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It always seems to be Friday, doesn’t it? What’s that sound? Hm? Oh, that’s just the sound of your life rushing past before your eyes. No you can’t have another one. Why not, you ask? Because life isn’t fair. It isn’t long either, this train ride’s going to be up before you know it. So sit back, buy an overpriced coffee and put your feet on the seat in front (naughty). We’ve got some things we want to show you…

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    Oh hellew

Six little golden nuggets from the site this week

6. Some lovely bowls. Oh wait, those are speakers!

Gosh that’s clever. Hat’s off to Particules for designing these babies.

5. Papier mache animation of a drug lord, anyone?

It’s weird how this kind of stuff just appeals to us so much. Definitely worth a watch.

4. That house is floating! Oh wait no it’s not.

Yep, illusion artist Leandro Erlich is back and he’s tearing up French houses and putting them in the sky. Natch.

3. Anyone fancy a dance?

You wil after you see this new video from Basement Jaxx, why don’t all music videos just have dancing in them? It’s not hard.

2. Babe alert! And these babes love BOOKS!

Thanks to the Gothamist blog for capturing all the cutest bookworms at the NY Art Book Fair.

1. And finally, this boy drew loads of photos of his parents in the 70s

I hope these very cool parents are proud of their son, because this project is ace.

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If you were in the It’s Nice That studio right now you’d be sitting chocolate stuffed, faced dusted in icing sugar from the far too many Jelly Babies you’d eaten probably a bit grossed out on glucose like us. But, as you cannot be, we thought we’d spread the sugar wide in the form of this weeks Things. Tasty treats all round.

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    Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

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    Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

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    Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

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    Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

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    Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

Vice Magazine: The Guccione Archives Issue

Oh Vice we know you well with all your trendily-dressed, raunchily posed glossy looking people. And we’ve enjoyed your company, happy that you are filling that transgressional new-mag space, a go-to for a quick fashion fix to double check Vans are still cool. Yes they are. But then you did this. Dedicated an entire edition to Bob Guccione, the man that made Penthouse happen. And it’s a treasure trove, an entire archive of letters, biographies, old Penthouse girls and so much more, all printed full bleed and nice and glossy. What a treat. You have outdone yourself Vice.


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    A Cycling Lexicon: Phil Carter and Jeff Conner

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    A Cycling Lexicon: Phil Carter and Jeff Conner

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    A Cycling Lexicon: Phil Carter and Jeff Conner

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    A Cycling Lexicon: Phil Carter and Jeff Conner

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    A Cycling Lexicon: Phil Carter and Jeff Conner

A Cycling Lexicon

Cycling boffs and vintage bike admirers look this way for before me here is the lexicon of all lexicons for the bike part collector. Within the covers of this little gem of a pocket sized book is a compendium of bicycle headbands across the years, famous and not so famous. It’s sort of like the cyclists’ version of stamp collecting really, done for you and then stuck within a beautiful perfect bound book. Could it get any better?


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    John Cei Douglas: Comics

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    John Cei Douglas: Comics

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    John Cei Douglas: Comics

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    John Cei Douglas: Comics

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    John Cei Douglas: Comics

John Cei Douglas: Comics

Teenage heartache, ahh the memories. Thank god we all eventually come of age and can one day look back, relieved that we’ll never feeling that torment again. Sound convincing? Well, whether we ever move on or not, it’s fun to pretend and then indulge in the sheer romanticism of other’s love affairs. And illustrator John Cei Douglas has given us another vice. His brilliant comics that arrived this week speak great words – ‘show me the map to your heart’ they say, so we do. Embrace the cliche!


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    Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

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    Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

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    Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

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    Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

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    Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

Stephanie Specht: Portfolio

Ok, you all know we get giddy over great graphic design – unintentional tongue twister there – and their snazzy websites. But sometimes they are a pain to navigate and well, we love a good portfolio. So graphic designer Stephanie Specht one our hearts this week with her delicately bound portfolio of work that not only boasted the strength of her designs within but also in it’s own formatting. Check her website out. It’s just as smart. But this is legendary. A brilliant idea for such beautifully composed work.


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    Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

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    Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

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    Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

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    Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

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    Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

Buffalo Zine: Street style magazine

Interviews with bands, underground street fashion, polaroid pictures and a cover shot of Chloë Sevigny, could you make a better package to win our hearts with zine makers? Buffalo Zine arrived, elastic band bound with two editions absolutely rammed with fascinating material. We love the cheeky love letters, the “Real Story”, the “intentionally a bit ramshackled but oh so well printed” appearance and it’s lack of modesty. Let’s just say there are plenty of bum flashes. We can’t wait to see what will come next.


