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  1. Byop_int_list

    Earlier this month, the Serpentine Pavilion opened to the public. The beguiling, multicoloured woven structure designed by Spanish architects SegnasCalgo sits in Hyde Park like a more grown-up version of a fort you might have built when you were a child. Over the last decade and a half the annual architecture commission has become a much-anticipated beacon of design, and to celebrate 15 years of the Summer Pavilion, the Serpentine Galleries have teamed up with Kidesign, Marina Willer and the team at Pentagram to launch a digital platform and national campaign to foster the aspiring young architects of tomorrow.

  2. Faye-moorhouse-wonky-movie-posters-itsnicethat-list

    Occasionally, when you happen across a particularly good one, looking at a series of work by an illustrator feels like glimpsing the world through their eyes for a moment, and that’s more or less how I feel looking at Faye Moorhouse’s new series Wonky Movie Poster Show. “I illustrated 20 movie posters,” she said in her email earlier this week. “They are weird and ugly and hopefully funny.” And I can testify that they are in fact all three.

  3. Mads_berg_itsnicethat_list

    Danish illustrator Mads Berg’s modern take on the classic poster has seen him clock up an international client list including Wired, Monocle, Legoland and Carlsberg. His portfolio is filled with gloriously soft colours that emphasise his bold brushstrokes and simply constructed figures.

  4. Elcaf-itsnicethat-list

    One weekend a year Hackney is flooded with comic-lovers clutching armfuls of printed matter between clammy hands. The reason for their being there is ELCAF, the East London Comics and Arts Festival, which is as good as a church for those who worship zines, comics, prints and books as though print were their religion and indie bookshops their altars.

  5. Owen_gatley_itsnicethat_list

    We last featured illustrator Owen Gatley back in 2012, and since then his client list has expanded impressively. Creating work for Condé Nast Traveller and airline magazines such as German Wings magazine and Jet Away, Owen has carved a lovely niche for himself through his travel-themed editorial illustrations. Simply outlined characters with expressive faces run across beaches, explore while on safari and ski past chalets. Cheerful, bright and charming, his most recent work is a joy to look at and instantly whisks me away to the destinations he’s depicting.

  6. Benedicte-muller-itsnicethat-list-

    If you were to make a Venn diagram out of art and illustration, you could safely pop Bénédicte Muller’s beautiful work right in the middle. Executed with a painterly finesse and an admirable attention to detail, her pieces naturally straddle the two disciplines, so even commissioned work for clients like The New York Times and Vanity Fair feels like a personal project. Geometric shapes and sharp lines recur throughout her portfolio, as do silhouettes which are carefully overlapped to create double meanings wherever possible. Bénédicte’s entire body of work has a considered air about it which makes it a pleasure to peruse.

  7. Rebecca-clarke-riposte-itsnicethat-list

    Over the two years that have passed since its inception Riposte magazine has established a solid place for itself on newsstands as “a smart magazine for women.” Now that the magazine is in its fourth issue, editor-in-chief Danielle Pender was keen to avoid needless changes in favour of upholding the high standard which it has already set.

  8. Amandine_urruty_itsnicethat_list

    There’s something charmingly bizarre about Amandine Urruty’s illustrations. Like Victorian portraits, the French artist’s characters sit quietly, are well-behaved and have excellent posture but the subjects and the commotion that surrounds them is what makes them so interesting.

  9. Mrzyk_and_moriceau_its_nice_that_list

    Freud would love Petra Mrzyk & Jean-François Moriceau’s illustrations. Better known as Mrzyk & Moriceau, the eccentric creative duo famed for their risqué, offbeat illustrations have built a portfolio heavy on pop erotica out of their French studio. Their surreal, sometimes kaleidoscopic images play with body parts, black humour and innuendo, toeing the line between the dreamlike and the lustful in a way only France seems to cultivate. Using the bare bones of illustration their almost exclusively black and white line drawings are no less stirring for their simplicity, and between them they’ve built something of a cult following for their music video animations for musicians like Air and the modern-day Serge Gainsbourg, Sébastien Tellier. In tribute to their favourite part of the female form, the latter of these is a hypnotic rear-view animation of a girl walking. Here we’ve handpicked an evocative edit from the provocateurs’ body of work.

  10. Raptor-sam-glynn-its-nice-that-list

    Sam Glynn is behind some very smart editorial illustrations, and they’re not a style we post about too often. The complex surface appearances are gorgeous, and created through a painstaking process of sketching, adding geometric shapes in Illustrator and finally building up layers of texture in Photoshop – sometimes as many as hundreds of them. These layers are taken from scans of “print rollers, brush strokes, inks or anything that makes a mark on the page,” as Sam told Ape on the Moon.

