Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.


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    On a recent trip to London, Ryo Takemasa decided to draw what he encountered and in his version of the capital everyone is grinning, whether they’re buying some bread, drinking a gentlemanly pint, or queuing for a coffee (must’ve been a sunny day). Textured and vibrant with an evident ukiyo-e influence, Ryo’s illustrations are ruddy fabulous and make even the drudgery of travelling on the Tube seem fun and exciting.

  2. Tumblr_mcrjucezzb1rvptg8o1_1280list

    These wonderful, animal-themed illustrations are from Camilla Perkins, an illustrator and surface designer based in London. Camilla’s fascination with zoology and botany is seen throughout her work, with leaf patterns and various sea creatures adorning her designs. Her use of overlaying colour makes picnic blanket food look way more interesting than any I’ve ever seen. I particularly love the toucans dressed in shirts, and the orbiting planets being given human faces, while the recurring food platters are making my tummy rumble! Come on lunchtime…

  3. Tumblr_mb04z7k4tj1rhgbngo1_1280list

    Hailing from Lille in France, Renaud Coilliot possesses a real knack for composition and has taken his camera on trips across the world to show off this impressive ability. From the New York metro system to the streets of Tokyo, Renaud photographs people going about their daily lives. Identical twins, cute fluffy doggies, sneaky snapping the cops and a love for window reflections grace his grainy, black and white photographs. Renaud has captured the essence of street photography to a T, turning ordinary situations into stunning shots.

  4. Img_6533listimage

    A shout out to the people who send us in stuff everyday, whether its their own work, or championing the hard graft of others, we salute you, without you Things wouldn’t exist and that would suck. Big time. So on that note, here is this week’s lovely collection of our favourite things.

  5. Nautical2_800list

    These incredibly detailed maps are by Japanese illustrator Takayo Akiyama, capturing what is quintessentially British. The map of western England is particularly brilliant, commissioned for luxury brand Alfred Dunhill to mark their historical relationship with manufacturers Fox Mill. Takayo does not hold back on what makes the west country so great (not that I’m biased or anything!) and I love how she replaces humans with animals, especially transforming Queen Victoria into a hamster, and the fox looking over his sheep.

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    I’ve never had the chance to attend a convention, but I imagine them to be packed with people in incredible replica costumes competing about their love for said comic or video game. Photographer Vincent Glielmi sheds a different light on the people that take part in these events, with the stark contrast between their costumes and the environments surrounding them (the lady in orange is cracking me up). Either posing for a portrait, or doing ordinary things like chatting on the phone – it’s not what you expect from these hardcore fans. It’s that same feeling when you see a famous person doing their food shopping – apparently they are ordinary people too!

  7. Liststatue

    Occasionally you may ponder upon the process of installing a huge statue or maybe how the precious Monet painting you are looking at got there. Thankfully the world of Tumblr has brought us Installator. With the strap-line “wrapit-tapeit-walkit-placeit”, it reveals painstaking processes behind creating and setting up exhibitions and artwork. From big trucks hauling enormous sculptures, to the care taken with valuable paintings, photographs range from the beginning of the 20th Century all the way to the present day. Modern-day heroes, these people make the world a better place.

  8. Here_markporter

    What sets Mark Porter apart from other editorial designers is that he studied modern languages at the University of Oxford. Clearly he isn’t your conventional designer, and after spending several years in the magazine industry, he joined The Guardian, where he was responsible for a ground-breaking relaunch of the newspaper, and the design of The Guardian’s award-winning website and mobile apps.

  9. Listimagethomasslater

    Not only does Thomas Slater have the cutest dog ever, his illustrations are rather brilliant too. Thomas’ desire to put a smile on people’s faces has certainly paid off, especially Bad Guys Doing Not So Bad Things, where you come across Bond villian Oddjob casually walking his neighbour’s dog (what a nice guy!).

