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    Every night before I shut down my computer I kneel beside the monitor, light a candle, and give thanks to Buzzfeed. Now we don’t know where they’ve got most of this absolute treasure trove of old, questionable cereal from the 1980s from, but we do know that some of it is from the online archive of New York candy-lover Jason Liebig. Jason’s site is a homage to the spectacular, colourful packaging to be found on the shelves of the supermarket. You can see why people actually collect these old boxes — the bubble-type, the lurid colours and the hand-drawn cartoons are such a far cry from nutritional advice and pictures of healthy people you get on cereal these days, and are actually brilliant pieces of design that define an era. Check out some more drool-worthy packaging over on Jason’s Flickr page.

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    For the third week of our search for what makes the ideal studio with Represent Recruitment, we changed gear a bit and threw it open to some designers rather than people who run studios. We approached some freelancers to pick their brains about the various studios they had worked in, and we spoke to a couple of young designers to get a fresh perspective as well. You can add your thoughts as well using the discussion thread below…

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    As a kid I spent more than my fair share of time moving pixels around on a screen about half the size of an iPhone. I could kill hours in this fashion, endlessly tapping away at buttons that only made the most incremental differences to the images that appeared in front of me. Back then it never crossed my mind that platform gaming wasn’t the height of interactive excitement and that one day games like Grand Theft Auto would completely blow my mind.

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    Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone – sorry to plunder your most famous work W.H. Auden but this needs a little quiet. Boston-based firm WobbleWorks have launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for the 3Doodler, billed as the world’s first 3D printing pen. This is by far one of the most interesting, exciting developments in this realm I’ve seen for ages and, for anyone else familiar with early 1990s cartoon Penny Crayon, our dreams may be about to become a reality.

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    This is simply tremendous. Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo have started a blog which showcases the poetry of Google’s predictive search facility, building its suggested searches into strange, moving little works of art. The often baffling juxtapositions of song lyrics, sayings and bizarre sentences come together to reflect some of our age-old preoccupations – love, sex, death, religion etc. Whatever else you’ve got on today, take a few minutes to visit this special little corner of the internet.

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    We’re now half way through our Ideal Studio project with Represent Recruitment and this week has seen another five studios sharing their ideas about what they believe makes for the perfect creative environment.

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    Can we just take a minute to close our eyes and give thanks for the internet? Once that’s done, have a look around this collection of naively brilliant Beware of The Dog signs from Nepal. These little nuggets of creativity warn trespassers not just of dogs, but of horses, cats, enlightened chickens and even spiders. The woman behind this awe-inspiring collection is Michelle Page, whose interest in the signs goes beyond their charming aesthetic.

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    This is unbelievable. Photographer Jon Crispin has visited the remains of an old psychiatric hospital, formerly known as The Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane, and has discovered hundreds of old suitcases belonging to its former patients. Packed with trinkets ranging from letters to ornaments to photographs, these images tell the stories of every person who was committed to this famous psychiatric hospital back in the late 1800’s.

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    On Monday we launched our new project with Represent Recruitment looking at which factors, both physical and cultural, contribute to the perfect creative environment. There’s been lots of wisdom and insights from the five agencies we’ve focussed on this week, kicking off with Pentragram partner Angus Hyland who pointed to the partner structure as a key strength of their setup. “I think the atelier culture means we can have an overall Pentagram culture as well as strong individual voices,” he said, but he also praised the fact that with 65 staff in 16,000 square feet in their west London offices this “surfeit of space” was a “key ingredient” for a productive and harmonious workplace.

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    They say true beauty is a rare thing, but when it comes to manhole covers in Japan, these little gems are absolutely everywhere. Traditional-looking and ornate they may be, but these decorative beauties actually began popping up in the 1980’s. Depending on which region of Japan you’re in, the imagery and symbols will change, but the general style and colour palette remains. Not bad for something that, in all fairness, covers up faeces and gets walked on all day.

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    As you know I’m not one to point the finger of blame at anyone but my Editor’s Letter is a few days late and we need to find the culprit. Now I’m prepared – as the editor and the person who writes the editor’s letter – to take the lion’s share of the blame but I think maybe in the interests of ongoing harmony that we all learn a bit of lesson, collectively, and move on. Deal? Great, well let me crack on and tell you what’s coming up for February.

