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Sophy Hollington: New York Times commission

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s only been a few short months since we featured Sophy Hollington as our Student of the Month, but in that time she’s been exceptionally busy. Having only just graduated from Camberwell College of Art you’d expect her to still be finding her feet in the commercial world, but she’s already taking big strides, recently completing a dream commission for the New York Times. We stopped by to see how things were going.

The New York Times is a great client for any illustrator to work with, how did the commission come about?

I just got an email out of the blue! Woke up with it in my inbox and pretty much wept with joy. 

What was the turnaround?

Quite quick. I had about two to three days to cut and print after doing a couple of roughs. Apparently they usually only give you about two days so I was pretty lucky! I think the art director took in to account that lino is a bit of a labour-intensive process and it had to be big too; 11.55 × 19 inches (don’t get me started on the imperial system…)

How did they find you?

She found me through It’s Nice That and saved my link in case something appropriate came up. Apparently she’d been looking for an excuse to use me for something.

What else is in the pipeline?

Right now I’m working on a piece for the new NoBrow publication themed around doppelgängers. I’m super excited about it: NoBrow can’t seem to do anything wrong and the spot colours they chose for this one are really tasty.

When will you be relocating to New York?

As soon as I save up enough dubloons to get me on the Queen Mary. 


Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our two editors. He oversees Printed Pages magazine and content wise has a special interest in graphic design and illustration. He also runs our online shop Company of Parrots and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.