  11. Nude-with-phone-chris-delorenzo-its-nice-that-list

    Usually, I assume that only the most daft, confident or drunk people get tattoos of other people’s illustrations they’ve found on Tumblr. But in the case of “anonymous,” who recently asked graphic artist Christopher Delorenzo if he’d mind if they used one of his drawings to get some ink, I think maybe they’re on to something. Christopher has said that his work is informed by literature and writing: something very much evident in the way each of his simple monochrome drawings manages to convey a rich narrative in black, white and charm. The nudes are stunning – voluptuous and with such a great expression of form – but with a wry eye on the modern world as they clutch an iPhone. Even without much in the way of facial features (just a nose, in some cases), their faces speak a thousand words.

  12. Benedickt-luft-its-nice-that-list

    It’s almost a given that an ex-HORT intern’s going to have an accomplished portfolio, and illustrator and graphic designer Benedikt Luft is no exception. It’s Nice That art director Ali Hanson alerted us to the German creative’s site with the simple, immortal endorsement “mad shit,” and he’s not wrong. It’s hard to pin down exactly what Benedikt’s style is as his portfolio is hugely varied, ranging from straight-up editorial commissions for the likes of Zeit Campus and Converse to surreal comics to some gorgeous sleeve imagery for the Secret 7” records project. So if you want abstract monochromes, a slick solution for an editorial spread or simply a dude who can anthropomorphise a stone with aplomb, looks like Benedikt could be your man.

  13. Cynthia-kittle-itsnicethat-list

    It hasn’t taken long for Cynthia Kittler to find her feet. We hardly have time to blink before the German illustrator produces another bevy of impressive work. No stranger to It’s Nice That, Cynthia keeps us coming back for more and more with her exciting and colourful creations for editorial giants from The New York Times, Creative Review and Die Zeit. Her playful, textured illustration is the perfect foil to conservative magazine layouts, and if the latest wave of commissions for Bilanz, Brummel Magazine, and Die Zeit is anything to go by, she’s showing no signs of slowing down either. It’s not hard to see why; whether it’s poolside cocktails or convivial dinner scenes, her style is both soft and bold, and always distinct whilst being versatile.

  14. Sarah-vanbelle-itsnicethat-list-new

    Antwerp-based designer and illustrator Sarah Vanbelle knows her way around shapes. Take any one of her vibrant, playful images and before long you’ll have deciphered a circle, a rectangle, a host of triangles taking the form of a round head, the body of a car and the pointed collar on a shirt. There’s something of the primary school exercise book about her style in that respect, but with her developed approach Sarah picks out the minute details of her cheeky characters and uses these – the picture on a keyring or a recognisable shoe – to elevate the image. She’s also a dab hand with hand-drawn type, animated GIFs and infographics, as clients Monocle and Wall Street Journal will testify.

  15. Pieter_van_eenoge_itsnicethat_list

    Featured last November for his fantastic work for ZEIT Magazin, we’ve had another rummage through illustrator Pieter Van Eenoge’s portfolio and there’s some lovely additions. With a mix of personal and commissioned editorial work, Pieter’s style is as strong as ever as he gently weaves unusual characters into his sprawling worlds.

  16. Aoi_shortlist_itsnicethat_list

    The Association of Illustrators (AOI) has announced the first batch of shortlisted entries for its 2015 awards. Reviewed by a jury of international industry professionals, the shortlist reflects the work created “by illustrators currently making an outstanding contribution to visual culture.” Sifting through over 2000 entries, the shortlist comprises eight categories including; Children’s Books, Editorial, Self-Initiated and New Talent, among others.

  17. Nick-liefhebber-itsnicethat-list

    Jack of all trades Nick Liefhebber is the Dutchman at the helm of Liefhebber Ontwerp, a Utrecht-based design studio which specialises in identity, website and typography design, films, flyers, infographics, exhibitions…you name it. And in the mix is a selection of riso-printed illustration so good that we keep on coming back to it.

  18. Alessandro-apai-itsnicethat-list

    In my opinion, Alessandro Apai’s work ticks all the boxes editorial illustration should – it’s smart, it compresses often complex ideas down into easy-to-digest images and it’s really, really funny. Born in Italy but currently based in Barcelona, the illustrator seems to have kept his pencil firmly on paper over the months that have passed since we last checked in with him in September. His Tumblr is a delightful mishmash of work, from the roughly sketched out to the carefully refined. There’s a friendly nod to the work of Jan Buchczik and the prolific Jean Jullien in there as well, which suggest great things might be on the horizon for Alessandro, too.

  19. Martinapaukova-itsnicethat-list

    Slovakian illustrator Martina Paukova is just coming to the end of her Illustration MA at Camberwell but her fledgling career seems in rude health. Already clients like The Guardian , The International New York Times, Wired and Converse have turned to Martina to bring her bright, busy visual sensibility to all manner of commissions. Occasionally the work reminds me of Andy Rementer in its composition and the way figures are depicted but that’s no bad thing, and that same combination of technical skill and a sheer sense of fun should ensure that we’ll hear much more about Martina over the next months and years.

