Rob Alderson

Rob joined It’s Nice That as Online Editor in July 2011 before becoming Editor-in-Chief and working across all editorial projects including, Printed Pages, Here and Nicer Tuesdays. Rob left It’s Nice That in June 2015.

  1. List Nicer Tuesdays Check out Laura Pannack's great talk at our photo-themed Nicer Tuesdays
  2. List Back To School A look at the state of art and design education in the USA
  3. List Product Design Pray silence for Ernesto D. Morales' magnificent Magnifying Spoon
  4. List Graphic Design Impeccable record sleeve design from Amsterdam studio HOAX
  5. List Photography Giles Duley's unseen photos of the vulnerable victims of the war in Syria
  6. List Film Joan Didion's nephew working on documentary of her extraordinary life
  7. List Illustration Lawrence Zeegen talks his new book and his hopes for illustration
  8. List Art Henrik Franklin produces a table of tiny books for miniature art gallery
  9. List Graphic Design Norwegian studio Heydays' produce neat identity work for Nöra
  10. List Publication Maija Astikainen's beautiful book explores urban gardens
  11. List Miscellaneous UrtheCast's cameras on the International Space Station provide amazing pictures
  12. List Graphic Design London's Burgess Studio produce great identity for Shoreditch restaurant
  13. Main Back To School Top creatives discuss design education around the rest of Europe
  14. List Graphic Design Swedish studio Bedow create stylish identity for Essem Design
  15. List Illustration Ralph Steadman's cover illustrations for Breaking Bad Blu-Ray boxset
  16. List Opinion Is there a stigma around calling an advert an advert?
  17. List Graphic Design Anagrama produce stunning notebook for Imprimerie du Marais
  18. List Back To School Scott King, Bart Hess, Maggie Li and Craig Ward have more art school advice
  19. List Graphic Design We talk to David McKendrick about the new-look Christie's magazine
  20. List Illustration Karan Singh produces super illustrations for US Open-inspired project
  21. List The List A host of art school advice from four top creative names
  22. List Designers in Residence 2014 Meet the fourth Designer In Residence Patrick Stevenson Keating
  23. List Graphic Design Brody Associates announces launch with host of terrific new work
  24. List_08.43.44 Publication Commission Studio redesign Athens-based Kennedy Magazine
  25. List Exhibition LucienneRoberts+ and Real Studios' Tower of London "time machine"
  26. List Graphic Design Double Standards redesign 100-year-old architecture magazine
  27. List Advertising Pharrell and Stevie Wonder in BBC's God Only Knows spot
  28. List Art Shady characters and sleazy scenarios in Danny Fox's intense new show
  29. List Back To School Why is it still a good idea for young creatives to go to art school?
  30. List Publication Celebrating the flyer art that helped define rave and acid house culture
  31. List Product Design Lee Ben David designs a brilliant set of Very Specific Cutlery
  32. List Interactive Eight Inc. produce a plug-in that removes the word cancer from the internet
  33. List Illustration Scott King's graphic novel lampoons the supposed power of public art
  34. List Graphic Design The new issue of Gratuitous Type magazine is another splendid success
  35. List Animation Eoin Duffy's Oscar-nominated George Takei short released in full online
  36. List Designers in Residence 2014 Meet Design Museum Designer in Residence James Christian
  37. List Graphic Design Verena Michelitsch's stylish identity for Barcelona-based bag brand
  38. List Illustration We're liking Malika Favre's atmospheric images of Fuerteventura
  39. List Graphic Design Superb monochrome posters from young Irish designer Ronan Kelly
  40. Main Photography Meet the NASA team monitoring craft whose mission ended 34 years ago
  41. List Graphic Design Danish designer Casper Heijkenskjöld's rather wonderful design portfolio
  42. List Designers in Residence 2014 Meet Torsten Sherwood in our latest Design Museum video
  43. List Graphic Design Gorgeous matchbox design from Emilio Gil's Graphics Pioneers blog
  44. List Art Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are back to revive our junk
  45. List It's Nice That x LGC Jack Hudson on his back to school billboard for London Graphic Centre
  46. List Photography Weird and wonderful updates from the intriguing Alma Haser
  47. Main1 Graphic Design DIA create identity for Emma Watson-fronted HeForShe campaign
  48. List Graphic Design Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin redesign Elephant magazine
  49. List Opinion Should British design jobs be given to British agencies?
  50. List Photography Craig Buchan captures modern day nuns in terrific series Commitment
  51. List Graphic Design We chat to the designers re-issuing New York City's design bible
  52. List Film Matthew Frost nails awkward selfie culture in new Kirsten Dunst short
  53. List Graphic Design We chat to Fabrique's team about the Design Museum website redesign
  54. List Heineken x It's Nice That LDF 2014 Take a tour of Heineken®'s Pop Up City Lounge from LDF 2014
  55. List Photography Fantastic studies of athletic perfection by Paul Calver and Gem Fletcher
  56. List Graphic Design Lundgren + Lindqvist create cracking identity for Critical Mass Studio
  57. List Art Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam make nuclear bombs cutesy in new series
  58. Main_09.10.43 Graphic Design Manuel Birnbacher's weird and wonderful look for a German house festival
  59. List Advertising Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker create great Radio 1 promo
  60. List Photography Scottish photographer explores independence via battle re-enactment
  61. List Graphic Design Commercial Type's new Showcase site is a font of typographic joy
  62. List Art A range of great projects at the V&A for this year's London Design Festival
  63. List Designers in Residence 2014 A video interview with "designer of ruses" Ilona Gaynor
  64. List Film The real reason why Starbucks spells your name wrong revealed at last
  65. List Art Dan Tobin Smith's triumphant show celebrates colour-coded clutter
  66. List Graphic Design Ace new Viction:ary book explores numbers as graphic elements
  67. List Heineken x It's Nice That LDF 2014 An interview with Ricardo Casas about the Heineken® Pop Up City Lounge
  68. List Art Barber Osgerby's swinging, reflective installation in huge V&A gallery
  69. Wadelist Graphic Design Wade Jeffree's Hardy is a typeface with a certain edge
  70. List Behind The Scenes An interview with Marion Deuchars about her inspiring new book
  71. List Graphic Design Immerse yourself in this great collection of Indian newspaper nameplates
  72. List The List Ten things we're looking forward to at the London Design Festival
  73. List Designers in Residence 2014 Designers in Residence show explores design's disruptive potential
  74. List Heineken x It's Nice That LDF 2014 Heineken®'s Pop Up City Lounge set for London Design Festival bow
  75. List Photography Nadav Kander's new show explores the radioactive ruins of two secret cities
  76. List The List As iPhone 6 launches we look at some of the best Apple spoofs
  77. List Graphic Design Build's identity for Studio Aves is inspired by famous British birds
  78. List Graphic Design Brighton-based Studio Makgill produce sumptuous book for G . F Smith
  79. List Designers in Residence 2014 The Design Museum's Designers In Residence speak ahead of the show
  80. List Graphic Design Letterforms become visual puzzles in Iancul's new personal project