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The Weekender: Clap your hands and spin around it's the weekly nonsense update!

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I’m doing a dance but you can’t see it so you’ll need to imagine it. It’s a special friday Weekender celebratory dance. Imagine a cross between a dirty Tango and a stadium-tour-choreographed pop medley. That’s the one! It’s fun, no? So why not join in with your own little fandango, and believe (TESTIFY!) that we are so ruddy ready for a Friday. Let’s do this.

Six Articles You Really SHOULD Have Read This Week

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    Nir Arieli: Men

6. Fire fire the fair’s on fire!

Canadian painter Caroline Larsen creates mindboggling pictures which look like tapestries and depict burning vehicles. We don’t know why either but we blooming love them.

5. Top Doig returns to his homeland

The Peter Doig show in Edinburgh is a real visual treat which left our reviewer fairly bowled over by its brilliance. Read why here.

4. The types they are a’changing

Interesting to see the redesign of Wallpaper* magazine overseen by new creative director Sarah Douglas, complete with two brand new typefaces.

3. Guess who’s Pat, Pat again?

That’s right, it’s former It’s Nice That Graduate Pat Bradbury who is tickling our funny bones with a host of ace new updates.

2. We go together like rama lama lama, ke ding a de ding a a dong

Charles Schulz’ Peanuts + Smiths lyrics? It’ll never work. Ha take THIS naysayers!

1. Come swoon with us, come swoon, we’ll swoon away

Nir Arieli’s photographs are an absolute treat and, for a refreshing change, this time it’s all about the boys…


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    This weeks Things

Public displays of bucking bronco-ing, a year in the life of a zine, swanky London design spots, back-pocket sized books of New York writing and a what’s hot guide to the Edinburgh Festival. Sound like a rather tasty week of post? We think so. Tuck into this week’s Things.

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    Eleni Kalorkoti: Zine Project

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    Eleni Kalorkoti: Zine Project

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    Eleni Kalorkoti: Zine Project

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    Eleni Kalorkoti: Zine Project

Eleni Kalorkoti: Zine Project

Illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti has set out on an ambitious project to create a zine a month, every month for the whole of 2013. Only January to June arrived so far but we are already sold. Beautiful screen printed images of people in cities, cars, train stations and theatres; a sense of travelling and we are more than willing to join the ride.

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Ever thought a llama would make a good cowboy ride? How about a bull, a sheep or even a moose? Non? Nor did we until this rather wonderful publication from Sometimes Always appeared on our doorstep stuffed cover to cover with hilarious images of men riding animal monuments, public fountains and even garden features – all animal shaped – and the majority equipped with novelty hat or a jazzy tourist tee, so now we are thinking we might have to rethink the whole thing.

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    Max Fraser: London Design Guide 2014-2015

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    Max Fraser: London Design Guide 2014-2015

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    Max Fraser: London Design Guide 2014-2015

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    Max Fraser: London Design Guide 2014-2015

Max Fraser: London Design Guide 2014-2015

Ah that delicious smell of print paper hot of the press as it falls from the pages of the new, third and totally updated edition of the London Design Guide 2014-2015. And you get it all – maps, interviews and shops covering everything from furniture to ceramics to lighting to tableware. Though only halfway through 2013, it is fair to say this guide proves that the city will be looking pretty fine over next couple of years.

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    Tim Clark and Andrew Mickel: Secret Edinburgh

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    Tim Clark and Andrew Mickel: Secret Edinburgh

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    Tim Clark and Andrew Mickel: Secret Edinburgh

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    Tim Clark and Andrew Mickel: Secret Edinburgh

Tim Clark and Andrew Mickel: Secret Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has a habit of being simultaneously quite brilliant and utterly baffling. The problem comes in knowing where to start, but the guys behind comedy website Such Small Portions have gone to the very people who should know – the comics who traipse up to the Scottish capital every summer to make merry. From cafes to kebabs, scenic spots to nightspots this is an invaluable and very readable guide to the city relevant all year round, and it’s a smart looking thing to boot.

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    Kristen Felicetti: The Bushwick Review

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    Kristen Felicetti: The Bushwick Review

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    Kristen Felicetti: The Bushwick Review

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    Kristen Felicetti: The Bushwick Review

Kristen Felicetti: The Bushwick Review

What other literary art publication arrives with its own wall adornment/absorbency placemat? None spring to mind. Designed to fit in the back pocket, this snappy publication sent straight from the heart of Bushwick, New York brings together a whole heap of brilliant writers, printers, photographers and illustrators’ curious thinkings. There’s some pretty great experimental writing and to top it all off, a wicked piece about tongues. What more could you want?

The Weekender

Tweet of the Week

Video of the YEAR

You’ve all seen it, you’ve all shared it, you’ve all impersonated it on an answering phone at 2am, so let’s watch it again.

50 Stars Without make-up of the week

Not what you think, this is just a really, really great poem that you’ve got to read.

Zelda Ocarina of Time completed in 22 minutes of the week

He kind of cheats, but it’s worth watching even if it’s just for soaking up the atmosphere in that room.

Tearjerker of the week

“Two women, who have been pen pals for 74 years, meet for the first time at the Corpus Christi International Airport in Texas.” I WASN’T READY FOR THIS LEVEL OF EMOTION ON A FRIDAY.

Happy dogs of the week

And they’re off to outer space together. How lovely.

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    Not that you need to be quiet for this showstopper; if the Weekender was a film, it’d most likely be the grotesque, just-about-legal but nonetheless strange story of a desert island. It’s lorded over by a tyrannical prince clad from head to toe in purple velvet who was incapable of walking three steps without doing the Macarena. He wouldn’t be the only weirdo on the island though, no sir; he’d be accompanied at all times by an a cappella choir of singing and dancing monkeys who happily joined him in his choreography.