  10. Listsamuel

    In honour of the appearance of spring, we thought we all deserved the sun-drenched, vivacious photography of Samuel J Davison. Born in Melbourne and now living in Berlin, his photographs capture all that is fun and happy-go-lucky about the summer months. From the travelling side (the odd fry-up to remind you of home) to frolics in the sun, I can tell excitement is welling up inside you. In Samuel’s words, “Party all the time,” which is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard. Bring on the summer!

  11. Lisssstmate

    What’s that you say? Toiling over how much pasta to cook for numerous people has gone for good? Well Studio Lievito has designed a beautiful accessory which might just have ended that conundrum for good. Made from a single piece of white Carrara marble, each slot caters for one, two, three or four people. It’s an Italian hunk that not only is ridiculously good-looking, but means you will never let pasta go to waste again. Along with the spaghetti measurer, Studio Lievito presented an variety of elegant and practical products at Milan Design Week 2013, including this dry-rack suspended by a perimeter of natural bristles. Benissimo!

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    Aha! I know you thought when you clicked on this post we had succumbed to really crass advertising. Do you think we would do that to you? Really? We will put our hurt feelings aside (because we love you), and reveal that these adverts are actually a French literacy campaign, created by ad agency DDB Paris. Clever eh?

  13. Here_adambuxton_article2

    If you haven’t already heard of Adam Buxton, you’ve clearly been living in a hole for the past decade. Adam is an actor, writer and director, and not to mention pretty damn funny. You probably know him from The Adam & Joe Show with partner in crime, Joe Cornish; their creative partnership spanned more than a decade and the duo were featured on Channel 4, Xfm, BBC 6 Music and E4.

  14. World_around_1900list

    I remember when making your own time capsule used to be a big deal, the pressure to compress your life into a small space was not to be taken lightly. Now the fine folk from Retronaut have used the internet and its infinite space to bring us Anywhen. The concept is still the same, but with the ability to categorise the date, and theme of the item, you can spend hours, even days, just looking through bizarre and kooky fragments of the past. Expect anything, from an early Michelin Man sporting a cigar and roller-skates, to strange Japanese map illustrations.

  15. Vliisstt

    Meet Dave. Dave lives in a place called Here, an island where not a lot happens. It’s surrounded by a grey, ambiguous expanse called There, which the residents of Here avoid thinking about. Until one day, something issn’t quite right, and thoughts of the unknown begin creeping into Dave’s head…

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    Design studio Tappin Gofton have been working in collaboration with Nadav Kander following his exhibition Bodies. 6 Women, 1 Man to create two sleek, hand-made book editions featuring Nadav’s human subjects. The first version features a black cloth cover with a foil blocked finger smear, made by Nadav himself. The second limited edition book features a unique hand painted cover (also by Nadav), and it echoes “the application of the hand applied white paint and dust used on all of the nude bodies.”

  17. Img_6478lissstbruv

    We know that Things conjures strange, yet wonderful, feelings inside you. Don’t suppress them, you know it’s best for you and to give you a better reason, this week is especially full of marvellous items. What are you waiting for?

  18. Here_erikkessels_article

    It’s difficult to know where to start with Erik Kessels due to the sheer variety of his work. For starters, Erik is the creative director of KesselsKramer, a world-renowned communications agency based in Amsterdam. Since 1996, he has built up an accomplished portfolio for national and international clients.

  19. Zoo_14list

    No matter what age you are, going to the zoo is always the most awesome way to spend your day. Whilst our attention is mainly focused on the animals (and the odd fat kid), we forget to look at the environments these creatures are forced to live in. Phil Jungs’s fascination with these artificial habitats lies in “the perverse beauty of their forms which strike a compelling contrast to the reality they portray,” for they are “glaring portrayals of our distorted and disconnected views of the natural world.” The eerie atmosphere of his photographs is achieved by their vacancy, and are a world away from the exciting and bustling energy we normally associate with a zoo.

  20. Br_amazon03-e1360777917813list

    Ever wondered where Amazon keep their huge inventory? Well thanks to Ben Roberts and journalist Sarah O’Connor, you can indulge your curiosity in their project Amazon Unpacked. In 2011, Amazon occupied a warehouse the size of nine football pitches in the dilapidated town of Rugeley, Staffordshire.

