Alex Bec

Alex joined as director in 2008 and oversees the commercial side of the business. Contact him to discuss working with us on sponsored content, commercial partnerships, media partnerships, commissioning work and Anyways creative consultancy.

  1. Kelsey Illustration Kelsey Dake
  2. Last_expo Miscellaneous Last Expo
  3. Home Photography Nadav Kander
  4. Wagon Music Celyn: Chunkothy
  5. Spotlight_curtain Miscellaneous Bart Hess: Spotlight Curtain
  6. Glenn_brown Exhibition Glenn Brown
  7. Home Product Design Jambox by Jawbone
  8. Gilscott_jamiexx Music AG Rojas & Jamie James Medina: I'll Take Care of You
  9. Grouchy_rabbit Writing Grouchy Rabbit
  10. Theheath Publication Andy Sewell: The Heath
  11. Home Exhibition Catch the Beat
  12. Rem Music Sam Taylor Wood: ÜBerlin
  13. Yuri Product Design Doorbell Workshops
  14. James_s Illustration James Straffon
  15. 1 Photography Oli Kellett
  16. Radiohead Music Garth Jennings: Lotus Flower
  17. Spirit Art Ben Long
  18. Bjorn Art Bjorn Copeland
  19. 1 Illustration Patrick Leger
  20. Kills Music Sophie Muller: Satellite
  21. Part_parcel Film Part & Parcel
  22. Cat Film It's Okay to be a Cat Guy
  23. Home Graphic Design Geoffrey Halpin
  24. Blake Music Alexander Brown: The Wilhelm Scream
  25. Greenbaum Publication Hilary Greenbaum
  26. Hairclip Product Design Humans Since 1982: Hair Clip on Hair
  27. Neversink_home Writing Neversink Library
  28. Metronomy Music Jul & Mat: She Wants
  29. Draw Fashion Draw in Light
  30. Home Exhibition William Hundley: Becomes
  31. Lennon Illustration Hellovon: Lennon
  32. Beachhouse Music Best Coast: Crazy For You
  33. Pmkfa Graphic Design PMKFA
  34. Bruce Art Bruce Munro: Water Towers
  35. Tom_bucher Graphic Design Tom Bücher
  36. Things_small Guest Post Letman
  37. Chilly Music Jonathan Barré: You Can Dance
  38. Asger Photography Asger Carlsen
  39. Mackintosh Fashion Mackintosh
  40. Ef_home Illustration Espen Friberg
  41. Books Music The Books: I Didn't Know That
  42. Agustina Miscellaneous Agustina Woodgate
  43. Hoe__bertrandfevre_photo_bertrandfevre2 Set Design Bertrand Fèvre
  44. Peepshow Animation Peepshow: 2010 A Christmas Odyssey
  45. Home Exhibition Martin Fengel
  46. Tempertrap Music Dougal Wilson: Love Lost
  47. Sagmeister Web Sagmeister Inc. Updates
  48. Home Writing A Humument iPad App
  49. Tame_impala Music Megaforce: Solitude is Bliss
  50. Antonio Graphic Design Antonio Ladrillo
  51. Tedvasin Art Ted Vasin
  52. Sarah_ill Miscellaneous Sarah Illenberger Editions
  53. Twin_sister Music Mike Luciano: All Around And Away We Go
  54. Seanfree Graphic Design Sean Freeman
  55. Piero Photography Piero Martinello
  56. Home Graphic Design Stefan Glerum
  57. Me Music M&E: Floating
  58. Photo Photography Street Photography Now Project
  59. Ilegal Graphic Design Ilegal
  60. Home Fashion Joelle Chariau: Designing Fashion
  61. Home Writing Kevin Braddock
  62. Whomadewho Music Good Boy Creative: Keep Me In My Plane
  63. Kyle_ferino Photography Kyle Ferino
  64. Mitch_blunt Illustration Mitch Blunt
  65. Home Publication Limited Edition POP
  66. Home Photography Lewis Chaplin
  67. Silence Music Matthew Donaldson: 2 Minute Silence
  68. Klas Writing Klas Ernflo
  69. Ball_noques Set Design Ball-Noques Studio
  70. Twin3 Publication Twin Issue 3
  71. 1 Miscellaneous Olek
  72. Cash Music The Johnny Cash Project
  73. Badthings Film Bad Things That Could Happen
  74. 1 Product Design Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz
  75. Massive Music Edouard Salier: Splitting the Atom
  76. Trevor_burkes Illustration Trevor Burks
  77. Ritator Graphic Design Ritator
  78. 1 Miscellaneous La Bolleur: Balloon Animals
  79. Blue_blood Music Chris Sweeney: Blue Blood
  80. Bill_dan Miscellaneous Bill Dan