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    “She asks me why, I’m just a hairy guy, I’m hairy noon and night, hell that’s a fright”


The Weekender: When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, we will dry them all

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Picture this. It’s Friday afternoon, you’re buried beneath the mountain of shredding and photocopying and proofreading and accounts that you have yet to get through before you can officially crack open the Bacardi Breezers and get the party started. The end of the week is the troubled water. Let the Weekender be your bridge. We’ll carry you through, just like Simon and Garfunkel, if Simon and Garfunkel spoke nonsense and sung all their songs through a mouthful of hula hoops and were obsessed with Youtube clips of animals falling off things. Are you ready?

Six geese a'laying from the site this week

  • Michal-1

    “You may well think we’re gazing seductively, but we’ve actually all frozen our tongues to these infernal ice lollies”

6. One man’s lifelong matchbook collection

As discovered in a trunk in the attic by his grandson. Lights my fire.

5. Research Centre Fabrica is a fairly intimidating company to arrive into

So it’s a ruddy good job they’ve made this nice book to help initiate new recruits, isn’t it?

4. Girls in matching outfits eating ice lollies and hanging out with dinosaurs

We’ve never wanted to be in a girlband more, and you and your irony-tinged photographs are to blame, Michal Pudelka.

3. What in God’s name do you mean you don’t have the new Printed Pages yet?

Because there’s nothing like a little indiscriminate blasphemy to launch our brand spanking new magazine!

2. We had a wee chat with Peter Saville at LDF

Oh, didn’t you know we were mates with Peter? Besties. Friends forever. IDST.

1. Jerry de Wilde shone a little sunshine into our gloomy lives

With his photographs of 1960s hippy festivals and an insight into his philosophy. New favourite human being ever birthed.


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    This week’s Things

Our letterbox has not stopped rattling with Things arriving at the It’s Nice That studio and so we must thank you, all of you lovely contributors, for making our increasingly autumnal days that little bit brighter. So, to spread the love a little, here are our favourites from the week for you all to swoon over. Prepare yourself, it’s a good one.

  • 2

    S&M and Ditto Press: Sha.man

  • 3

    S&M and Ditto Press: Sha.man

  • 4

    S&M and Ditto Press: Sha.man

  • 5

    S&M and Ditto Press: Sha.man

S&M and Ditto Press: Sha.man

Lithographed photographs of haunting landscapes presented full bleed within a beautifully produced publication and equipped with a record of ritualistic folk/tribal doom, mystical blues and unearthly soundscapes on clear vinyl. It sounds as incredible as it is. A collaboration between independent publishers Ditto Press and musicians S&M (Sanna Charles and Mark Wagner) produced for a week long exhibition, Sha.man is a very exciting venture into the record industry for Ditto Press and given the success of this, we hope that this is only the beginning.

  • 7

    John Lee Nelson: Stay Young Zine

  • 9

    John Lee Nelson: Stay Young Zine

  • 10

    John Lee Nelson: Stay Young Zine

  • 11

    John Lee Nelson: Stay Young Zine

Paul John Nelson: Stay Young Zine

Stay Young is not so young anymore as it ventures into its third issue but is just as brilliant. Presenting work from young, uber talented photographers with an eye for the curious from all over the world, each issue gets more fascinating, the photography increasingly ambitious. And the attention to print is a thing of beauty, with centre spreads devouring the page.

  • 12

    COMMISSION: Tote Bag

  • 13

    COMMISSION: Tote Bag

  • 14

    COMMISSION: Tote Bag

  • 16

    COMMISSION: Tote Bag


This simply gorgeous denim tote bag with a sneaky pocket on the front is a special treat from COMMISSION, the new London based design and branding consultancy led by creative directors David McFarline and Christopher Moorby. And let’s face it, you can’t beat a fancy tote bag especially one carry in its front pocket the message that “we believe every company has its own story to tell, that design can be the most powerful way to tell it, and that above all, everyone deserves good design.”

