some friends, take a musical #selfie, experience a rough approximation of synesthesia. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with it!” Check out the rest of Julian’s brilliant creations over on his site.