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    Last year Represent Recruitment spent the month of February delving into what creative businesses look for in new employees – from qualifications and portfolios to punctuality and enthusiasm. The project was a great success but some pointed out that there was a similar discussion to be had surrounding what creatives look for in the businesses they work for. And so this year Represent turned the tables and The Ideal Studio was born. It’s Nice That is delighted to have worked with the recruitment specialists to explore which factors help facilitate top-quality creative thinking.

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    Today there’s a lot of lucky people venturing up to the very top of The Shard to have a sneaky debut peek at the sights the summit offers. The good old Guardian have, of course, already seen it, and are generous enough to make this truly marvellous interactive map of the view. The blue icons give you information about key buildings, and the orange ones provide charming stories from popular British figures such as Antony Gormley and Tony Benn about the capital’s key locations. As well as making you definitely want to go up in that elevator as soon as physically possible, this impeccably built map makes you go all squishy about the city you live in when seeing it from such height. The soundtrack provided — lots of bird song and noise pollution from Heathrow’s flight path — is brilliant, but by all means mute it and put on The Kinks whilst you merrily browse the skyline.

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    “Now, I’m not going to pretend to you that what I do has any real worth. But then again, can any of us claim real worth?” are the words of Phil Lucas, our new favourite human. With Heat Magazine as his guide, and Photoshop as his sword, Phil has created a list of celebrities, working in dull office jobs and performing particularly mundane tasks that, coincidentally, rhyme perfectly with their name. There isn’t much left to explain other than this has validity because it’s not just some internet tripe, it’s the work of a very clever writer and comedian, who has officially just made our week. All hail Phil Lucas!

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    Do you ever think it’s worrying that there’s so much batshit crazy stuff on the World Wide Web that this concept, a dog wearing current trends, doesn’t even seem that weird anymore? Do you know what I mean? Anyway, this Tumblr is only a baby so there’s only four photos on it so far, but it’s enough to get the gist of what it’s going to include from now on, and that’s a fox-like dog from NYC wearing fashionable menswear. The submit section is, so far, empty, so if you’ve got a cute dog and some expensive denim…you know what to do.

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    This maybe one of the most utterly ridiculous things I have ever come across on the good ship internet and yet it may also be my favourite ever Tumblr. Go figure. Comedian John Luke Roberts has taken words of wisdom from everyone’s favourite contemporary philosopher Alain de Botton and overlaid them onto images from the much-missed 1990s slapstick sitcom Bottom. At its heart is a cracker of a pun but the images are all oddly appropriate and if you really want to you can see some comment about the conflicting places in which we seek cultural consolation. Or you can just enjoy the nonsense – either way check it out.

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    It’s not often that we see interesting takes on the"contact us" section of a website but Dark Igloo have previous when it comes to not doing things by the book. The New York-based studio relaunched their online presence last year and its new layout helps do their myriad interesting branding and design projects justice. But it’s when you come to try and email them that things take a turn for the weird and wonderful, because rather than being directed to a dry list of contact details, you’re instead plunged into a fabulously retro game where you need to fly an envelope around a race rack thereby unlocking the email address you need. It’s a really fun concept rendered with the kind of faithful nostalgia only true game-obsessives could manage and it’s always great to see a company which prides itself on creativity and ideas put that commitment into practice in unexpected ways.

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    The inexorable rise and rise of Kickstarter was one of the defining creative stories of last year and if any of you still needed convincing as to the crowdfunding behemoth’s significance, this look back on 2012 should drive the point home. The numbers are staggering in themselves – 2.2 million people from 177 different countries pledging $319 million to help realise 18,100 projects – and Kickstarter is rightly proud of their increasing reach. But perhaps more interesting is the amazing away of projects which have come to fruition in this way – from films and computer games to a municipal font, a banana piano and a pizza museum. And then there’s the cultural milestones, such as the fact that 10 per cent of the films at Sundance started life as Kickstarter gleams in their creators’ eyes.

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    New year, new you? It’s none of our business frankly and if you were to ask us we’d say we like you just the way you are (yes even those bits). But new year, new It’s Nice That intern? You better believe it baby! And so we are delighted to introduce Anna Trench who’ll be with us for the next 10 weeks or so as we take our creativity-championing to the next level in 2013 (still looks weird writing that). But enough of this, let’s find out a bit more about our newest recruit. Take it away Anna…

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    The internet was a-flutter yesterday with the video of a golden eagle trying to snatch a baby from a Canadian park, so much so that most news organisations jumped on the viral bandwagon and the Daily Mail led their site on their story for several hours. Fast forward to the end of the day and Montreal’s Centre NAD revealed the piece was a clever computer-generated concoction by three undergraduate students – Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin – on the 3D Animation and Digital Design Course.

