Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.


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  1. Es-list

    As you may know, Ewen Spencer is already well up there on our long list of incredible photographers – having wooed us with both his Waglad and Three’s a Crowd series several years back, there is no denying his talent.

  2. List

    If you, along with pretty much the entirety of the human population, think Beyonce is the epitome of cool, then take a moment to consider Beyonce embroidered. Yes embroidered. For whilst we can all appreciate Beyonce’s goddess-like attributes, her mane of glossy hair and those oh-so-slightly risque dance moves, it is artist Inge Jacobsen’s woollen additions that make Beyonce’s aura of cool enter a whole new level.

  3. Img_2655

    Roll up roll up, Things is here and this week, oh my isn’t it a mighty one!? With little yellow zines, fantastic magazines, paper posters, huge posters and one lovely paper, grab yourself a coffee, sit back and get ready to be wowed….

  4. List-fb

    While you might well consider yourself inventive when it comes to food I bet you anything you have never considered turning cauliflower into a bobble hat or indeed broccoli into a handbag. But then again that is where you and artist Fulvio Bonavia probably differ.

  5. List-jd

    Before John Delaney launched himself at full force into taking phootgraphs, he spent the best part of 15 years working as master printer for photography icon Richard Avedon. No biggie.

  6. List-dezeen

    When it comes to collaborations, London Design Festival tends to attract the best of them. And with Seven Dials, Dezeen and Covent Garden’s shopping village coming together to showcase the work of seven talented designers as part of LDF, this mighty collaborative effort is well work a look.

  7. Es4

    In a world so cluttered with chaos, sometimes a little bit of simplicity does us all a bit of good. Luckily that’s exactly what graphic designer Elana Schlanker does best and with her portfolio practically bursting at the seams with stripped back, clever designs, it is clear that she is an exceptionally talented lady.

  8. List-koen

    Glancing your eye over new artwork it is almost second nature to categorise it into a mental folder – there’s a drawer for illustration, a drawer for painting, and a little drawer in the corner for really really weird stuff right? But what makes artist Koen Taselaar extraordinarily cool is try as you might you can’t possibly put one single label on his work. Creating drawings, illustrations, collages, sculpture AND beautiful typography, Koen Taselaar can only be described as a master of all things creative and if you thought quality would inevitably differ between medium you couldn’t be more wrong.

  9. List

    Frankly there are not many men out there that can go about town sporting pink leggings and still manage to maintain their dignity, let alone their cool. So when Colombian photographer Daniella Benedetti set about photographing Parisian fashion label Pigalle’s latest collection – complete with multiple variations of male pink leggings – I think it is fair to say that she had quite a task laid before her. But photograph she did and I think it is safe to say that the results are simply stunning.

  10. List-sj

    When it comes to advertising the very best ads have to be the most memorable ones and whilst that leaves Compare the Meercat and a whole host of other jingle-heavy, unavoidably catchy advertisements permanently embedded in your mind, it also makes the hard-hitting films which carry the somewhat more serious messages at the forefront of your thoughts.

  11. List-image

    When it comes to cutting it as a successful illustrator in such a competitive, talented and progressively innovative creative field, developing a distinctive style is paramount. Luckily for us and also pretty luckily for him, Japanese artist Yosuke Yamaguchi hits the nail on the head, standing out from the crowd with his delicate and intricately detailed illustrations. With his illustrations ranging from dreamy ghost-like figures to elongated cats upon a beautiful backdrops, it seems that he is pretty good when it comes to diversity too, and with his beautiful use of colour and impressive steady hand, I dare you not to be wowed.

  12. List-christy

    When I plunge into a pool of water chances are that any attempt at an underwater mugshot would be unlikely to catch me at my finest, let alone capture an image that could be in any way described as beautiful. In fact far far from it which may be why I find Christy Lee Rogers’ latest exhibit, Reckless Unbound quite so impressive. Capturing a barrage of bodies submerged in tropical Hawaiian waters in the dead of the night, Christy’s photographs are seriously beautiful.

  13. Beach-list

    There’s something pretty remarkable about beach holidays and their incredible ability to make us whack out those swimming trunks or indeed that skimpy bikini and boldly parade the beach as if we were David Hasselhoff’s/Pamela Anderson’s body double like there was no tomorrow. Inhibitions and body hang-ups out the window, beach holidays are just great! And so when photographer Benoit Paillé set about wandering the beaches of Mexico and capturing tourists in all their beach finery, the results could only be brilliant.

