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    Matthew Stone: Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love

Matthew Stone's artworks capture the raw sensuality of the human form

Posted by James Cartwright,

Matthew Stone is more than just an artist, he’s a shaman, a tour de force, a happening and something of a legend. Or so reads his artists bio. Matthew has created a cult status for himself in London since graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 2004 with a degree in painting. But make no mistake, he’s not really a painter. Between 2005 and 2008 Matthew spearheaded the South London arts collective ! WOWOW !, running riot across the capital with a barrage of squat parties, gallery shows and performances, provoking the interests of Dazed and Confused and i-D; the poster boy for London’s art scene.

All this myth and legend would be hard to swallow were it not for the fact that Matthew was and is an incredibly talented artist. His latest two shows subvert and experiment with classical traditions in the representation of the human body; Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love by replacing the archetypes of traditional nude portraiture with powerfully masculine subjects and Love Focused Like A Lazer by using progressive and experimental image-making techniques to render scenes that bear a striking resemblance to renaissance marble sculptures.

  • Phase-change-flash_2012_photoprintonbeechwalnutveneermdf

    Matthew Stone: Phase Change Flash

  • Stormlike-grandeur_2012_photoprintonbeechwalnutveneermdf

    Matthew Stone: Stormlike Grandeur

  • Where-the-movements-came-from_2012_photoprintonbeechwalnutveneermdf

    Matthew Stone: Where the Movements Came From

  • The-co-existence-of-the-spiritual-world-and-the-world-of-the-senses_2012_photoprintonoakwalnutveneermdf

    Matthew Stone: The Co-Existence of the Spiritual World and the World of the Senses

  • Omnilove_2012_photoprintonbeechwalnutveneermdf

    Matthew Stone" Omnilove

  • Simultaneous_tones_2012_gicleeprintlowres

    Matthew Stone: Simultaneous Tones

  • Unconditionalcommitmenttosacredlove_2012_gicleeprint

    Matthew Stone: Unconditional Commitment To Sacred Love

  • You_dont_have_to_bend_the_whole_world_2012_gicleeprintlowres

    Matthew Stone: You Don’t Have to Bend the Whole World


Posted by James Cartwright

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