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Our weekly roundup of what the internet has to offer, The Weekender

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As well as rounding up some of the best creative content on the site for you all week, we also like to send emails to each other with cool stuff we’ve found on ye olde internet. The Weekender is our hamper for you, a hamper of weird videos, funny pictures and cool articles. Basically anything that doesn’t quite fit under the umbrella of art and design. Enjoy.

Stuff you really ought not to have missed this week

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    Lucy Hilmer: Birthday Suit

– Photographer Lucy Hilmer took self portraits in the same pair of pants over the course of 40 years, to beautiful and sweet results.

– Music journalist, DJ and editor of BEAT magazine Hanna Hanra told us why Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Swimming Horses is her favourite music video ever.

– We were tricked! By an artist with a fake project! Rob and James debated the morals of Fabrice Le Nezet’s fake art installation in this week’s Opinion piece.

– We covered First World War-based artwork and Damien Hirst’s plans to develop a town in this week’s Studio Audience podcast.

– Soul queen Lianne La Havas made us a Friday mixtape to soothe our Friday woes.

– Check out this week’s Things feature to admire some snazzy boxers and a publication made from gold toilet roll.

– We made a list of our favourite art and design-based Desert Island Discs (and we want to hear your suggestions in the comments section too!)

The Weekender

  • Clowns


Rob Alderson

The Buzzfeed long-form email is one of the highlights of my week (don’t judge me) and the most recent missive had a humdinger of a story about the National Clown Convention. It’s a brilliant piece giving an unparalleled insight into an outwardly silly world that many take very seriously.

Liv Siddall

As much as I love stupid, silly stuff, I’m also a big fan of clawing at my skin and crying my eyes out to super depressing shit. When depressing meets creative, stuff really starts to get interesting, like this piece of genius by a certain “Karl. G” who likes to write review on Yelp. Amateur cafe reviews these certainly are not – in this stream of letter-like reviews to companies and restaurants he narrates a lonely story of lost love, tracing the places he and his wife Cynthia would frequent when they were together. If this is real, it’s horrible, and if it’s fiction it’s perfect. Whatever this is, and wherever it came from, I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in ages and it 100% deserves 15 minutes of your time.

Maisie Skidmore

Kevin J. McGroarty died last week at the age of 53, and while he might not be a name you’re familiar with just yet, he leaves behind him a brilliantly articulate legacy. How so? Kevin wrote his own obituary before he died. We’re not talking two lines of disinterested praise of a life well-lived either, no sir. This is a hilarious 500 word dedication to mediocracy, beginning with the line “McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!” His final words? "McGroarty leaves behind a thought for all to ponder, given years of gathering wisdom from different religions and deep study of the Greek philosophers: ‘It costs nothing to be nice’ and ‘Never stick a steak knife in an electrical outlet.’”

On the one hand writing your own obituary is an excellent way for my fellow control freaks to ensure no typos sneak into their obituaries at the careless hand of a newspaper intern, but on the other, why not make a mark with the last thing you ever write? Kevin, we salute you. Rest peacefully.

  • Eminem


Amy Lewin

Rappers like to talk about themselves, drugs and women. They also swear a lot. Surprised? Pop your favourite rapper’s name into this search engine to see which are their most-used words. Snoop Dogg’s is “dogg”, followed by – you guessed it – “snoop.” Eminem’s is “feel.” Deep.


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    If you’ve been waiting all week for Friday evening like a shipwrecked sailor eagerly watches the horizon for the first sign of a rescue mission, then the Weekender is that hazy pink flare in the distance – the sign that you’re almost there! This week we’ve got an animation about our dependence on technology; a deluge of interviews with super talented artists, designers, photographers and printmakers; a smattering of erotica; a collection of photographs of people who want to be mermaids and a round-up of what’s happened in the world this week, from a certain newspaper’s fascination with the humble nip to TLC’s hotly-anticipated comeback. Delve in!