  14. List

    It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend and that can mean only one more thing – form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen because Things is here and this week it is looking as glorious as ever! With zines, magazines, graphic design and finger printing we really are treating you…

  15. Llist

    Stepping away from her usual paint-based work, Elena’s collages with their colourful array of roughly-cut shapes and subtle, contrasting textures make for a beautiful sight. With each shape delicately arranged to compeiment one another and appearing in such a way that makes you wonder the permanency of it all (is it stuck? Is it placed?), you can consider us firmly placed on the long list of Elena’s appreciators.

  16. List

    Photographer Jim Mangan is clearly not someone to do things by halves, in fact quite the opposite. Producing a series of beautiful photographs way back in 2010 surrounding the wonderfully dreamy theme of rebirth, he has only gone on to create a trilogy! And with the third and final addition to the series_Bedu_ sweeping us away with its beauty and serenity, we are seriously impressed.

  17. Ak-list

    When it comes to the art-world sometimes you just have to rely upon the fact that most things end up looking a whole lot better than they actually sound. The same philosophy applies to banana smothered in peanut butter but it’s very evident in the wonderfully bizarre work of photographer Alexander Kent.

  18. List-sm

    Every so often I sit in my modest London flat and allow myself to dream up fantasies of my ideal house, complete with its bourgeois paint-job, high ceilings and sash windows. But when I crash back down to reality, my am I thankful for posters, making the walls of otherwise drab rooms homely, colourful and beautiful since as long as I can remember. I owe my fondness of each of my humble little abodes all to posters.

  19. List-sm

    Séverin Millet is exceptionally cool. For not only is Séverin Millet French (cue all my French-related fantasies of afternoon wine, chateaus and picnics on the Seine) but Séverin Millet also happens to be a truly fantastic illustrator and, if the suits he kits his illustrative characters out in are anything to go by, one can only assume that he is quite a suavely dressed gentleman too.

  20. List-water-towers

    Photography is brilliant at making you stop and appreciate the beauty of everyday things that otherwise can just pass you by. I must have walked by hundreds of lone water-towers in my time but never have I properly stopped and taken a moment to appreciate the concrete fineness of these overbearing structures. I doubt I’m alone in this either, after all the words “water-towers” and “beauty” are probably not something you’d put together, let alone a subject likely to just crop up over the lunch table.

  21. Elena-list

    It is a writer’s job to flower things up, describe things beautifully and add just the right amount of wit and personality that ensures the audience are kept excited with each new word they read. But while I’d love to think that my writing ticks those boxes, when it comes to dreamy illustrator Elena Xausa her own self description is pretty spot on. You only have to click on her welcome page in which she cheerily writes: “Welcome to my crazy, messy, easy, buzzy world!” to get a drift of what the talented Berlin-based artist is all about. And, with such a cheery introduction, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that her work follows suit, “crazy and messy”, cheery and colourful and above all refreshingly lighthearted – Elena’s illustrations are brilliant.

  22. Ross-list

    Gig posters are dangerous territory. Swing the right side and they can be beautiful works of art – the kind you buy regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan or just a casual observer – but swing the wrong side and you are in all sorts of trouble. Call me shallow but I for one judge bands on their artwork, show me a beautifully designed poster and I’m there, genre regardless, show me a bad one and let’s just say the band has a lot of making up to do.

  23. Ramon-list

    When we first contacted Ramon Haindl he told us he was “on the road,” driving across France by day and camping in the Alps drinking cheap whisky by night. Cool we thought. But I tell you what’s even cooler – Ramon’s photographs. If you are wowed by the creativity of one new artist this week I dare you not to let it be this guy.

  24. Adamhayes-plates-of-food-1-list

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but when it comes to creatives I know few people who tend to refer to themselves by honorific (surely all that Mr and Mrs stuff is reserved for the high-rise offices crammed full of bankers right!?), so when talented illustrator “Mr A. Hayes” caught our eye, we couldn’t help but smile and find ourselves a bit endeared by his officialness.

  25. Things-list

    The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the weekend is here and guess what… so is this week’s beautiful array of things! Hurrah!! This week we’ve got a nice gathering of stuff oozing with so much beauty that you’ll be all giddy in the head just taking a look. With fashion taking centre stage in the form of both a magazine and a book showcasing the very best in street fashion plus two very different photography books AND a vinyl made from cardboard, we really are spoiling you.

