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Yabadadadoo! It's the new and shiny Weekender! This way for Things, links and funnies galore...

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Finding it hard to care much about life these days? Let this round-up selection of life-affirmingly creative links and projects bring you back to your old, happy self. Okay, so “life-affirmingly creative” is maybe an exaggeration, but it’s Friday and everyone exaggerates on Friday! Like your mate Craig who said he had fifteen pints that time. He didn’t, Craig’s a liar. Sort your shit life out, Craig.

Six absolute bangers from the site this week

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6. Kingston students get high

Oh wait, I mean they asked “How High?” different. Very different. Great little film, regardless of their sobriety.

5. Lonely tortoise alert

Does anyone else find this tortoise genuinely attractive? It’s Simba all over again. Famtastic work from the C4 ad team as per. We like the bit with the dildo the best.

4. Criminals never looked so good

We had never seen the work of Sean Lewis before, but thanks to our criminal-loving intern Holly Wilkins, we now know and love him. Well done, Sean.

3. If you live in London…(sorry if you don’t)

Please check out Michael Landy bringing grizzly saints back from the dead in this incredible, robotic, two-years in the making exhibition at the National Gallery

2. Your music taste is whack, have some of ours

That’s a joke, the music played at It’s Nice That is notoriously cheesy. We do make great mix tapes though, enjoy!

1. Pash-un for fash-un

Well, not so much fashion as ludicrously incredible photography. Doesn’t hurt that Edie Campbell is the star of these Peter Lindbergh Vogue shots


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In the last of the season of bank holidays (don’t cry), we bring to you a lovely collection of things from brilliantly (and one bizarre) designed magazines, postcards all the way from Brazil and poetry alongside some great illustrations. Now, now, wipe that tear away and stay strong… for us!

  • Img_7133

    Boat Magazine #5

  • Img_7134

    Boat Magazine #5

  • Img_7135

    Boat Magazine #5

  • Img_7136

    Boat Magazine #5

  • Img_7137

    Boat Magazine #5

Boat Magazine #5

Each issue of Boat takes you to a different part of the world and this time it’s Kyoto, Japan. Delving into Kyoto’s culture and people, this magazine is just lovely. Did you know that Kyoto is the home of Nintendo? Well I didn’t! You could happily sit down and read this magazine cover to cover.

  • Img_7138

    Postcards by Estudio Pum

  • Img_7139

    Postcards by Estudio Pum

  • Img_7140

    Postcards by Estudio Pum

  • Img_7141

    Postcards by Estudio Pum

  • Img_7142

    Postcards by Estudio Pum

Postcards by Estudio Pum

We receive a lot of wonderful things all around the world and what Estudio Pum has sent us are no different. Based in Brazil, Estudio Pum is a multi-disciplinary studio who like to develop eye-catching projects – and these postcards do not hold back on eye-popping colour. Woah!

  • Img_7143

    Clinic III

  • Img_7144

    Clinic III

  • Img_7145

    Clinic III

  • Img_7146

    Clinic III

  • Img_7147

    Clinic III

Clinic III

Clinic is a poetry, arts and music platform based in South-East London, and they create these lovely little books packed full of poetry and illustration. I can’t say I am all that partial to poetry, but these guys have steered it away from the stereotype (broody, beret-wearing man in the corner) and made it cool. Check out one of their events in London or just sit in a dark corner with the book instead.

  • Img_7148

    Bookmarkers #1

  • Img_7149

    Bookmarkers #1

  • Img_7150

    Bookmarkers #1

  • Img_7151

    Bookmarkers #1

  • Img_7152

    Bookmarkers #1

Bookmarkers #1

Set up by second year Kingston student David Bhalla, he went to his university’s library looking specifically for books that have been bookmarked and collated the most interesting finds into Bookmarkers, adding his thoughts alongside. David’s enthusiasm for learning new information and the reasons behind choosing each bookmark makes this a fascinating read.

  • Img_7153

    Wonder Room #1

  • Img_7154

    Wonder Room #1

  • Img_7155

    Wonder Room #1

  • Img_7156

    Wonder Room #1

  • Img_7158

    Wonder Room #1

Wonder Room #1

Yes the smile on the front cover may haunt me for life but this book is so brilliant! Wonder Room is a collection of sketches, photos, outtakes and bits of work that Steve Hockett has accumulated over the last few years. Trippy and totally random, you may come across a seagull or paint splashes… Or that smile again!

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Tweet of the Week

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“I once hid under my sister’s bed to scare her but I fell asleep & when I woke up I thought I was in a coffin & screamed lots & we both cried”

Didn’t we all, @adamhess1, didn’t we all…

Genius Vine of the week

I wasn’t into this whole Vine thing, until I saw THIS and had my life bettered. There was a point this week when I actually just had it on loop in my bedroom. The question is, which dog is funnier?! I STILL DON’T KNOW.

Unwelcome Eureka! moment of the week

Remember that really shitty day when everyone realised the earth was round not flat and did a communal slap to the forehead? Well imagine how us Internet drones felt when we found out that the word Gif is pronounced “Jif”! I know! The guy who invented them (a God amongst men) says so here.

LOL at the BBC of the week

Well, not so much lolling at the BBC, they are really quite good and serious. But the people that WRITE on the BBC website, that’s a whole other story. Here’s a recipe for Marmite on Toast from the Good Food section. The comments, are, gold.

  • Marmite

    Yes, that’s a bay leaf

That’s yer lot, toodles!


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