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  1. Izabela-jurcewicz-body-as-a-negative-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Izabela Jurcewicz uses her camera to become both a surgeon and a patient
  2. Xyz-lab-rouge-fashion-book-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design XYZ Lab designs a removable and “grotesque” fifth issue for Rouge Fashion Book
  3. Something-special-summer-of-something-special-2-publication-itsnicethat-1 Publication Relive the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer through Summer of Something Special
  4. Ekaterina-popova-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Intimate, safe and romantic: Ekaterina Popova paints the interiors of her friend’s bedrooms
  5. Alfie-dwyer-time2go-digital-itsnicethat-02 Digital Alfie Dwyer on creating game-like worlds and moulding tangible films like “putty”
  6. Bara-ruzickova-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Through playful forms, Bára Růžičková tackles the rigid structure of the design industry
  7. Nt_youtube_4 Nicer Tuesdays Meji Alabi on discovering his roots through film and music
  8. Quentin-dufour-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Stoic black cats and burning worlds: Quentin Dufour on his chaotic illustrations
  9. Jir%cc%8ci%cc%81-makovec-work-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Jiří Makovec’s photographs meander between the personal and the universal
  10. Andong-zheng-a-chinese-question-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography In photographing the American west, Andong Zheng uncovers hidden traces of Chinese history
  11. Universal-thirst-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Meet Universal Thirst, the Bangalore and Reykjavik-based foundry offering a dual perspective on type
  12. Dean-davies-vicky-olschak-manchester-girls-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Manchester Girls, the new series from Dean Davies, is a visual homage to the women of the north
  13. W-e-b-du-bois-charting-black-lives-house-of-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Back in 1900, activist W. E. B. Du Bois was using infographics to challenge white supremacy
  14. Worthikids-witches-on-tinder-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Two old witches discover Tinder in Worthikids' hilarious animation
  15. Tomorrow-bureau-xtreme-scenario-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Watch Tomorrow Bureau’s obsessive and macabre ode to technical outdoor gear
  16. Viktor-hubner-the-americans-i-met-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Viktor Hübner photographs American anxieties amongst a shifting political environment
  17. Karl-anders-red-star-fc-work-graphicdesign-list Graphic Design “Legacy meets contemporary”: Karl Anders on its campaign for Red Star FC
  18. Opinionpiece_stacie-woolsey_optimized Opinion Studying a master's felt like a party Stacie Woolsey wasn't invited to, so she made her own
  19. Nt_youtube_3 Nicer Tuesdays How to materialise the different facets of an artist: InterestingProjects on re-imagining Keith Haring
  20. Nt_youtube_2 Nicer Tuesdays Enda Bowe on connecting beauty across borders
  21. Studio-phenomena-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Studio Phenomena looks at syllable-based writing, lost dreams and sensory experiences
  22. Louis-morton-floreana-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Animal training and symphonious masses: Louis Morton animates his post-climate change world
  23. Fatima-moreno-illustration-121119 Illustration Smudgy lines and bulging behinds: meet Fátima Moreno’s cheeky characters
  24. Eloise-harris-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Eloise Harris celebrates physical touch and materiality in her thoughtful design practice
  25. Polyester-fifth-anniversary-publication-itsnicethat-01 Publication Covering beauty, masculinity and reproductive justice – Polyester releases four iconic anniversary zines
  26. Guen-fiore-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Telling scenes and soft embraces: Guen Fiore captures the intimacy of the female form
  27. Otto-splotch-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Otto Splotch combines the gross and absurd with beautifully detailed handiwork
  28. Brando-corradini-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Designer Brando Corradini finds freedom in his personal work
  29. Torsten-rasmus-cityringen-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Kontrapunkt's type designers talk us through its design for Copenhagen's in-train displays
  30. Giovanni-hanninen-people-of-tamba-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Giovanni Hänninen documents the people of Tambacounda through 200 portraits
  31. Howie-kim-digital-art-work-itsnicethat-list Art Anything and everything is possible in Howie Kim’s digital fantasy worlds
  32. Arnheldeserra-photography-itsnicethat-04 Photograhy Photographer Arnhel de Serra turns the lens back on today’s selfie-stick culture
  33. Odd-m_s-gojumpers-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising M&S brings Single Ladies director on board for a jumping Christmas advert
  34. Christine-fenzl-land-of-sonne-work-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Land in Sonne explores the young generations now living in former East Berlin and its impacts
  35. Wesandersonjumanmalouf-ilsarcofagodispitzmausealtritesori-publication-it'snicethat-01 Publication A book chronicling tiny, bizarre treasures curated by Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf
  36. Kellnberger-white-being-human-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Warm, tactile and accessible: Kellenberger-White on its exhibition design for Being Human
  37. Evan-cohen-quiet-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Evan Cohen thinks about the daily resources we need to survive in his newest comic
  38. Nina-bachmann-illustration-itsnicethat-02 Illustration Through an optimistic lens, Nina Bachmann illustrates the playfulness of the everyday
  39. O%e2%80%99ple%cc%81rou-grebert-emojis-digital-work-itsnicethat-list2 Digital O’Plérou Grebet’s new emojis allow “Africans to communicate more accurately using instant messaging”
  40. Weareoutofoffice-screenprint-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Take a shopping trip with We Are Out of Office: the Dutch design duo re-imagining what’s on the shelves