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Our weekly roundup of what the internet has to offer, The Weekender

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As well as rounding up some of the best creative content on the site for you all week, we also like to send emails to each other with cool stuff we’ve found on ye olde internet. The Weekender is our hamper for you, a hamper of weird videos, funny pictures and cool articles. Basically anything that doesn’t quite fit under the umbrella of art and design. Enjoy.

Stuff you really ought not to have missed this week

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    Lucy Hilmer: Birthday Suit

– Photographer Lucy Hilmer took self portraits in the same pair of pants over the course of 40 years, to beautiful and sweet results.

– Music journalist, DJ and editor of BEAT magazine Hanna Hanra told us why Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Swimming Horses is her favourite music video ever.

– We were tricked! By an artist with a fake project! Rob and James debated the morals of Fabrice Le Nezet’s fake art installation in this week’s Opinion piece.

– We covered First World War-based artwork and Damien Hirst’s plans to develop a town in this week’s Studio Audience podcast.

– Soul queen Lianne La Havas made us a Friday mixtape to soothe our Friday woes.

– Check out this week’s Things feature to admire some snazzy boxers and a publication made from gold toilet roll.

– We made a list of our favourite art and design-based Desert Island Discs (and we want to hear your suggestions in the comments section too!)

The Weekender

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Rob Alderson

The Buzzfeed long-form email is one of the highlights of my week (don’t judge me) and the most recent missive had a humdinger of a story about the National Clown Convention. It’s a brilliant piece giving an unparalleled insight into an outwardly silly world that many take very seriously.

Liv Siddall

As much as I love stupid, silly stuff, I’m also a big fan of clawing at my skin and crying my eyes out to super depressing shit. When depressing meets creative, stuff really starts to get interesting, like this piece of genius by a certain “Karl. G” who likes to write review on Yelp. Amateur cafe reviews these certainly are not – in this stream of letter-like reviews to companies and restaurants he narrates a lonely story of lost love, tracing the places he and his wife Cynthia would frequent when they were together. If this is real, it’s horrible, and if it’s fiction it’s perfect. Whatever this is, and wherever it came from, I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in ages and it 100% deserves 15 minutes of your time.

Maisie Skidmore

Kevin J. McGroarty died last week at the age of 53, and while he might not be a name you’re familiar with just yet, he leaves behind him a brilliantly articulate legacy. How so? Kevin wrote his own obituary before he died. We’re not talking two lines of disinterested praise of a life well-lived either, no sir. This is a hilarious 500 word dedication to mediocracy, beginning with the line “McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!” His final words? "McGroarty leaves behind a thought for all to ponder, given years of gathering wisdom from different religions and deep study of the Greek philosophers: ‘It costs nothing to be nice’ and ‘Never stick a steak knife in an electrical outlet.’”

On the one hand writing your own obituary is an excellent way for my fellow control freaks to ensure no typos sneak into their obituaries at the careless hand of a newspaper intern, but on the other, why not make a mark with the last thing you ever write? Kevin, we salute you. Rest peacefully.

  • Eminem


Amy Lewin

Rappers like to talk about themselves, drugs and women. They also swear a lot. Surprised? Pop your favourite rapper’s name into this search engine to see which are their most-used words. Snoop Dogg’s is “dogg”, followed by – you guessed it – “snoop.” Eminem’s is “feel.” Deep.


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    To celebrate the astrological enigma and apocalyptically exciting event that was today’s eclipse – which we all saw, and wasn’t an anti-climax at all – here’s The Weekender! A round-up of the art and design news that has eclipsed everything else this week, at least in our eyes. Happy Weekend!

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    The sun’s out, the Lighthouse Family’s on the stereo and we’re very much imbued with That Friday Feeling. But in the words of Columbo, “Just one more thing!” That thing is The Weekender, all the art and design news from the site and the big, bad wider world from this week in one big and pretty chunk for you.

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    Ladies, gentlemen, children and small animals! It’s that time of year when you raise your nose from the duvet you’ve been burying it in all winter to the open window, to feel the soft, warm breeze fluttering against your eyelashes. The prophesy has come true! Spring is on its way and to celebrate we’ve got a shed-load of art and design news, interviews, features and some plain nonsense for ya.

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    It’s been a busy old week at It’s Nice That towers, with Rob jetting about in Africa for Design Indaba, Maisie out in Brazil, and James dipping his paddling toes into Margate. But for us left here, home soil hasn’t seemed so dreary thanks to the wealth of wonderful art and design news that’s kept us entertained over the last week. Have a look at our best bits, and the other multifarious goings on in the creative world below.

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    After this week’s relentless onslaught of creative goings-on, we’re pooped. Happy, but pooped. Luckily it’s the weekend, and – what’s that you say? You’re cracking open a beer, but want to catch up on the best of the art and design world’s news and inspiration from the last week? Great! We’ve just the thing for you to cast your weary eyes across. It’s called The Weekender, and it’s hella refreshing.

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    “Mmmm,” she moaned, her eyes eating up the delectable design news across the It’s Nice That homepage. “I still want more…,” she purred. “Now.” Sorry love, you can’t have any more this week – it’s ruddy Friday, and we’ve only got eyes for the pub, stone cold mashup merchants that we are. But whatever you’re up to this weekend, be it romantic, be it Ikea or be it watching people say things as erudite as “I gasp, and I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent, and I cannot resist” in Fifty Shades of Grey, have a blast, and treat yourself to this VERY SEXY INDEED digest of what we’ve been into in the art and design world this week.

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    A lot can happen in a week. Riri and Kanye can get together with Paul McCartney to make music, a man dressed as a shark can become a firm feature in hearts across the world, a man can claim intimate relations with a dolphin, etc. and we feel it’s our duty to condense all of this down into a wholesome chunk digestible for you dear reader. So we have. Here it is. Dive in!

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    This Sunday night sees the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Superbowl XLIX. Yeah us neither. But it does make us think that more stuff should use Roman numerals. They’re cool. They’re confusing. They make even the most mundane event seem electrifyingly exciting. What if the early 2000s boyband Five had actually been called V. They’d probably be massive now. Or Enid Blyton could have written The Secret VII. Where were we? Oh yeah, some great stuff to read and watch from the past seven days. Once more into the fray!

  13. Unnamed

    If you’ve been waiting all week for Friday evening like a shipwrecked sailor eagerly watches the horizon for the first sign of a rescue mission, then the Weekender is that hazy pink flare in the distance – the sign that you’re almost there! This week we’ve got an animation about our dependence on technology; a deluge of interviews with super talented artists, designers, photographers and printmakers; a smattering of erotica; a collection of photographs of people who want to be mermaids and a round-up of what’s happened in the world this week, from a certain newspaper’s fascination with the humble nip to TLC’s hotly-anticipated comeback. Delve in!