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The Weekender: Get the squirty cream out, it's our weekly supplement of art, design and nonsense

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Here we are! The luscious weekend! The second in a long, long year of toil and strife. If you think about the year as a long weekend, then January is basically Saturday morning. You know what that means as well, coffee in bed and bacon every meal until Sunday (or mid-June, in this game). Hoozah!

Six articles you should have squirted all over your hotdog of the week

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    Emily Stein’s bubblegum portraits

6. I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy poster design?

Especially these incredible ones by design master Tom Eckersley.

5. American pet shows photographed by Amy Lombard

We all knew pet shows were weird, but these photos are really weird. As Maisie put it, Toddlers in Tiaras but with animals.

4. Photos of kids blowing bubbles in their gum

Emily Stein’s other photo projects are great as well, but this one really tickled us.

3. You can’t go wrong with a bit of synchronised swimming

Especially when that’s the main theme of a music video for Bombay Bicycle Club’s new track.

2. A new Guardian advert that’s got everyone smiling

One dad goes from normal to absolutely mental in this hilarious advert by BBH. SHED’S ON FIRE!

1. Portraits of smiley bus drivers, anyone?

I mean sure it’s like living in a dream world, but let’s play out this happy fantasy for just a little bit more.

The It's Nice That Friday Mixtape

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    Image taken from Becky and Joe’s Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2

Earlier in the week we asked you to submit your artwork for a chance to be involved in the wonderful Secret 7" project which for the past two years has taken some of the world’s best songs and asked people to design record sleeves for specially printed vinyl in aid of War Child. If you haven’t entered yet, do it now. If you already have then sit back and press play on this fantastic mixtape curated by the man behind Secret 7" himself, Kevin King. This mixtape is a selection of songs that Kevin would like to give the Secret 7" treatment to in the future. Go on, Kev! Go onnnnnnn.


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    This Week’s Things

This week’s Things encompasses mountain ranges, magnificently theatrical gas, gig posters, album artwork, cool colourful photography and the most charming travel planner to ever try to organise our lives around. Don’t be shy!

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    SAVWO: Album Artwork and Posters

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    SAVWO: Album Artwork and Posters

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    SAVWO: Album Artwork and Posters

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    SAVWO: Album Artwork and Posters

SAVWO: Album Artwork and Posters

In spite of the walls being covered with all the images we can lay our hands on (quite a lot) and an entire universe of post-it notes, the It’s Nice That HQ doesn’t really lend itself to mascots. That is, however, until the mysteriously-named SAVWO sent in a green print of a happy looking dog, which is now perched contentedly behind Editor-in-Chief Rob Alderson’s desk, wearing a gold tinsel halo. Yes.

Evidently we decided we needed to know more about the elusive creator responsible for this work of art; presenting to you, then, album artwork and gig posters by the fair hand of the very same John Powell-Jones, illustrator, print-maker and fine artist extraordinaire. Nice, innit?

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    David Boyson Cooper: Climb Every Mountain

  • Mountain-1

    David Boyson Cooper: Climb Every Mountain

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    David Boyson Cooper: Climb Every Mountain

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    David Boyson Cooper: Climb Every Mountain

David Boyson Cooper: Climb Every Mountain

Mountain photography is an excellent photographic genre, isn’t it? David Boyson Cooper is taking it to the brink (sorry) with this publication, which was made as part of a workshop for the Independent Photography Festival in Melbourne, Australia. The book compiles a collection of beautiful images taken on or around jaw-droppingly mountainous impressive landscapes, and also features an excellent essay by Max Olijnyk entitled “The Longest and the Loudest” about the most impressive burps and farts he has ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Magnificent.

