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    Tim Lahan: Dangerous street food

Illustration: More (more!) great stuff from tireless illustrator Tim Lahan

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

It seems like only days since we last posted an update on Tim Lahan – does this man ever pause to sleep? It seems unlikely, not when there are aeroplanes to draw, giant burgers to colour in and stifled giggles to muster from even the most straight-faced of onlookers. Our pick of the New York-based illustrator and graphic designer’s newest work includes hilariously tongue-in-cheek illustrations for David Chang’s travel tips in Lucky Peach’s travel issue, artwork for a new T-shirt from The National and a collection of (conveniently fluorescent) illustrations about pollution in German magazine Neon. We challenge you not to smile.

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    Tim Lahan: Room service must-haves

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    Tim Lahan: Immigration screening horror stories

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    Tim Lahan: Lousy Italian food all over the world

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    Time Lahan: The National T-shirt

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    Tim Lahan: Neon magazine

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    Tim Lahan: Neon magazine

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    Tim Lahan: Neon magazine


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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