  26. List-movement-cafe

    I know it’s a bit of a cliche but oh my, haven’t this summer’s Olympic games brought a lot of good to London? Ridiculous amounts of regeneration, some beautiful creative collaborations and not least a huge heap of good old-fashioned patriotism. So what harm could there possibly be in letting you in on one more?

  27. Carpoolers-list

    If you thought that the backs of trucks were solely reserved for carting around those awkwardly-sized bits and pieces (ladders, rubble, the odd sofa) then you obviously have never seen Alejandro Cartagena’s stunning photographs OR been to Mexico.

  28. List-mia

    It must be nice to have a really great sketch book. I’ve always had big plans for one but, no matter how great my intentions, they always end up as unfinished, coffee-stained disasters; shoved to the back of my shelf sulking in the plain embarrassment that comes with being quite so awful.

  29. List-design

    Wednesdays, who likes Wednesdays? Middle of the week, middle of the road, nothing to write home about but oh this Wednesday, this Wednesday is a glorious one. Because this Wednesday marks the opening of the Design Museum’s fifth annual Designers in Residence exhibition and, showcasing some of the very best young and emerging design talent, the results are quite a spectacle.

  30. Design-list

    Wander along London’s South Bank between now and mid-January and sooner or later you’ll stumble upon a giant perspex box containing a beautiful array of Swarovski crystals. But before you think an oligarch has left something behind, you’ll realise it’s part of the Design Museum’s new exhibition Digital Crystal (in association with Swarovski).

  31. Things-list

    Remember that 90s song that long ago cheesily tried to remind us that the best things in life are free? Janet Jackson in all her glad-rags might have had a valid point (go her with her nice sentiments) BUT also on that list of life’s amazing things are this week’s lovely collection of It’s Nice That things. And aren’t they good – books books and more books… poetry, stories for children, stories for adults an exhibition book and and, um, a cleaning product. Fantastic.

  32. List-yuko

    When The New Statesman set about writing the article A to Z of Iran, it’s not at first glance something you’d think goes hand-in-hand with beautiful typography. But that is exactly where the talented illustrator and typography extraordinaire, Yuko Michishita came in, and didn’t she do it well.

  33. Jed-list

    Who said Pokemon, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong couldn’t be cool, cultured or in anyway artistic? Everyone that’s who! After all Nintendo is a trivial pastime reserved for your childhood memories right? Pushed to the back of your mind whilst you pretend to be a high-flyer in an adult world. And as for Pokemon – Poke-who? 

  34. Favre-list

    Illustrator Malika Favre is a big deal and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Scrolling through her new work, which showcases her less-is-more approach and bold use of contrasting block colours, it’s no wonder that her talents have become so in-demand.

  35. Flying-houses-5

    Laurent Chehere is no ordinary photographer, nor is he content with photographing houses in their natural surroundings. Oh no, Laurent Chehere photographs houses and makes them fly! It sounds like a scene out of Pixar’s film Up just take away the balloons and swap animation for some seriously believable photo manipulation and ooooh isn’t the result impressive!?

  36. Dc-list

    Dan Cretu’s parents obviously didn’t teach him not to play with his food and aren’t we glad. The man is a genius – mad yes, but a genius also.

  37. List-

    While we are well aware that the very concept of Those Who Make – a collection of videos capturing artists at what they do best (designing and making) – is nothing new, we are also well aware of just how great this version is.

  38. West-way-list

    As far as I am concerned, there are two types of people in this world. City-dwellers who love all things concrete, urban and high-rise and country dwellers who don’t. I am the latter – I’d swap rolling fields for car parking lots and urban landscapes any day and quite frankly I struggle to find the beauty in office buildings. But against all odds photographer David Sopronyi has won me over with his latest urban photography project West Way and so I admit it – cities can be beautiful!

  39. Rolling-masterplan-list

    Things on wheels are great fun; roller coasters, those food-carrying miniature trains at Christmas oh and cities. Yep cities. The latter sounds like something out of a ridiculous, futuristic and somewhat over-optimistic film but architect Jägnefält Milton has made the seemingly impossible possible and designed an entire rolling city on wheels.

  40. Apglist

    In an industry like fashion photography which is practically bursting at the seams with creativity, how do you possibly begin to stand out? French photographer Jean-Paul Goude seems to have perfected it down to a tee and if his latest editorial photographs are anything to go by, he is showing no signs of slowing down.