Watch Andreas Nilsson blow David Guetta's video budget in style

Posted by James Cartwright,

I’m a bit confused by this music video if I’m honest. It manages to induce so many opposing emotions in such a short space of time that I’m left feeling utterly bewildered. The first emotion is nostalgia, as the Arch Duke of auto-tune trance has purchased a hook from late 90s dance outfit Alice Deejay to serve as the basis for his latest song. The second is horror; that he’s added nothing to it that fits. Every new line of melody or harmony feels like it’s been cobbled together from samples he just had lying around the studio (sorry, bit of a rant there, but I loved Alice Deejay).

The third and final emotion it leaves me with is glee, because all the madness going on in front of my eyes was directed by the inimitable Andreas Nilsson, famed for his videos for Fever Ray, Moby and MGMT. It’s clear from the get-go that someone at the record label drove a truck-load of cash over to Andreas’ house and told him to do whatever the hell he liked with it, as long as it was “EPIC!”

And he’s done exactly that, including rodeo dance-offs, a monobrowed beauty pageant, bespoke pointy shoes aplenty and even one of those new Renault ‘is it a bike, is it a car?’ vehicles of the future. NUTS!

  • Nilsson-1

    Andreas Nilsson: Play Hard

  • Nilsson-2

    Andreas Nilsson: Play Hard

  • Nilsson-3

    Andreas Nilsson: Play Hard

  • Nilsson-4

    Andreas Nilsson: Play Hard

  • Nilsson-5

    Andreas Nilsson: Play Hard


Posted by James Cartwright

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