Will Hudson

Will founded It’s Nice That in 2007 and is now director of the company. Once one of the main contributors to the site he has stepped back from writing as the business has expanded. He is a regular guest on the Studio Audience podcast.

  1. Timbarber Photography Tim Barber
  2. Jenspraet Art Jens Praet: Inverso
  3. Thepool_0 Architecture The Pool
  4. Apc Film Petronio Associates: A.P.C.
  5. Esquire_0 Publication Esquire Redesigns
  6. Richardlong Art Richard Long
  7. Facialawareness2 Miscellaneous Facial Awareness
  8. Patriciaurquiola Film Patricia Urquiola
  9. Wallpaperhandmade Publication Wallpaper Handmade 2011
  10. Jullienvallee Illustration Julien Vallée: AOL
  11. Laurenceellis Photography Laurence Ellis
  12. Beer Product Design flickr: Beer!
  13. Kevincyr Exhibition Kevin Cyr: Home In The Weeds
  14. Amos Product Design Amos at KK Outlet
  15. Rapha2 Film Rapha: California
  16. Looseleaf_0 Publication Manual: Loose Leaf
  17. Stewdio Film Stewart Smith: Code Play
  18. Bingohatemail Illustration Mr Bingo: Hate Mail
  19. The50 Graphic Design Jamie Wieck: The 50
  20. Tubebench Furniture Design Piet Hein Eek: Tube Bench
  21. Vitra Animation Johnny Kelly: Vitra Tip Ton Chair
  22. Drawingmachine2 Art Eske Rex: Drawingmachine
  23. Monicanelson Graphic Design Monica Nelson
  24. Anormalday Film A Normal Day
  25. Nickballon Photography Nick Ballon
  26. Financialpadding Miscellaneous the.: Financial Padding
  27. Annawilihighfield Sculpture Anna-Wili Highfield
  28. Patriklindell Photography Patrik Lindell
  29. 4today Miscellaneous It's Nice That is 4 today!
  30. Hackneyhear Interactive Hackney Hear
  31. Slanted Publication Slanted #13
  32. Gfs_digi_3 Graphic Design GFSmith: Print Test
  33. Ustwo Interactive Mills: App Recommendations
  34. Andersenm Film Andersen M Studio and DDB London: Star Alliance
  35. Worldwaterday Film Andrew Hinton: It's In Your Hands
  36. Fieldnotes Graphic Design Field Notes: Dry Transfer Edition
  37. Ustwo0 Web ustwo: Nursery Rhymes with Storytime
  38. Petercrawley Illustration Peter Crawley
  39. Oneofone Exhibition One of One at Pick Me Up
  40. Girlsmakinggunssounds Film Girls Making Gun Sounds
  41. Plumen Product Design Samuel Wilkinson and Hulger: Plumen 001
  42. Elliefp Illustration Ellie Foreman-Peck
  43. Postlerfurgerson Graphic Design PostlerFerguson : Wunderboxes for V&A
  44. Stuartpatience Illustration Stuart Patience
  45. Kite0 Events Daniel Frost: The Big Kite Show
  46. Helmo Illustration Helmo: Pronomade(s)
  47. Thegreeneyl Film MIT Media Lab Identity
  48. Katepeters Photography Kate Peters
  49. Keatonhenson Music David Wilson, John Malcolm Moore and Keaton Henson: Charon
  50. Anniecollinge Photography Annie Collinge
  51. Canttellmenothing Music Can't Tell Me Nothing
  52. Redbullstreetview Art Red Bull Street Art View
  53. Taizoyamamoto Illustration Taizo Yamamoto: Shawarmas
  54. Thebearcave Graphic Design The Bear Cave
  55. Robryan Illustration Rob Ryan: For Haiti 2011
  56. Forevermanchester0 Music Si Scott: Forever Manchester
  57. Fedeyankelevich Illustration Federico Yankelevich
  58. Fallenempire Photography Spencer Murphy: Fallen Empire
  59. Studiogreiling_0 Architecture Katrin Greiling: Stockholm Furniture Fair
  60. Loveblossoms Interactive Daniel Brown: Love Blossoms
  61. Bafta Film Adam Simpson: BAFTA
  62. Rainbow Film Robo-Rainbow
  63. Chevrolet_small Music Young Creative Chevrolet
  64. Davidlucas Writing David Lucas
  65. Bafta Animation BAFTA: Short Animation
  66. Inatube Publication itunube: Fresh Flowers
  67. Rubber2 Music Quentin Dupieux: Rubber
  68. Eine Film Abbie Brandon: Eine Film
  69. Ianstevenson Publication Ian Stevenson: Now Thats What I Call Art
  70. Hassanrahim Fashion Hassan Rahim
  71. Designresearch Product Design Design Research Studio: Royal Academy of Arts Restaurant
  72. Mariemargaux Animation Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
  73. Wassinklundgren Exhibition WassinkLundgren: Tokyo Tokyo
  74. Zarnecki Graphic Design Magdalena Czarnecki
  75. Sutra Music Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Antony Gormley: Sutra
  76. Itsnicethatishiring Miscellaneous It's Nice That is hiring!
  77. Sroop0 Exhibition Sroop Sunar: The Golen Glassy
  78. Susanphilipsz Art Susan Philipsz
  79. 4thplinth Art Fourth Plinth
  80. Aaje Photography Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry