Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.


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  1. List

    Things again! Brilliant. Always room for more Things, that’s what we say. Well, then again, that’s exactly what that man who filled his house with newspapers said, until they put him away. Anyway! This week we’ve had many a gem come through the door of It’s Nice That HQ including a very smart cycling newspaper, a publication that puts all other ring-bound publications to shame, a tantalisingly text-free example of print, and something that looks like it fell out of an accountant’s briefcase (in a good way). Read on!

  2. Ah-list

    A big pat on the back to the phenomenally talented illustrator Adam Hancher whose newly-updated website proves that the ability to illustrate wondrously can make even the most mundane things dreamy, serene and beautiful. With his use of bright colours and instantly likeable characters, Adam miraculously strips banking of its stereotypically dull exterior, brings colour to otherwise deep articlesfor the likes of Link Magazine and best of all sends you into floaty daydreams just imagining the possibilities of the perfect world in which each illustration represents.

  3. Main

    Okay hands up, we know that over these past few weeks we (and the whole of the UK for that matter) have sort of bombarded you with Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics but we couldn’t resist just one more, especially when that one more comes in the shape of John Glynn-Smith’s intimate Olympic portraits.

  4. Af-list

    As you potter your way around a gallery chances are that all your attention is directed straight at the artwork. That’s all a bit obvious right? But that’s where photographer Andy Freeberg’s latest project, Guardians comes in. Photographing the gallery assistants in an array of Russian galleries, Andy cleverly takes the emphasis off the art itself and instead focuses your attention upon the dedicated women stood in front of it. And this is no mean feat considering their all too frequent tendency to otherwise go unnoticed, and their apparent ability to camouflage themselves into the background.

  5. Kb-list

    We all like a good old jukebox – that nostalgia, the inevitable ridiculous dancing and the old-fashioned cliche that is sounds SO much better than the modern day equivalent. But photographer Ken Brown can really make you appreciate the beauty of these wonderful retro contraptions.