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    On this day 96 years ago prohibition was passed by the U.S. government, plunging the United States into a parched wasteland of (mainly) sober, miserable people for a long 14 years. Thankfully this is the case neither in England nor in 2015, so we’re cracking open the beers and pouring one out for the prohibited. It’s the weekend! Here’s the Weekender, and our rundown of what’s happened in the art and design world this week. Have a good one!

  3. Weekender-image

    Given that it’s the first week back at work after a long fortnight spent cramming mince pies and Baileys into our faces while flicking between The Wizard of Oz and Call the Midwife, you’d think the creative world might be slow getting back into the swing of things. Oh no. This week we’ve seen the cartooning world torn apart only to rise up even stronger, a mad new interactive website launched by Panda Bear, some seriously impressive new identity work from the likes of Pentagram, and books, films and adverts spewed out all over the shop. Here’s our pick of the best of the week.

  4. List

    It’s been a weird week. The wind down for Christmas always feels a bit like a steam train running out of…steam. One last push, one last heave through illness, emails, tidy-ups and secret santas then it’s time to get blaringly drunk, embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues and go home to let someone care for you until it all starts all over again. I don’t think that sounds too bad, do you? Here’s some brain fodder to keep you going for the final hump…

  5. List

    It’s been this kind of afternoon in the studio, and it’s with that in mind that I invite you to partake of this week’s supplement of all things fun and weird, The Weekender. Enjoy!

  6. Wee

    Here we are again, another Friday, another reason to sit back and catch up on what you may have missed from the last five days of creative gloriousness we’ve been putting before your lucky little peepers this week. Enjoy.

  7. List

    And so the week is winding down and we’re all having a little jig thinking about the wonders and delights the next two days has to offer. But before we leave y’all, check out some things what we did this week and then the usual feckless collection of the weird and wonderful bits and bobs that made it into our eyes this week. There may or may not be a crow doing winter sports (there is).

  8. Weekender-list

    It’s the end of the week, it’s rainy, it’s miserable. But we’re not – and you shouldn’t be either – thanks to this decidedly bright bunch of creative brilliance that will see you through the weekend with a sunshiny spring on your step. Perhaps that’s a bit too much, but it might make sitting indoors debating if it’s too soon to pop heating on a little more pleasurable.

  9. Weekender-list

    You could call it a kind of multivitamin of art and design knowledge, or a injection of irreverence straight to your brain, or you could just refer to it as a creative foodstuff with which to fuel your hangover come Sunday morning. However you like to think of it, welcome to this week’s instalment of the Weekender.

  10. Weekender-list

    The Weekender is like the online equivalent of the bucket full of sweets that your mum keeps next to the front door on Halloween to hurl at the kids who come trick or treating. Except we’ve replaced the treats with art and design, so you’ll have to get your calories elsewhere. As the Criminologist says, “I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.” Off we go then!

  11. Weekender-list

    To stop you losing any more precious minutes when we lose an hour on Sunday, here at It’s Nice That we’ve kindly gathered all the important stuff you should be wrapping your eyes around before they’re left sadly squinting in darkness. You know because we’re nice like that. Let us be your light. Here’s The Weekender.

  12. List

    If you’ve just started uni and you’ve spent an entire week in student unions drinking vibrant blue booze from a questionably-shaped vessel (a goldfish bowl, say, or a shoe) then this Weekender is for you. If you’ve bought more IKEA textiles than your measly student loan will allow but you still can’t get used to the breeze-block walls of your dorms, and you think the mature student next door might have eaten cat food for breakfast this morning, or you accidentally squeegee’d paint onto every last remaining clean item of clothing you own in your first printmaking class (embarrassing) we’re here for you. Welcome to the Weekender.

  13. Wemain

    Welcome aboard the weekend! This week at It’s Nice That HQ we’ve been talking about the gripping new podcast from the guys over at This American Life, Serial, pondering getting on trains that don’t actually have drivers, wallowing in the sweet, sweet cheesy goodness that is the new BBC cover of God Only Knows and replaying the fantastic animation about online dating below. What have you been doing?