  21. Listmateymate

    Born in Japan and raised in Switzerland, David Favrod later applied for dual nationality at the Japanese embassy, but was declined. In response, David created a project called Gaijin (“the foreigner” in Japanese), where he channels his feelings of rejection and his desire to understand his Japanese roots: “the aim of this work is to create “my own Japan”, in Switzerland, from memories of my journeys when I was small, my mother’s stories, popular and traditional culture and my grandparents war narratives.”

  22. Listinitbruv

    Vampires have infiltrated popular culture, especially of the teen variety, but twin brothers, Gert and Uwe Tobias are more concerned with their Romanian heritage than the myth of Dracula. As a result, eastern European folklore is a key influence for their artwork; strange-looking creatures creep into their pieces, and you have to look twice to recognise these characters, especially in their woodcuts.

  23. Marmartin-lorislist

    I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t love nature documentaries, and with the soothing tones of David Attenborough, it’s easy to become hypnotised by the insane scope of the animal kingdom. Marc Martin, a keen traveller and illustrator, has created a children’s book that will satisfy your thirst for animal knowledge, and it is called The Curious Explorer’s Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A to Z.

  24. Opinion-list

    This week, Holly Wilkins looks at the furore around US retailer American Apparel’s recent adverts, and how those banned promo spots are being put to the public for their opinion on the matter.

  25. Listmate

    It’s hard to believe that Luke Pelletier (painter, printmaker, musician AND skateboarder) is at the ripe age of 20 with already such an splendid portfolio. Currently living in Chicago, Luke clearly has no time to clean his studio as he is constantly churning out artworks from paintings, large murals and even a pinball machine (so awesome). Luke’s art work is full of energy, and varies depending on his mood or what he is doing at the time. Passionate and dedicated, Luke has real talent, be sure to keep an eye on him.

  26. Here_rafaelrozendaal_list

    This year our dear old friend the internet turned 30, and shows no sign of slowing down. Now more than ever, it seems apt that Rafaël Rozendaal uses it as his canvas to create visual and interactive art work. For Rafaël, the internet gives him freedom to create art work that couldn’t otherwise be conceived in the physical world.

  27. Listmate

    Who knew that wine could look so freaking cool! Well, Paul Belford Ltd had an inkling and have redirected their flair for creating beautifully crafted books to devising an elegant, yet modern aesthetic approach for bespoke distributor Waddesdon Wines, the Rothchild’s UK wine merchant. The wine bottles are wrapped in antique-looking maps from the Rothchild’s vineyards in Bordeaux, then packaged in a simple, grey box.

  28. Screen-shot-2013-04-15-at-12.17.10lissst

    There is something enigmatic about the garden gnome, said to protect us from evil sorcery, however I can’t help but think that behind those blank beady eyes, something is going on. IKEA clearly share the same paranoia, and along with ad agency Mother, have produced this pretty hilarious advert to show what the garden gnome are really up to – plotting a sabotage against garden furniture.

  29. Beer-ad-cover-1llliiissst

    In a world of bright colours and smiles, it is hard to believe that Ryan Chapman lives in the same smoggy, grey London we call home. Ryan has developed a signature look to his joyous characters using colourful and simple shapes, and whether they are repairing a car, rendezvousing on a house boat or smoking a pipe, these little people seem to be enjoying every second of it.

  30. Screen-shot-2013-04-12-at-14.53.28list

    Hot diggity damn! It seems like Coney Island in the 1970s was the place to be. Beach babes in every direction, and no one captured it better than Bruce Gilden. POINT have produced over four hours of material with Bruce Gilden and have given us a short excerpt with the man. Comments like he is only nice with his “wife and cats, and sometimes my daughter,” and exclaiming that he doesn’t want his subjects feel special, you can’t help but start to love the guy for his indirect charm. The complete version will be shown at the POINT Authenticity Conference at RIBA on May 2-3.

