Film: A weird dystopian collage showcase of Prada's fall collection

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Never one to follow the crowd that Miuccia Prada. On first watch, Real Fantasies, a short produced with long-term collaborator AMO to advertise the Fall Winter 2013 collection, looks like nothing short of a bad dream about a dystopian society which has been thrown into a time-warp and then emerged the other side only to be cut into tiny pieces and stuck back together again. What’s more, it’s oddly transfixing. The disjointed music, two-dimensionality and surrealist influence all come together with an absurd kind of harmony which shows the collection in its absolute best light.

There’s an air of the dissatisfied housewife about the whole charade too somewhere amid the fur coats and pink checked dresses – and it’s an influence which creeps into the men’s looks as well. As Prada explain: " The shows overlap to shape a distorted graphic universe. Urbanity and a mysterious domestic ambience merge in a sequence of stories where simplicity is observed as the ultimate form of perfection… The main topics explored in the collection stem from raw elegance and banal emotion, weaving in multiple interconnected stories. Profound romanticism, stories of normal men, women, and life, are brought together as an animated puzzle of recognisable daily elements."

Well that’ll do it. We can’t look away.

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    Prada and AMO: Real Fantasies (still)

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    Prada and AMO: Real Fantasies (still)

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    Prada and AMO: Real Fantasies (still)

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    Prada and AMO: Real Fantasies (still)


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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