  • 17

    Studio Operative: Limner Journal

  • 18

    Studio Operative: Limner Journal

  • 19

    Studio Operative: Limner Journal

  • 21

    Studio Operative: Limner Journal

Studio Operative: Limner Journal

Masters of the heart-racingly beautiful, full-bleed illustrated publication, Limner Journal is back with its third edition and, well, it just keeps getting better. Product of the independent publishing studio Studio Operative, as a critical journal, Limner’s aim is to “provide a platform for the exploration, critique and contextualisation of contemporary illustration.” I think we can all agree that it does this spectacularly.

  • 24

    Ricardo Nava: Olivier

  • 25

    Ricardo Nava: Olivier

  • 27

    Ricardo Nava: Olivier

  • 29

    Ricardo Nava: Olivier

Ricardo Nava: Olivier

I’m sure you know all too well just how much we love interesting photography projects with animals, and photographer Riccardo Nava’s publication Olivier is just that. Reminiscent of one of our favourites Erik Kessels, this glossy number presents the found photographs from an avid dog lover. It’s a publication of pot luck really, the photos having been found in Mauerpark flea market in Berlin, it was a lucky find for Riccardo, an offering of one human’s dog love to another’s fascination with the curious collections of others.

The Weekender

Acapella Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody explaining quantum physics of the week

Hilarious, and at eight minutes long it basically counts as a science lesson! You can thank us later.

Blinged up skeletons of the week

Because being dead is no excuse for being underdressed, folks.

Nipples of the week

No explanation necessary. Click away, my pretties!

Perfectly cooked bacon to make you dribble all down your chin of the week

It’s bacon, made into bowls! And if that perfectly recorded crunch sound doesn’t have you surrendering to carnivorism then I don’t know what will.

Boozy feral pig stealing beer, getting drunk and starting a fight with a cow of the week.

Seriously, though! This is the kind of craziness that goes down on the regular in Australasia. Yeah, that continent!

Weirdest and possibly best music video ever of the week

In all seriousness, though – don’t foxes squeal? Isn’t that what the fox says?

Adorable orangutan wearing a jumper of the week

And would you look at that for a hairdo?

  • Orangutan

    Adios amigos!


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    Would you bloody well look at that? You thought Friday would never roll around again and yet here it is, like the cat that wanders home in the morning having spent the whole night in the cubby hole behind the garage getting chummy with next door’s Tabby, smug, self-satisfied and ready to sit in your lap and purr itself to sleep. These anthropomorphic days of the week, you never know what they’re going to turn up as. Here’s the Weekender.

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    Fun bus, you ask? Yes! The fun bus! Because it’s back-to-school week, and while that predominantly means potentially giving our shoes a polish for us non-attending folk we have been getting into the spirit of it by listening to this on repeat and raiding the stationery cupboard for some fancy new pens with which to draw all over our backpacks. School’s the bomb. Here’s some fun/ridiculous/entertaining stuff we found this week.

  3. Wemain

    If you’re reading this then you too survived last weekend’s bank holiday carnage and you’re here, raring and ready for another go! Without further ado then, welcome to our weekly endowment of fun and tomfoolery, soundtracked by this. Enjoy!

  4. Main9

    In London, the August bank holiday weekend is all about Notting Hill Carnival. Whether you’re staunchly refusing to go to it in favour of sitting at home in a grump, the first person to stick gold ostrich feathers to your best pants or already knocking back the “mix-them-in-your-mouth rum cocktails!” and having a bash on your steel pans in preparation (in which case you’re two full days early, chill out yeah?) we’re ready to get you started with our weekly instalment of tomfoolery. Crack right on!

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    If you’re old enough to remember Friday evening trips to Blockbuster with the babysitter (there was none of this Netflix malarkey for us 80s and 90s kids) you’ll remember the excitement of scanning the shelves, a bag of buttery popcorn and a bottle of coke bigger than your torso clutched in hand. Think of the Weekender as the equivalent of the wet-yourself-in-terror scary horror film that you managed to pass off in the Pingu video case; a bit unnecessary, occasionally hilarious but on the whole, entirely worth it. Here it is! Have a good’un.