  31. Img_6439listttt

    We know it’s been tough going back to a five-day week, so to help you celebrate getting through it we’ve picked the most exciting things that made its way to us this week. So, with a brew (tea, not special) in hand, scroll down and prepare to be amazed…

  32. Tumblr_mky0yagpav1snd19so1_1280list

    Everyone is terrified of getting old, from that first grey hair we deny even existed to shedding a tear at your first wrinkle. It may flabbergast you, but Kyoto Hamada has donned a grey wig, latex makeup and floral patterns to become an old lady in a project called I used to be you. She goes by the name of Kikuchiyo-san, and accompanied by a series of photographs, she goes about her life sewing buttons, going to museums and doing her laundry.

  33. _oiuiyftcv-copylist

    No matter how old you are, when someone utters the word ’’adventure’’ you immediately become an excitable child. Nich McElroy, a photographer based in Vancouver, seems to go on a lot of them, and I don’t blame him, as you cannot predict what you come across, or where you might end up. Thirteen month takes you through misty woodland, sunny mountains and along a windswept coastline. Now grab your pooch and a shabby van, we are going on an adventure!

  34. Screen-shot-2013-04-12-at-09.21.04

    The 2012 London Olympics seem like an age ago, but this video directed by Carl Burgess brings all those memories of being glued to the TV flooding back. Just one small change – the young, strapping athletes have been replaced by five senior citizens dressed in Great Britain’s red, white and blue, equipped with shot-puts, relay batons and champagne. Shot in super slow-mo, with the addition of dramatic music and hilarious visuals, we witness their anticipation, disappointment and celebration. A heartwarming way to start your day.

  35. Sarah-parker_selfridges_anothermagazine01list

    In a world where we are bombarded by adverts, Selfridges’ No Noise campaign was a beacon of calm and quietude. In their de-branded space, they invite us to “celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds.”

  36. Jeffrey_stockbridge_christianlist

    You will probably recognise Tic-Tac and Tootsie, the most iconic participants of Jeffrey Stockbridge’s now completed project Kensington Blues , from the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize show a couple of years back. Starting in 2008, Jeffrey took a series of gripping portraits and recorded interviews with people that reside along Kensington Avenue in North Philadelphia, an area known for its poverty and high crime rates. The photographer admits that while he attended college in the city he never knew this street existed.

  37. Img_8143list

    The best word to describe Caroline Mackintosh’s underwater photographs is elegant. Everything looks graceful underwater, and with the addition of bare bums, boobs, bubbles and goose pimples, you will be amazed at how captivating Thigh Deep is. Already boasting an impressive collection of editorial shoots, Caroline strips down (quite literally) and brings photography back to basics, relying on water’s ability to warp body parts – particularly loving the split shots between the outside and under water. To the river!

  38. Magoz_illustration_ilustracion_watermelon_el_vendedor_de_sandias

    Mágoz hails from a small town just outside of Barcelona, and it could be that his amusing illustrations stem from constantly being in a good mood, probably because of all the sun they get. You know that large fire ball in the sky? No? Doesn’t ring a bell with me either. Mágoz has a large portfolio of both editorial and personal work, which feature people with unusually small heads. This bunch like to bathe in large platters of paella, use watermelons as umbrellas and dress up as illustrator warriors – just your average day really.

  39. 06_patternity_pattern_powerlist

    Get ready to succumb to the world of patterns. If you hadn’t realised already, they are around every corner, in your food, your clothes, your reading material. It seems we focus on the more outlandish elements sometimes. rather than what is staring right at us, and Patternity – aka art director Anna Murray and surface/textiles designer Grace Winteringham –have recognised this. “In a time where we are deluged by information and paralysed by choice, pattern can clarify complexity,” they say.

  40. 09_business-cardslist

    Do you think it sounds extreme to travel all the way to Texas just to eat pie? Wait until you see the set of stationery FoundryCo have done for Emporium Pie. Beautiful floral illustrations with simple typography grace the backs of their menus, business cards and website. It makes you think of grandma’s home-made recipes we all dream of when returning home. The set of press shots done by Kelsey Foster are also wonderful, capturing not only these tastefully vintage designs but the hand-made pies themselves. Mmmm, now all I can think about is pie… and stationery.