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    Ladies and gentlemen of the world, today our fair isle (Great Britain) is experiencing a HEATWAVE. It’s the prime annual opportunity for us to embody every stereotype better nations have about us; that we drink too much beer (true), that we don’t wear enough clothes (also often true) and that we get burnt at the merest glimpse of the sun (see above.) Whether you’re joining us in partaking in all of the above over a slightly too competitive game of rounders and potentially a BBQ’d sausage, we wish you the best fun. If you’re sitting in a deck chair watching disapprovingly over us, we’re cool with that too. Either way, have THE BEST WEEKEND. Here’s some stuff we liek to get you started.

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    Guess what? It’s your favourite time of week again! It’s time for delicious big breakfasts at your local greasy spoon before a hungover marathon run of The Good Wife. It’s time for sitting on rooftops drinking strawberry flavoured cider and swapping silly stories with your friends. It’s time for doing your washing and having picnics in the park, and it’s time, of course, for this week’s fantastic instalment of the It’s Nice That Weekender. Enjoy!

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    HELLO FRIENDS! Welcome to the weekend, the two days a week you get to reflect on your busy, expensive, boring life, and then numbing it with booze and barbecues. Hey that sounded pretty pessimistic, I’m sorry. What I really meant was “OH SHIT IT’S THE WEEKEND!” It’s time to swim in a lido, call your best friend, watch Take Me Out in bed, play Candy Crush in a hammock, introduce your dog to your friend’s dog. You name it, it’s yours.

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    Hi gang! If you’re reading this you’re probably not at Glastonbury, and neither are we so that makes us friends. We’ve spent our weekend listening to Eminem with the air conditioning on, which is kind of like our own mini festival – right? We often wonder what everyone else listens to at work, as we usually go for a heady mix of Simon and Garfunkel, Rihanna and that Bill Wyman song about him seducing a much younger woman. If you have any suggestions of what else we can listen to, or what you tend to listen to as you punch an Apple keyboard with the blunt ends of your fingertips for money, get in touch.

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    If I could, I’d don a sparkly, silver cape and a severe black bob wig while gazing into a crystal ball à la Mystic Meg to envision what all of you lot are going to get up to this weekend. I like to think I’d spot all manner of illicit affairs, summer solstice-inspired weirdness and wild, finger-forsaking parties.

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    What’s happened today, you ask? Well, a live quail chick has hatched from what was thought to be a chicken’s egg, a Kim Kardashian lookalike has taken over as head of a Mexican drug cartel, a poodle wore trainers and, oh yeah, we brought you our weekly fun-package, the Weekender, with a montage of Leo DiCaprio freaking out and an Mmmbop reference. Life’s just like that though, isn’t it? You’ve got to take the highs with the lows. Can’t you tell me who will still care? No you can’t, ‘cause you don’t know. Yes, let’s get on with it, shall we.

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    Know what the best thing about Fridays is? For the next two days, there’s absolutely no telling what could happen. Unleashed from the shackles of your desk like a tiny young butterfly thrust forth from the loins of its cocoon, there’s as much likelihood that you’re going to hop into your souped-up jeep and bounce your way around your hometown in time to a Nicki Minaj song as there is that you’ll end up stuck at home on Saturday night eating shepherds’ pie with your nan and her next-door neighbour Dorothy. Anything could happen, and we’re here to help you embrace the magic. Whether your fate be in the jeep or the shepherds’ pie, let the Weekender take you there.

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    Hello and welcome, and what a fun week it has been. In the It’s Nice That offices we’ve mainly been eating caramel shortbread, watching goslings eat flowers, drawing pictures for the guy in the cafe down the road and making fun of Printed Pages editor James Cartwright for how he used to be a goth. THEN we found out that it was World Goth Day on Thursday!!! Can you imagine our glee. And so, this week’s Weekender is now 100% goth-themed. Apart from the bits you might have missed, they’re just normal.

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    If Monday afternoons are the squashed spam sandwiches that your mum tucks into your lunchbox and that you physically retch while trying to swallow, then Friday afternoons are the fish and chips that you will continue to eat until the whole damn bag is empty, and you won’t stop short of licking the greasy paper from. (Still with me?)

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    Let me set the scene for you. It’s the summer of 2003, you’re sat out in the park with a WKD blue, your mates are absent-mindedly kicking a ball around and you’re trying to hide the spare cardi that your mum thrust at you before leaving the house in a conveniently-placed nearby bush. It’s not even that cold, anyway. You’re listening to this absolute banger of a song. Altogether now: “So baby gimme that toot toot, lemme give you that beep beep…” Welcome to the Weekender.

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    Welcome, weekenders! What are you doing this time? Going for a nice drive? Going to museums? Or just doing absolutely nothing? If it’s the latter, we’ve prepared a real feast for you below, with video clips and nice articles to get you through the weekend. So get into bed with a bottle of wine, get your laptop on your chest and enjoy this week’s Weekender.

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    You know how eating a pile of fish and chips makes you feel like if someone pushed you over and you fell on a puddle you’d drown? Or how watching scary films makes you feel like you can’t go upstairs? Or gossiping behind someone’s back is really mean but really fun? Well, the Weekender is there to make you feel warm. Not nice warm, uneasy warm. The warm you feel when you run for the bus in a polyester turtleneck, or the warm you feel when you arrive on said bus and sit on a seat to find yourself asking “Is this heated?”