• Prades

    Simon Prades: Chaos und Ordnung, 2010

Amazingly detailed illustrations and etchings from Simon Prades

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Pencil and paper – the first tools we were given as a child after crayons and play-doh. They’re pretty good, and even better when put in the hands of someone with an eye for detail and precision. Over the last few years, illustrator Simon Prades has been churning out amazingly-detailed and technical work in a way that makes my hands feel like they’ll never be able to achieve anything that good, ever. His portfolio is packed full of pencil drawings, ink work with slices of colour and etchings and it’s the concept in his latest project Our Books that caught our attention. Choosing six books that have a personal connection to his own family and friends, Prades has created a series of lovely pencil drawings that unite both of these elements.

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    Simon Prades: Our Books, 2012 (J.D. Salinger – The Catcher in the Rye/Axel’s book)

  • Prades7

    Simon Prades: Our Books, 2012 (John Steinbeck – Cannerey row/Father’s book)

  • Prades9

    Simon Prades: Our Books, 2012 (Wolfgang Herrndorf – Sand/Erik’s book

  • Prades5

    Simon Prades: Haiti, 2011

  • Prades4

    Simon Prades: Haiti, 2011

  • Prades2

    Simon Prades: Chaos und Ordnung, 2010


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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