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Welcome to the brand-new It’s Nice That Podcast. Listen in as our editors sit down with some of the world’s leading designers, artists, photographers and creative directors to hear the honest truth about how they built careers out of their creativity.

#001 Christoph Niemann

In the first episode of the new It’s Nice That Podcast, our editor-in-chief sits down with the renowned illustrator Christoph Niemann and discusses everything from the pressures of Instagram to the importance of finding a medium to match your message. We also head to the south of France to hear from Cécile Dormeau, who can’t help but feel inspired by a weird and wonderful boutique in Montpellier.

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#002 Gail Bichler

In this second episode of the It’s Nice That Podcast, we sit down with Gail Bichler, the creative director of The New York Times Magazine. She talks through five covers from her time at the publication that she is particularly proud of, and explains how her approach to magazine design has changed over time. We also whizz over to Mumbai to hear from the artist Sameer Kulavoor, who is besotted with the city’s historic fort district.

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#003 Eric Hu

For this third episode of the new podcast, our editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah speaks to the New York-based creative director and graphic designer Eric Hu, who explains how his career to date has been shaped by the evolving internet. We talk about his recent forays into the NFT space and why he believes it’s simply short-sighted to judge this emerging technology by the (admittedly terrible) art that often seems to predominate.

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#004 Olimpia Zagnoli

For Episode 4, our senior editor Lucy Bourton sits down with Italian illustrator and artist Olimpia Zagnoli, and discusses the power of vulnerability and the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. We also hear about how Olimpia tackles research and where she goes hunting for inspiration and new references. After that, we head over to West London to hear how a bustling cafe helps comic illustrator Lily Kong come up with her best ideas.

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#005 Joshua Kissi

In this fifth episode of the podcast, our editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah sits down with the acclaimed LA-based photographer and director Joshua Kissi. He discusses how he has approached the move from still photography to moving-image work, and talks us through some top tips on how to deal with the pressure of a big budget and crew. We also head to New York’s Tribeca district to hear from Margot Lévêque, a French type designer who has just moved to the Big Apple.

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#006 Caterina Bianchini

We sit down with Caterina Bianchini, the founder and creative director of Studio Nari. She tells our editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah about how and why she decided to strike out on her own, and talks us through the studio’s unique approach to projects, focusing on her love of music and keen eye for beautiful typography. Then, later on, we’ll head over to Baltimore to hear from photographer and visual artist Shan Wallace, who is in love with the city’s Enoch Pratt Library.

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#007 Actual Source

Matt Alagiah speaks to Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie, the co-founders of design studio and bookstore Actual Source. They talk us through the challenges of juggling client work and their more self-initiated publishing projects, and offer up a mini masterclass on the core principles of book design. After that, we head over to Frome to hear from Ryan Todd, an artist and designer who has put down roots in the Southwest of England.

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#008 Camille Walala

Matt Alagiah chats to multi-disciplinary designer Camille Walala about how to navigate crises of confidence, the joy of building installations that bring people together and the power of saying no. Camille shares how she finds ideas in otherwise overlooked colour palettes, texture, and architectural details. After that, we head over to Falmouth to hear about its potential for inspiration from Kingdom and Sparrow’s Johnny Paton.

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#009 Eddie Opara

Matt Alagiah sits down with the multi-faceted graphic designer, Eddie Opara. Eddie is a partner at Pentagram in New York and senior critic at the Yale Institute of Art. We’ll hear about his journey across education, technology, and constructing design identities. We'll also hear how he recovers from projects that go wrong, how Yale helped him become a more cerebral thinker, and the underrated power of the letter e. After that, we head over to Oakland, California to hear about its potential for inspiration from artist and illustrator Jocelyn Tsaih.

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#010 Miranda July

Liz Gorny sits down to chat with filmmaker, artist and writer Miranda July. We’ll hear how she is relearning how to move her body, the process of writing her new book, and how she is always thinking about the most beautiful way to present work. After that, hear from artist and designer Lebassis as he pays homage to the magic of his neighbourhood of Sao Paulo.

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