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  1. Claudine-doury-amour-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography “An endless love story”: Claudine Doury returns to the Amur River to photograph its people
  2. Nt_november_youtube_thumbnails_4 Nicer Tuesdays Peter Millard gives a humorous account of his journey so far
  3. Hattie-stewart-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration “They’re the only things I would save in a fire”: A peak inside Hattie Stewart’s marvellous sketch books
  4. Katy-stubbs-devilledeggs-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Illustrator Katy Stubbs on moulding her dishy stories out of clay
  5. Tom-noon-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Tom Noon on his musical, spontaneous and illustrative approach to graphic design
  6. Nazif-lopulizza-art-itsnicethat-list Art Nazif Lopulissa rethinks the shapes and forms of the children’s playground
  7. Martina-scarpelli-egg-work-animation-itsnicethat-list Animation Egg is an animation about attempting – and failing – to take control of something you are afraid of
  8. Why-creatives-should-take-the-election-advantage-opinion-itsnicethat Miscellaneous Why creatives should take the election advantage
  9. Nt_november_youtube_thumbnails_3 Nicer Tuesdays Adrienne Law on making something digital feel physical
  10. Kyuho-kim-graphic-design-work-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Kyuho Kim imagines the shapes of words in his inventive design practice
  11. Taylor-silk-illustration-itsnicethat-06 Illustration Stomping boots and pouting lips, Taylor Silk’s woven women are icons of female sexuality
  12. Jooyoung-kim-welcometomylife-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Jooyoung Kim’s illustrated book is about a long boi in a world of fluffy short bois
  13. Stephanie-luescher-greetings-from-a-flat-country-art-direction-photography-itsnicehat-6 Photography Stephanie Lüscher turns the food of The Netherlands into the mountains of Switzerland
  14. Hick-duarte-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Hick Duarte uses his camera to document the plurality of Brazilian youth culture
  15. Fhuiae-kim-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Fhuiae Kim explores “the third language” in her calming graphic design works
  16. Folch-josep-puy-acid-grotesk-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Folch designs a typeface embodying the “energetic universe” of acid house
  17. Michael-mcgregor-illustration-itsnicethat-01 Illustration Illustrator Michael McGregor turns the mundane into something extraordinary
  18. Pascale-claude-football-disco-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Publication All together now: Pascal Claude compiles a visual history of the beloved footie record
  19. Frederique-rusch-illustration-itsnicethat-01 Illustration “Part-animal, part-household object”: Frédérique Rusch on her wonderfully cryptic illustrations
  20. Nt_november_youtube_thumbnails_ Nicer Tuesdays Ines Alpha on imagining a future with digital pets and 3D makeup
  21. Panayiotis-terzis-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Artist Panayiotis Terzis creates vibrant works inspired by his upbringing in Greece
  22. Nt_november_youtube_thumbnails_2 Nicer Tuesdays Vikram Kushwah shares the intimate and revealing backstory behind his award-winning series
  23. Klim-dia-sohne-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Can you translate a memory into a digital font family? Klim and Dia collaborate on Söhne
  24. Megumi-ono-illustration-itsnicethat-01 Illustration Satirical and humorous, Megumi Ono-Chan illustrates a “lustful labourer”
  25. Jessie-makinson-art-itsnicethat-list Art Jessie Makinson on the intuitive process behind her fantastical paintings
  26. Adobe-max-creativity-tour-sponsored-content-event-itsincethat-list Event The Adobe MAX Creativity Tour shed light on how to creatively empower ourselves
  27. Alliage-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “We want to challenge and disturb the audience”: meet graphic design studio Alliage
  28. Abang-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Abang’s illustrations of 15 women aim to reveal her true self
  29. Sam-nixon-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Sepia-infused and cinematic, Sam Nixon turns his lens on the stories of the world
  30. Somnath-bhatt-ode-publication-itsnicethat-01 Publication Somnath Bhatt compiles a series of charming pixelated drawings for his new book, Ode
  31. Mini-extraoddinary-sponsored-content-itsnicethat-8 Events How will pineapple leaves, algae and mushroom cement save the future of our cities?
  32. Romina-malta-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “I’m a bit afraid of colours”: Romina Malta on her illustrative approach to design
  33. Daniel-keogh-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Meme supreme: Daniel Keogh's maximalist illustrations are impossible to scroll past
  34. Alex-bradley-cohen-personal-space-art-itsnicethat-1 Art Painting friends in mid-conversation, Alex Bradley Cohen hides as much as he reveals
  35. Agusta-yr-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital Through 3D scans and animation, Agusta Yr creates a dreamlike world for Moschino and Yang Li
  36. Studio-hik-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design “Perfectly beautiful things don’t attract me”: Heesun Seo on her nontraditional practice
  37. Luca-schenardi-lina-mueller-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Luca Schenardi and Lina Mueller's collaborative illustrations capture the spirit of the mountains
  38. Islena-neira-benoit-michelet-pool-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation In this charming animation, a small swimmer dives right into her fears
  39. List Graphic Design Camera Arhiva is an archive of printed matter from Romania’s communist era
  40. Sejin-choi-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sejin Choi blurs the boundaries between graphic design and art