• Installation-view_-rebecca-ward_-stella-mccartney_-new-york-2012_-courtesy-the-artist_-artnesia-and-ronchini-gallery

    Rebecca Ward: Stella McCartney New York, 2012 (Courtesy the artist/Artnesia/The Ronchini Gallery)

Loving Brooklyn artist Rebecca Ward's powerful and meticulous tape installations

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I’m a sucker for a good exhibition name. On those days when I am inundated with press releases a funny, unusual or surprising show title is often enough to secure a second look. Rebecca Ward is a Texas-bron, Brookly-based artist with an upcoming show at London’s Ronchini Gallery, with the wonderful title cow tipping. And boy am I glad I delved a little deeper, as Rebecca’s work is really interesting. Her Arte Povera-referencing painting, is great but it was these tape installations that particularly caught my eye – meticulous, ambitious and powerful in whichever space she takes them over with. If her previous portfolio is anything to go by, the London show is sure to offer some eye-catching explorations of space and colour and Rebecca has also made some works in the former atelier of Alighiero Boetti in Italy’s ravishingly beautiful Umbria region,which will go on show in Todi later this year.

cow tipping runs from April 12 to May 18 at The Ronchini Gallery.

  • Installation-view_-rebecca-ward_-split-end_-2012_-post-op_-mixed-greens_-new-york_-courtesy-the-artist_-ronchini-gallery-_-artnesia.-photo-etienne-frossard

    Rebecca Ward: Split End (Courtesy the artist/Artnesia/The Ronchini Gallery) Photo: Etienne Frossard

  • Installation-view_-rebecca-ward_-split-end_-2012_-post-op_-mixed-greens_-new-york_-courtesy-the-artist_-ronchini-gallery-_-artnesia.-photo-etienne-frossard.

    Rebecca Ward: Split End (Courtesy the artist/Artnesia/The Ronchini Gallery) Photo: Etienne Frossard

  • Installation-view_-rebecca-ward_-design-trust-for-public-space_-center-548_-new-york-2011_-courtesy-the-artist_-artnesia-and-ronchini-gallery

    Rebecca Ward: Design Trust For Public Space Center (Courtesy the artist/Artnesia/The Ronchini Gallery)

  • Screen-shot-2013-04-02-at-10.46.31

    Rebecca Ward: Thickly Sliced, Raleigh New York

  • Installation-view_-rebecca-ward-shown-alongside-alighiero-boetti_

    Rebecca Ward: Installation view Alghiero Boetti

  • Screen-shot-2013-04-02-at-10.47.51

    Rebecca Ward: Tape 3, University of Texas

  • Screen-shot-2013-04-02-at-10.47.41

    Rebecca Ward: Tape 3, University of Texas


Posted by Rob Alderson

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