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    As well as rounding up some of the best creative content on the site for you all week, we also like to send emails to each other with cool stuff we’ve found on ye olde internet. The Weekender is our hamper for you, a hamper of weird videos, funny pictures and cool articles. Basically anything that doesn’t quite fit under the umbrella of art and design. Enjoy.

  7. List

    If the weekend was a football team we’d dive headfirst onto the pitch dressed head to toe in spangly silver lycra and leg-warmers and bust out into a rousing chorus of chanting, interspersed with the odd Spice Girls lyric, to get the crowd good and warmed up ready for Friday’s giant victory. As it isn’t, we’re just going to crack open some beers and sip on them nonchalantly for the last, long half hour of the working day, wearing our usual, non-spangly attire, albeit feeling slightly more smug than we did yesterday afternoon. But, y’know, if you’re into dressing like a cheerleader, we can get behind that too. For you select few, get those pompoms good and spruced, it’s almost time!

  8. Weekender-list

    Not that you need to be quiet for this showstopper; if the Weekender was a film, it’d most likely be the grotesque, just-about-legal but nonetheless strange story of a desert island. It’s lorded over by a tyrannical prince clad from head to toe in purple velvet who was incapable of walking three steps without doing the Macarena. He wouldn’t be the only weirdo on the island though, no sir; he’d be accompanied at all times by an a cappella choir of singing and dancing monkeys who happily joined him in his choreography.

  9. Weekender-list

    Ladies and gentlemen of the world, today our fair isle (Great Britain) is experiencing a HEATWAVE. It’s the prime annual opportunity for us to embody every stereotype better nations have about us; that we drink too much beer (true), that we don’t wear enough clothes (also often true) and that we get burnt at the merest glimpse of the sun (see above.) Whether you’re joining us in partaking in all of the above over a slightly too competitive game of rounders and potentially a BBQ’d sausage, we wish you the best fun. If you’re sitting in a deck chair watching disapprovingly over us, we’re cool with that too. Either way, have THE BEST WEEKEND. Here’s some stuff we liek to get you started.

  10. Weekender-list

    Guess what? It’s your favourite time of week again! It’s time for delicious big breakfasts at your local greasy spoon before a hungover marathon run of The Good Wife. It’s time for sitting on rooftops drinking strawberry flavoured cider and swapping silly stories with your friends. It’s time for doing your washing and having picnics in the park, and it’s time, of course, for this week’s fantastic instalment of the It’s Nice That Weekender. Enjoy!

  11. Main

    HELLO FRIENDS! Welcome to the weekend, the two days a week you get to reflect on your busy, expensive, boring life, and then numbing it with booze and barbecues. Hey that sounded pretty pessimistic, I’m sorry. What I really meant was “OH SHIT IT’S THE WEEKEND!” It’s time to swim in a lido, call your best friend, watch Take Me Out in bed, play Candy Crush in a hammock, introduce your dog to your friend’s dog. You name it, it’s yours.

  12. Mainwe

    Hi gang! If you’re reading this you’re probably not at Glastonbury, and neither are we so that makes us friends. We’ve spent our weekend listening to Eminem with the air conditioning on, which is kind of like our own mini festival – right? We often wonder what everyone else listens to at work, as we usually go for a heady mix of Simon and Garfunkel, Rihanna and that Bill Wyman song about him seducing a much younger woman. If you have any suggestions of what else we can listen to, or what you tend to listen to as you punch an Apple keyboard with the blunt ends of your fingertips for money, get in touch.

  13. List

    If I could, I’d don a sparkly, silver cape and a severe black bob wig while gazing into a crystal ball à la Mystic Meg to envision what all of you lot are going to get up to this weekend. I like to think I’d spot all manner of illicit affairs, summer solstice-inspired weirdness and wild, finger-forsaking parties.