The Weekender

Tweet of the Week:

Lip Syncing video of the week

Stephen Merchant, you are my world. And boy, can you dance!. Impossible skateboard GIF of the week

Impossible skateboard GIF of the week

Just try and count how many times you watch this

Creepy American talent show girl of the week

Something very Donnie Darko about this exuberant little money spinner

Good looking, bearded men of the week

All collated in one drool-worthy blog. Note the “submit” section.

How David Lynch’s hairstyle reflects all art ever made of the week

Told you.

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    Mr Quiffy

Best Slip n Slide party EVER of the week

Terrifying. Terrifyingly FUN that is. Kudos to whoever dedicated a long time designing and making that.

Terrifying children’s advert from the olden days of the week

Genuinely disturbing. No more needs to be said. Watch.

Bye everyone! Happy weekend!


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    Back in the mists of the pre-internet era, the end of the week was a somewhat muted affair. Brunches went un-Instagrammed, plans could be boasted about only to a select few and everyone just had to do what was directly in front of them rather than tracking down an exciting pop-up yak milk yurt in deepest Clapton. But no more – the weekend is now in our hands and this very weekly round-up is proof that there’s a new world order. Bend your knee yeah, it’s The Weekender…

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    It’s Bank Holiday weekend and one of our favourite things to do is bake up a buttery storm and shove cakes into our loved ones’ pie-holes. To bake the perfect Weekender, the recipe is simple; three cups of amazing work, two cups of creative sweetener and one cup of Friday excitement, finished off with a dusting of whimsy from the world wide web. Bake for one hour at gas mark fun-time and you’ve got yourself a wholesome, well-risen Weekender cake. So indulge and cut yourselves a sexy slice because the Weekender is BIG on taste but LIGHT in calories!

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    This week has been a whirlwind, one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. It’s an emotional weather-coaster as they say. BUT fear not, because the one thing that will never let you down is the Weekender. That’s right, no matter what, we’ll be there. Huzzah! So pop on your comfiest trousers and crack open the beers, it’s Friday and it’s time for The Weekender.

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    Over the years The Weekender has brought you the full range of emotions; joy, heartache, anger and sadness, but most of all just good old-fashioned hilarity. This week is no exception, filled to the brim with political outrage, religious fervour, psychedelic adventure and rugs – lots of rugs. Don’t say we don’t ever do anything for you, we’re giving you the best gift of all!

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    My, what a week it’s been. We’re all tuckered out after celebrating the launch of Printed Pages last night. But you know what, just for you, we’ll muster up the rest of our diminishing will to keep on typing to present this week’s edition of the Weekender, because we’re so nice, and because it makes us feel just that little bit closer to Saturday. And of course, to all of you. So here’s all the art and design bits and bobs you could possibly want for your two days of freedom.

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    If you thought that marginally overweight bloke in swimming trunks snoozing on the beach was at the top of the Weekender for entirely arbitrary reasons this week then you thought WRONG, my friend! In fact he is the star of one of the two covers shot by Tadao Cern for the new issue of Printed Pages, which is now available for pre-order, with the first 500 orders also receiving an exclusive print from designer Alan Fletcher’s archive. That is correct. What are you waiting for? Onwards, to the Weekender!

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    Some Fridays drift into the abyss of the weekend with gradual abandon; other pivot off that 5pm blue touchpaper and fire off into the freedom of two sweet nectary days. This week is the former – maybe it’s the sunshine here in London – but we feel we’ve arrived here on the cusp of nothing rested, ready and raring to go. Sound. Those. Trumpets.

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    We get excited about the two days off a traditional weekend brings, so with double the time off we’re doubly excited. But why just use that extra time to eat Transformers easter eggs and watch Netflix in your pants when you can be catching up on all the art and design news from the week? You can even do that while you’re in your pants, eating a Transofrmer easter egg, if you want. So no excuses, dive head-first into the gooey sugary centre of fun, The Weekender!

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    If you like art, music, design, illustration, photography or animation you’re not even ready for the bulk of it that’s abut to land on your computer screen like a wet fish onto a ship deck. Are you? You are? Right then. Here it is.