  20. List

    Manchester-based design studio DR.ME certainly likes a challenge. Although it’s only composed of two designers, Mark Edwards (Eddy) and Ryan Doyle, it took on the challenge of creating a new collage-based piece each day for an entire year, juggling this self-initiated behemoth with work for clients including Tri Angle Records.

  21. Jennyzylch-itsnicethat-list

    I came across Jenny Zych’s work thanks to Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson who Tweeted about her talents a couple of weeks ago. She only graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York in 2013 but already she’s built an eclectic portfolio of work, both under her own name and her alter-ego Jenny Knifefight.

  22. Andre_da_loba_itsnicethat_list

    It’s all about the context for certain projects and it would’ve been easy to assume Portuguese illustrator André da Loba just wanted to shock with his taboo graphics. But these illustrations are taken from OBSCÉNICA: Contos d’Escárnio & Textos Grotescos and OBSCÉNICA: Bufólicas, a two part anthology that showcases the work of late Brazilian poet, playwright and novelist Hilda Hilst.

  23. Sebastian-schwamm-itsnicethat-list

    Many of us spend our lives bemoaning our unfortunate surnames (who, me?) but Sebastian Schwamm, whose family name is German for “sponge,” is embracing his with admirable zest. “That’s how I roll!” he says on his website, “absorbing anything that life throws at me and wringing it out on the paper.”

  24. Sarah-mazzetti-mubi-poster-list-ian-

    It’s not easy combining themes of incest, homosexuality in politics, rock n’ roll stardom preceding suicide and the police violence towards political protesters. We wouldn’t have the first clue where to start, but thankfully illustrator Sarah Mazzetti did. We had a an inkling she might, and so we commissioned her to create this wonderful poster. We’re giving away one A1 screen print in a competition with MUBI, the carefully-curated online film service, we found out more about here. The poster, which was screen-printed with four colours by Peckham Print Studio, draws together Dogtooth , Milk , Control and Punishment Park : four very different films exploring very, very weighty subjects. All you have to do to win is retweet here.

  25. Luis-mazon-list

    In the week that saw Facebook finally get its shit together and let us post GIFs, we bring you some that surely only the most miserable of us would be hard pushed to resist sharing. They arrive courtesy of Barcelona Luis Mazón, whose crayon-esque moving images we found just wonderful. His site shows a multifarious approach to GIF-work, from those bright offers to Heath Robinson-like confections to some more pared-back, line-based work. We love the pulsating warmth of the GIFs, which show the medium being experimented with and expanded on beyond its usual “LOOK AT ME!” remit.

  26. Antti-kalevi-art-show-itsnicethat-list

    The illustration world would be a gloomier place without Antti Kalevi; his bright nursery school colour palettes, his characters’ consistently bold sartorial choices, their sweet googly eyes. The Finnish illustrator had us with his last series but Art Show takes our admiration of his work one step further – depicting familiar scenes from art galleries in his signature colourful style, with a wink and a cheeky grin.

  27. Boob-drawings-new-york-magazine-list

    We’re aware that anything with “boobs” in the title could be seen as (scuse the pun) a play at titillitation. But we wanted to flag up New York Magazine’s piece in which New York women of all ages and backgrounds drew their own boobs, articulating in one cute image and one sentence how they feel about them. We see doodles from women aged from 17 to 72, covering topics as varied as seeing boobs as a “design piece” to breast cancer to late development to stretch marks. It’s a touching piece and project, that highlights not just people’s ongoing body-image struggles, but also, encouragingly, how many people are proud to say they’re boobs are “perfect.” Cheering findings indeed.

  28. Roos_gomperts_dutch_invertuals_it's_nice_that_8

    You might remember Roos Gomperts for her colourful Ceramics for Plastics project that paired day-glow plastic bric-a-brac with earthy ceramics. That series saw her dress up the dull functionalism of buckets, screw tops and disposable cups and show a real flair for colour and composition.

  29. Cripsta-itsnicethat-list

    Alessandro Crippa, aka Cripsta, is a Milan born image-maker and one fifth of the TURBØSAFARY collective, about to complete an MA in Illustration here in London at Camberwell. There’s not a whole heap more information about him out there but no matter, we’re more than happy to let these images speak for themselves. This recent work collides various motifs – classical, Egyptian, and just sort of weird – into colourful and mysterious creations – named after various gods – which gently mock the viewer, challenging us to find meanings but playfully suggesting that such a hunt is entirely futile. His varied portfolio suggests Alessandro is still experimenting with his style but this work will hopefully herald more of the same as his fledgling career develops.

