Sage Vaughn talks art with his gran (no, really!) for new Mercedes video

Posted by Rob Alderson,

To mark the release of their latest Mixed Tape, Mercedes commissioned LA-based painter Sage Vaughn to create an exclusive artwork and went off to interview him at home about the piece. So far so good, but the video takes an unexpected turn when we are introduced to Sage’s grandma who gives us some insights into the artist’s work and inspirations. It’s a charming twist on the making-of type video with which we’re familiar and well worth a few minutes. More granny-based arts videos please creative types!

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    Sage Vaughn: Live From LA (still)

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    Sage Vaughn: Live From LA (still)

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    Sage Vaughn: Live From LA (still)

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    Sage Vaughn: Live From LA (still)

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    Sage Vaughn: Live From LA (still)

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    Mercedes Mixed Tape still

This post was produced in collaboration with Mercedes.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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