  • Zeit-1

    Zeit Magazin: The International Issue #1

  • Zeit-2

    Zeit Magazin: The International Issue #1

  • Zeit-3

    Zeit Magazin: The International Issue #1

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    Zeit Magazin: The International Issue #1

Zeit Magazin The International Issue: #1

Okay, so we may be a little bit late on this one, but we’re happy to admit that the International Issue of the brilliant Zeit Magazin is an exciting enough event for us to forgo the usual rule of sticking to brand new of the moment stuff and talk about this publication, which came out very late last year. Hearing more and more that editorial staff from the excellent magazine “wished they could read” the photography-led pages, Time decided it was high time (teehee) that an English “best-of” version make its was to us non-German speakers, too. And here it is, suitably glossy and full to the brim of all the excellent stuff which has graced the pages of it German counterpart of the last few weeks. What a fantastic idea!

  • Ohne

    Sebastian Haslauer: Ohne Ende

  • Ohne-2

    Sebastian Haslauer: Ohne Ende

  • Ohne-3

    Sebastian Haslauer: Ohne Ende

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    Sebastian Haslauer: Ohne Ende

Sebastian Haslauer: Ohne Ende

“Greetings Earthlings, my name is Sebastian Haslauer and I am an artist living in the land of fantasy.” So proclaims the info section of Sebastian’s website, and that’s more or less what I can discover about the creator behind the excellent Ohne Ende, a giant magazine-come-exhibition catalogue full to the brim with paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures. Anyway, it’s colourful and we love the pictures, and for more info (in German) you can click here!

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    Whimsical Agnesiga: Travel Planner, 2014

  • Whimsical-2

    Whimsical Agnesiga: Travel Planner, 2014

  • Whimsical-3

    Whimsical Agnesiga: Travel Planner, 2014

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    Whimsical Agnesiga: Travel Planner, 2014

Whimsical Agnesiga: Travel Planner, 2014

This might just be the sweetest damn travel guide we ever did see. Colourfully-dressed Latvian blogger Agnese Klein chose the destinations covered by travelling to all of the places where her friends were – and those places were London, Paris, Tulum and Kyoto, the lucky devil. On her return she has compiled all the tips she received into a handy week-by-week guide with removable postcards, space for notes and tips and most important, loads of nice pictures.

The Weekender

Tweet of the Week

Best happy birthday song ever of the week

Unless of course you don’t like Neil Young or Willie Nelson. But then if you don’t then I’m not sure we can hang out anymore.

“Go on, let’s have a BuzzFeed list” of the week

It’s a really good one. It shows you how plants grow out of the ground. WTF pineapples?!

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The Simpsons anime special of the week

Woo! It’s got a tonne of Studio Ghibli references in there too! Whoever said the new issues were rubbish…

Terrifying internet warning video for kids of the week

Best advice you’ll ever get of the week

And it’s all in one handy list. Seriously, this guy knows what he’s talking about!

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Small island that will blow your MIND of the week

I never thought geography could be so unbelievably satisfying!

Ducks with cold feet of the week

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    Earlier this week it was National Hot Dog Day, next week is National Salad Week and apparently in America the whole of July is National Ice Cream Month. Known for having a balanced and nutritious diet the Weekender is taking part in all of these food-related celebrations with gusto. A garden salad has accompanied every mustard drenched hotdog and a classic fruit cocktail has sat atop each trendy pot of artisan gelato. But it’s time for the Weekender to undo its top button and let the belly of art and design flop over the denim waistband of the creative industries. Enjoy!

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    It’s small, it’s wearing a shawl, it’s ready for a brawl – welcome to the Weekender, our weekly supplement of all the best stuff we’ve come across this week. Ready to see you through the weekend like an over-zealous, elderly tour-guide.

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    Every year Wimbledon brings out the competitive side in the Weekender. There’s no humble nodding when there’s a bad serve, or quiet screech into the sweat towel when a point is lost. It’s full on racket-wrangling, ball-bouncing, giant-grunting when the Weekender is on centre court. But if you’d rather have a mellower Wimbledon final this weekend grab a jug of pimms, fill your gob with strawberries and read a friendly rally between art and design.

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    Scorchio!” is the word of the week for the Weekender. It’s been a joy to have the sun beaming down on us so perpetually, and to avoid wishing that heat away the Weekender is adopting a sensible summer regimen to get through it. This includes a daily dose of ice cream of your choice, the right to say “God it’s hot!” up to eight times a day and a uniform of loose-fitting bits of material that we can get away with calling “clothes.” If you want the same prescription as the Weekender read on ahead and come see us after – we’ll be melting in the park dreaming of paddling pools.