  30. Barbara_dziadosz_itsnicethat_list

    It was in summer 2014 that we last featured the wonderful illustrations of Barbara Dziadosz. Hailing from “a little town in northern Poland” the illustrator is currently finishing her studies in Hamburg, and with one scroll through her Tumblr it’s clear she’s been hard at work.

  31. 5173

    As the creative world digests last night’s big D&AD winners (those that scooped Black and White Pencils), there was a host of interesting work recognised in the 44 Yellow Pencils given out at the London awards bash. In total, the D&AD juries considered 847 projects this year and so less than one in 20 made the prestigious Yellow Pencil cut. Here’s our rundown of those winners that caught our eye for one reason or another – you can see the full list of winners over on the D&AD site here.

  32. Mattbooker-electiondrawings-itsnicethat-list

    It’s only been a couple of weeks but already the UK election seems a lifetime ago. If you’re into that kind of thing, there’s an undeniable drama about it all as the tension ratchets up across the campaign and breaks on election night itself as the results filter through from around the country. Topolski Studio commissioned eight young artists to capture the goings-on through the medium of drawing and the results will be published in its upcoming Election Chronicle.

  33. List-george-douglas-holy-mountain-its-nice-that

    George Douglas seems like a pretty cool guy – he’s chosen to immortalise David Lynch’s notoriously tricky Inland Empire and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s weird-as-hell surrealist classic The Holy Mountain in poster form, after all. But it’s not just his penchant for the peculiar side of celluloid we’re interested in – it’s his deft approach to collage, a medium often done shoddily but all the more impressive when done well. George is based in Edinburgh, and alongside his film posters he also creates well-composed works formed of abstract shapes and often murky colours, which could work just as well across the pages of a creatively minded commissioning editor’s publication as on more esoteric applications.

  34. Kate_prior_itsnicethat_list

    Kate Prior’s bright, tongue-in-cheek and colourful illustrations have secured her commissions for The New Yorker , ASOS, Adidas and Pitchfork among others. Kate is currently working as an in-house illustrator for Urban Outfitters in Europe and the USA, but she still remembers drawing in more humble surroundings at her parents’ house, “as a way to keep me quiet.”

  35. Andygilmore-itsnicethat-list

    It’s no real surprise to learn that image-maker Andy Gilmore is also a musician because his geometric compositions feel orchestrated. The New York-based creative brings colour, shape and pattern together in tightly formatted visual symphonies which swell to become more than the sum of their parts, dazzling the eye and tricking the brain simultaneously. It’s been three years since we last featured Andy’s work on the site but he’s as in demand as ever, with clients like Ogilvy NY, Wired and The New York Times queuing up for a bit of his brilliance.

  36. Janbuchczik-int-list

    If Jan Buchczik were to start a fan club – one which you could enter only by correctly spelling his surname 15 times or more – we’d be first in line, happily clutching our Jan badges. And not least because we’ve got his name down. Finally.

  37. Thokamaer-itsnobiggie-itsnicethat-list

    It was way back in 2012 that we first featured Thoka Maer’s it’s no biggie, a blog of joyous GIFS that capture little moments in life, by turns sweet and surreal. A lot has happened since then – not only the fact that we can now actually embed GIFs on our site and show you Thoka’s creations in all their glory. She meanwhile has graduated from the Visual Communication course at the University of the Arts, Berlin, and inb (as all the cool kids are calling it) won the self-initiated category at last year’s Association of Illustrators awards.

  38. Gigi_rose_gray_solo_show_its_nice_that_list

    There’s a beautiful vividness to Gigi Rose Gray’s illustrations – reds are crimsons, blues are ceruleans and yellows have seeped into deep ochres. Gigi crops into the small moments and hones in on a handful of people or the facade of a building.

  39. Adamhigton-itsnicethat-main

    Did you ever see that copy of Die Zeit with the front cover illustrated by Adam Higton? A cheerful, smiley sunflower resting on a retina-searing yellow to declare to all the grumpy, cold commuters that SPRING was finally here! Adam doesn’t often do high profile mag covers like that, he tends to spend his time cutting out shapes, arranging them into creatures and characters, creating collages and photographing them in woodland environments.

  40. Tuesdaybassen-itsnicethat-list

    Most of you probably have an inkling of who Tuesday Bassen is; she’s a powerful LA illustrator, brand consultant, public speaker and all-out entrepreneurial maverick who can already count folks like Playboy, Lucky Peach, The New Yorker and The New York Times as clients. She’s doing pretty well for herself. But somehow – SOMEHOW – we’ve never given her portfolio a good airing on the site. I feel just awful about this because I spend at least half an hour a week watching her compelling process videos on Instagram that demonstrate the deftness of her brushwork as she inks images of gnarly skate chicks and stony-faced punks. So without further ado; Tuesday, everyone, everyone, Tuesday. I’m sure you’re all going to get on famously!