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    My earliest memory of a light show could be termed rather loosely as lavish, for this was a UK seaside switch-on parade in 1995. As the wind blew an icy chill and the rain lashed at our faces, a scattered crowd assembled to catch a glimpse of the Gladiator star Wolf in what was, and has always been, an entirely inappropriate battle ready leotard.

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    Digital design studio FIELD have long held a reputation for pushing the boundaries of computer-generated design. With a commitment to the aesthetic qualities of their output that’s uncharacteristic of creatives with such a technical background, they can count themselves almost peerless. Having just released Energy Flow, a monolithic application that offers almost infinite video storytelling subject to the manipulations of its user, they’ve set sail into uncharted waters exploring, for the first time, the potential of generative software and complex programming on narrative storytelling

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    Great minds sometimes do indeed think alike and that’s seemingly what happened when two testicular cancer charities sat down to think about how they could harness the festive season to help raise awareness. We were tickled last week to receive a set of Bauballs designed by Fallon for the Orchid organisation, impressed both by the simple yet effective idea and the shapely verisimilitude of this unusual decoration. Lo and behold though we came in this week to discover that the Everyman charity had worked with Albion on a similar project, although their manifestations of scrotal tree adornments (never a phrase I thought I’d use) are character-based, with Santa, satsuma and snowman among their variations. Fun, communicative work for a great cause – it doesn’t get much better than that…

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    Ho ho ho. Ha ha ha! Welcome one and all to that time of year that everyone, and I really do mean EVERYONE, is producing Christmas-themed art, design and ambiguous paraphernalia for you to laugh, cry and be totally bemused by. It’s going to be a complete nightmare trying to sift through the reams of Yuletide curiosities that pass by our eyes, but over the next couple of weeks we’ll do our very best to only show you the good stuff. Like these magnificent Christmas Gifs (sweet pun!) curated by the inimitable Mr Ryan Todd and Enjoythis.

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    Of all human characteristics Schadenfruede – taking pleasure in the misfortune of others – is arguably one of the guiltiest. But the problem is sometimes it’s just so much fun as proved by exhibit a – Missed High Five. This wonderful collection of GIFs and videos captures both those excruciating moments when people ignore or don’t see a proffered high five as well as that terrible cross-cultural confusion that can arise when the fist bump/high five/handshake etiquette gets mixed up. It’s seeming the work of Les Others (cheers guys!) and so if you’re having a tough Wednesday, cheer yourself up by revelling in all the awkwardness via the link below.

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    There are certain times when dads come into their controlling own with BBQs, long car journeys and sandcastle-budiling among the most powerful transformations. But if you too were one of those youngsters who stood by hopelessly as your father lived out the twisted dreams of a megalomaniac architect during a day at the beach, then this one’s for you. Because your creations were good dad, but Calvin Siebert’s geometric sandcastles are brilliant. On his charmingly self-effacing Flickr page, Calvin laments the fact that he falls back on “old standby solutions” because of time pressures but let us stop you right there sir, because these are tremendous. Although the thought of you being given a six-week stretch to work your sandy magic makes us very excited. Kickstarter anyone?

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    From the south coast to the northern hinterlands ring out the bells, It’s Nice That’s D&AD student brief is live! For the first time we are working with the creative organisation and we’re setting students a challenge quite close to home. Many of you will know that It’s Nice That started life at Brighton University, but as we’ve grown our audience has diversified massively and we’re delighted to attract readers from every part of the creative world, from excited freshers to creative directors feared and revered in equal measure.

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    November? Get outta here you crazy mo-fo, nobody’s ready for you yet. We were just getting into autumn and now you and your wintry ways are upon us. Ok fine, make yourself comfortable then but only because us It’s Nice That types have some jolly exciting end-of-year fun up our sleeves.

