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The Weekender: A fun run-down of weird things and good articles we've come across this week

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HELLO! Welcome to the Weekender, the thing you read when you’re in bed, scrolling through your phone with a dry mouth and an aching head whilst your other half, or flatmate, has gone out to get orange juice. What we hope to do here is give you some gems that you may have missed this week along with some miscellaneous crap that we’re into and you’re probably not. This week on the site we saw Kaija Straumanis have things thrown at her head, enjoyed this fan art from some of our favourite illustrators and enjoyed this KENZO and David Lynch collaboration.

Stuff you shouldn't have missed this week

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    Kaija Straumanis: Stuff Being Thrown at My Head

- Famous model and DJ Jack Guinness treated us to a really, really good Friday mixtape.
- Amazing director Philip Andelman gushed about this classic Oasis video.
- Jeremy from New York art bookshop 6 Decades told us about his top five tomes.
- James Cartwright told us why we should stop talking about print being dead. For GOOD.
- And we met the fabulous Oli Frape who told us a little about his working week.

The Weekender

Rob Alderson

First up this week something quite serious in the form of Jonas Dahlberg’s proposed new artwork to commemorate the massacre on the Norwegian island of Utøya. Memory Wound will see the landscape cut in two to mark the killings of 69 young people and it’s a tremendous peaan to the power of simplicity in what is a very painful episode in Norwegian history, but nonetheless one that needs remembering.

I was also taken this week by this nice project to poach creative talent by hiding phones in fake books as a way of circumventing the usual procedures. Won’t be able to open a book in quite the same way for the forseeable future.

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    Jonas Dahlberg: Proposal for

Liv Siddall

Ugh. This is treasure. Someone FOUND these photos in an “unmarked box in a south California estate sale.” This is car boot sale booty gone mad. Candid photos of the Stones just hanging out by a public swimming pool back in the 60s. To this day nobody knows who took them. UGH. I can’t take it. It’s too good.


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    Found: Rolling Stones

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    Found: Rolling Stones

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    Found: Rolling Stones

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    Found: Rolling Stones

I also came across this old Arctic Monkeys video for Cornerstone from 2009. Something about their new hardcore, teddy-boy look is not sitting well with me, so seeing this old video for what is actually my favourite of their songs is a true joy. What a fantastic music video – just Alex Turner, a microphone and a really great jumper. He’s got really big hands, hasn’t he?

Maisie Skidmore

We’ve all been there: you get home at midnight the night before payday, nobody’s home, you’re half drunk and absolutely starving and there’s nothing but five half broken fish fingers left among the rubble at the bottom of the freezer. You do the honourable thing, and make them as appealing as is physically possible with a light sprinkling of jerk chicken spice mix and some only-half-congealed ketchup. This blog proves there’s no shame in last-day-before-payday dining alone.

Lupita Nyong’o is my new favourite woman ever; she’s not only startlingly talented and yet strangely normal, but the last couple of weeks have revealed that she’s also very articulate, and that she gives a damn good speech. This one’s from the Essence awards, and it deserves reading and then re-reading and then sending around to everybody you know.

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    Dimly Lit Meals for One


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    It’s been a long old week kids, and like the Friday afternoon trip to the cornershop to buy a 20p pic ’n’ mix we’re here and ready to reward you for dragging yourselves through it with bucket loads of funny, cool and interesting stuff that we’ve uncovered this week. This way please!