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  1. Hc_list

    Of course the loss of any life is deeply saddening, but the news that designer-cum-filmmaker Hillman Curtis lost his batte with cancer two days ago, aged just 51, seems particularly devastating. Curtis has been responsible most recently for countless, genuinely insightful behind-the-scenes films, featuring an array of artists and designers (including Paula Scher, Lawrence Weiner (above) and Stefan Sagmeister, with whom Curtis was working on a project titled The Happy Film), all of whom seemed more than happy to welcome the gracious filmmaker into their lives. A big, big loss – not only for Curtis’ family, but for the design world as a whole.

  2. Js_list

    Manchester-based creative Joe Stratton epitomises current graphic design trends. That is, his portfolio – which abounds with wavy lines, internet-sourced imagery and manipulated type – tends towards fine art (why are young designers so scared of designing sweetener packaging?). But Stratton instead displays compositional nous, a keen visual eye and technical finesse. And combine this with the fact he seems to be working mainly for clients in music – an industry dependent on its ability to reflect contemporary fashions – and you can conclude Stratton’s pretty much nailing it.

  3. Ch_list

    Devastating with a pencil – that’s what artist Clay Hickson is, although he’s equally talented with crayons it seems, and boy does he know his way around Adobe Illustrator. Hickson’s work is vibrant and commonly surreal (he features Calder-like mobiles within Dalí-inspired compositions, apparently just for the hell of it), and although his illustrations sometimes straddle the borders of overly-trendy, it’s often genuinely accomplished. All hail Hickson, you strange, wonderfully-talented man!

  4. Sa_list

    Word on the street is our favourite photographic duo Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes have made a book. But the Amsterdam-based pair (who fellow Dutch creatives Lernert and Sander highlighted during their spell as guest posters) haven’t made just any publication, because Unfolded also acts as an exhibition.

  5. Br_list

    Artist Ben Rivers’ work has most recently focussed on hermetic individuals living beyond the reaches of ‘normal’ life (see Origin of the Species, 2008). But the Somerset-born artist’s new exhibition, which opens this Friday at the Kate MacGarry Gallery, revisits his earlier investigations into deserted space. Featuring a new 10 minute, 16mm film, as well as a series of black and white photographs, the artist explores the life of one man (a friend of Rivers’), via the “animistic artefacts” left in his empty flat a year after his death.

  6. Nk_list

    In a couple of months, the judges behind the Prix Pictet – a young but already well-respected photography prize – will announce a high profile shortlist of environmentally-conscious photographers reacting to the theme of Power. The winner – someone who, in the jury’s opinion, “has produced a series of work that speaks most powerfully to the theme of the award,” and which serves to raise public consciousness of worldwide sustainability issues – will claim a CHF 100,000 prize, and a whole lot of praise.

  7. Lb_list

    Swiss artist Linus Bill has updated his website. Is this news? Well, yes, sort of. Bill seems to rarely update, so when he does it warrants attention. Filled with the weird and the wonderful, Bill’s work is refreshingly irreverent and, at times, downright funny. See more in Topmotiviert, Bill’s Rollo Press-published book, released on the occasion of the exhibition Was nun? at the Photoforum Pasquart Biel.

  8. Ps_list

    Ponystep, now three issues old, is unapologetically glossy. We’re talking high-fashion, see-your-own-reflection shiny. It consists of a brilliantly colourful melange of profiles and fashion stories – some sexy, others less so – and features the great and the good of the photography world – Martin Parr (who, perhaps predictably, publishes a story set in an English seaside town), the provocative Byron Newman, and fashion industry great Miles Aldridge (who brilliantly photographs cover star Amir Khan, amongst others). Imagine seeing that printed on anything but a gloss stock knee deep in varnish? We can’t…

  9. Db_list

    “A situation, invented or documented, that can be read in different ways” – that’s what prompts photographer Devin Blair into taking pictures. Vancouver-born but Glasgow-trained, Blair takes cinematic, voyeuristic stills infused with hazy narratives, sometimes for himself, mostly for well-respected magazines like PIN-UP, Fantastic Man, and tattoo specialists Sang Bleu.

  10. Vm_list

    Perhaps predictably, Paris and New York are two of our favourite cities, filled as they are with some of the world’s greatest sights. For the last few years, New York-based designer (and Paris lover) Vahram Muratyan has been pitting the pair against each other via his blog, which features wonderfully colourful and graphically playful homages to each city. The visuals have just been published in book form, too – perfect for a coffee table in any city.

  11. Ms_01

    “I wanted the masks to appear as if they were sculpted around the model,” says photographer Mathias Sterner, explaining his approach to shooting fledgeling fashion label Nor Autonom’s inaugural collection. “I wanted the model and the mask to became one object.”

  12. Lp_01

    Rust, we were taught by parents frantically retrieving bicycles left carelessly out in the rain, is to be avoided at all costs. It’s ugly, they told us, and damaging – a stark sign of dilapidation easily avoided.

  13. Sk_01

    Director Sam Kristofski, charged with creating Opossum’s sun-infected Blue Meanies video, has used every trick in the contemporary book. There’s a pretty girl and there’s trees and crystals and weird-looking, skinny-jeaned characters in quasi-religious get-up. But there’s also a wonderfully trippy animated section in the video’s middle, and the girl really is pretty and, actually, taking into account the song’s summery psychadelic vibes, this video’s pretty much spot on…

  14. Bh_1

    “As far as the Kosovo graphic design scene goes,” Bardhi Haliti explains, “there isn’t really one. Certainly there are some individuals doing interesting things, but I wouldn’t dare call it a scene!” Kosovo born and bred, Haliti studied in the US (he lived in New York, Maryland and Utah), before returning to Prishtina in 2009, where he designs good-looking, highly functional printed matter for a wealth of arts and culture sector clients.

  15. Tow_1

    On August 15 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, Ethiopian long distance runner Tirunesh Dibaba won 10,000 metre gold. A week later she won the 5,000 metres, too. Until then no woman had won both races at the same Games, and only one woman had ever run the 10,000 metres faster. Dibaba’s achievement was undoubtedly huge – how many people win one Olympic medal, let alone two? – but her triumph was noteworthy for another reason: the now-26-year-old athlete was born in Bekoji, a rural Ethiopian town from which seven other Olympic medalists have also come running.

  16. Tv_01

    To celebrate Tate Modern’s ongoing Yayoi Kusama retrospective, creative partnership Hellicar and Lewis created ‘The Hello Cube’, a quietly complex, social media-savvy interactive installation inspired by the great Japanese artist’s work The Passing Winter.

  17. Ps

    Peter Shire has famously avoided definition. But, come to think of it, how can you accurately define someone who’s as happy making sculptures as they are chairs, teapots and toys? Shire’s work is colourful, amusing and compositionally striking, and his workshop – a sprawling warehouse space in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where he grew up – is a veritable cabinet of curiosities.

  18. Ue_01

    In 2010 Julia Born designed A NOT B, a fantastically colourful book filled with Uta Eisenreich still-lifes. Inspired by non-verbal IQ tests, Eisenreich’s sets were constructed from a vast array of ubiquitous household items – apples, tea pots, hand-held mirrors, etc. – and displayed the artist’s penchant for games, language and symbolism. A NOT B, the book, originated from A NOT B, the exhibition, held at Amsterdam gallery Ellen de Bruijne Projects in 2009, in which the artist’s weird and often very funny objects could be experienced in real life.

  19. Sp_01

    As of tomorrow, Bristol arts centre Spike Island – which functions both as a gallery and as a “vibrant hub for production, presentation and debate” – will host a show heaving with postcards. Not those sent hastily from the Costa Del Sol, but miniature, sometimes cheeky and often intimate works of art created by a fascinating roster of high profile artists including Tacita Dean, Dieter Roth and Richard Hamilton. The Artists’ Postcard Show, which features works taken from the personal collection of writer and novelist Jeremy Cooper, is “a selective survey of the postcard as a distinctive artistic medium,” and looks worthy of a trip.

  20. Dw_01

    The birth of any new technology means, sometimes inevitably, the death of its precursor. Or does it? Last year, Think TV commissioned a six-part documentary series meant to explore the future of television as a viable media outlet now other platforms – namely, the internet – seem to be running the show. Interviewees included a broad range of clued-up “business leaders” and “industry luminaries”, all of whom added to the collective assertion that television, at least for now, is safe.

  21. Rufus-wain

    That crooner Rufus Wainwright will soon release his seventh studio album is perhaps news enough (we love Rufus Wainwright!) but that’s not all. Out of the Game – Wainwright’s Elton John-inspired, ridiculously catchy eponymous ballad – is accompanied by a Phil Andelman-directed video, and features one-time-chimpanzee Helena Bonham Carter as an increasingly attractive, lip-syncing librarian. Is there a better combination than that? Go on, show us…

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