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    If the Weekender was to create a soundtrack it wouldn’t have any of those cool jams the kids listen to these days. It would be filled with the songs and artists that remind us of a time when you had to ring someone’s house phone to talk to them. With bangerz from Craig David, Blazin’ Squad and Billie Piper, it would be like an old episode of Top of the Pops, and then we’d all go out for a Pizza Hut buffet. So while the Weekender drifts off into a carb-fuelled, cheese-laden food coma, have a little peek at what we’ve been seeing and reading this week.

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    If the Weekender were to contribute to the “lonely hearts” column in a crumpled, thoroughly thumbed tabloid, it would probably read “fun-loving, outgoing, heavily bearded older guy, WLTM likeminded pals for weird GIF exchanges, bad jokes, all-you-can-drink Bloody Mary brunches and all that accompanies them.” If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you’re in the wrong place. Enjoy!

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    The only event the Weekender is interested in this weekend is the Queen’s birthday. Yes it’s our Majesty’s official birthday this Saturday and as well as the standard parade, the Weekender has been invited to the saucy after-party to tear it up Windsor-style with the Royals. Champagne and strawberries will flow, everyone will do the cancan and the morning-after fry-up will be delicious. So consider this edition of the Weekender as the warm-up, the canapé to the main dinner party if you will.

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    Oh weekend, how you bewitch us with your siren song. Those two days of utter bliss, where we brunch together and laugh lazily while watching the clouds go by. But lately weekend, you’ve not been your sweetest. You get ratty when we don’t “favourite” what you’ve tweeted, shrug when we ask your opinion and you insist on talking about the Sundays you’ve spent with other people. Enter the Weekender, the relationship equivalent of getting a puppy to pave over the cracks. Excitable, distracting and full of unconditional love, we’re buying a lead and taking the Weekender for a walk on this humid afternoon. Join us, won’t you?

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    Back in the mists of the pre-internet era, the end of the week was a somewhat muted affair. Brunches went un-Instagrammed, plans could be boasted about only to a select few and everyone just had to do what was directly in front of them rather than tracking down an exciting pop-up yak milk yurt in deepest Clapton. But no more – the weekend is now in our hands and this very weekly round-up is proof that there’s a new world order. Bend your knee yeah, it’s The Weekender…

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    It’s Bank Holiday weekend and one of our favourite things to do is bake up a buttery storm and shove cakes into our loved ones’ pie-holes. To bake the perfect Weekender, the recipe is simple; three cups of amazing work, two cups of creative sweetener and one cup of Friday excitement, finished off with a dusting of whimsy from the world wide web. Bake for one hour at gas mark fun-time and you’ve got yourself a wholesome, well-risen Weekender cake. So indulge and cut yourselves a sexy slice because the Weekender is BIG on taste but LIGHT in calories!

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    This week has been a whirlwind, one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. It’s an emotional weather-coaster as they say. BUT fear not, because the one thing that will never let you down is the Weekender. That’s right, no matter what, we’ll be there. Huzzah! So pop on your comfiest trousers and crack open the beers, it’s Friday and it’s time for The Weekender.

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    Over the years The Weekender has brought you the full range of emotions; joy, heartache, anger and sadness, but most of all just good old-fashioned hilarity. This week is no exception, filled to the brim with political outrage, religious fervour, psychedelic adventure and rugs – lots of rugs. Don’t say we don’t ever do anything for you, we’re giving you the best gift of all!

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    My, what a week it’s been. We’re all tuckered out after celebrating the launch of Printed Pages last night. But you know what, just for you, we’ll muster up the rest of our diminishing will to keep on typing to present this week’s edition of the Weekender, because we’re so nice, and because it makes us feel just that little bit closer to Saturday. And of course, to all of you. So here’s all the art and design bits and bobs you could possibly want for your two days of freedom.