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    Well 2012 has positively flown by here at It’s Nice That HQ, so much so that it’s time to introduce our final intern of 2012. But last certainly doesn’t mean least and we’re delighted to welcome Ross Bryant into our editorial team for the next eight weeks. He’s published his own magazines, written for many others and once had what sounds like quite a serious industrial accident. Read on to find out more about him…

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    A bad workman blames his tools, or so the saying goes, but if you flip that round can great tools maketh the man? That’s the premise behind Samsung’s new campaign for the NX1000 camera which they have given a group of ordinary men called David Bailey in a bid to prove its skills. And with the first entries now on show on the campaign’s Facebook page, it’s time to see whether this collection of amateur photographers ranging from civil servants to teachers, hypnotherapists to something called a “stress engineer” can live up to their famous namesake.

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    Yeah ok so it’s a bit dark and drizzly outside but that just means we’re going to have to work extra hard to brighten up your lives for the next few months and we’re going to start right ruddy here. We’re on the hunt for our October Student of the Month, an exciting, original and engaging young creative working anywhere in the world. So why not send us your work and we’ll select the person who most floats our boat. The closing date is midnight on Wednesday October 31 – good luck!

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    Ideas around urban development and social interaction can easily get bogged down in impenetrable jargon and dry intellectual pontificating but we can’t help feel that it all rather misses the point. Cities are living, breathing collections of people and what makes them work (and what makes them great) has little to do with something you can codify in a textbook.
    A new contest launched by Philips seems to acknowledge this truth, asking people to create Pinterest boards which demonstrate what makes their city livable and indeed lovable. It’s Nice That is sitting on the “expert judging panel” (I know, get us!) and we particularly like the  way it leaves the interpretation of a city’s values down to the actual people who make it what it is.
    And you can already see in the entries a wonderful diversity, of ideas and places ranging from the utterly specific to the brilliantly broadbrush, but crucially all rooted in the realities of those who should know.
    To enter you can create your own Pinterest board with the tag #pinyourcity in the name and add your voice to the mix. Good luck!

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    I think we can all agree that robots are pretty ruddy cool but this video takes the proverbial biscuit. Think about the extraordinary feat of skill and balance it takes for a person to walk across a tightrope and then imagine having to recreate that in a robot. Exactly. You’ll need to get beyond the slightly panic-inducing trance soundtrack, and as ever the YouTube comments remind us that some people are NEVER impressed (i.e. “I thought you said walk not slide”) but this is sure to be one of the most extraordinary tinges you’ll see today.

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    With winter drawing in, The Weekender has decided it’s about time it got a mate, a fellow whimsical culture round-up with whom to share days out, nights in and sushi binges. To this end The Weekender has been to see a flirting expert and is going to try out some of its new tricks on our dear readers if that’s ok (which we’re sure it is!). So here goes – Hello. I’m The Weekender (points at your shoes with whole arm) I like your shoes. Do you like days out, nights in and sushi binges? (Points at your hair with both arms) I like your hair. Do you want to see my room? – and scene! Money well spent I’m sure you’d agree. Bring on the nonsense!

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    Visitors to Istanbul are so overwhelmed with well-meaning but intimidatingly numerous hints and tips (go here! eat this!) that navigating the city’s many sights can be slightly overwhelming. But The Museum of Innocence whispers where others shout and yet it’s undoubtedly one of the most energising, intriguing museum experiences imaginable.

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    In the second of our new Opinion pieces, editor Rob Alderson looks at the increasing must-see culture and as ever we want your comments as well, you can join the debate under the text…

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    I’m not going to try and pretend that I know a thing about skating. I don’t. In fact the one time I foolishly attempted clambering upon a skateboard I ended up in A&E all a little worse for wear. But while me and skating are obviously not quite the match made in heaven that I might have once optimistically hoped, when it comes to brand collaboration, creative agency Brinkworth fortunately do skating and skate parks very, very well.

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    Come on then October – let’s be having you. That’s right we’re not messing about now the chilly depths of autumn are rushing towards us faster than an angry cat rushes towards a delicious fish supper.

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    There’s no denying it any longer. It’s time for The Weekender just to put this out there and be who it really is. Tired of living a lie, of conforming to the “norms” of “society” it is time to reclaim myself and hang the consequences. Ready? My name is The Weekender and I prefer mandarins to clementines. Take that The Man! Here goes nothing…

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    “Can I put this in your pocket?…You have really nice handwriting…Can you pass me that blanket?…Can I steal one of your fries?” These are just a few quotes taken from the 800 or so Tweets compiled by Kyle Humphries and Graydon Sheppard under the Twitter handle Shit Girls Say.