Emily worked with us as an editorial intern during her summer break from the Royal College of Art and wrote for the site between August and September 2013.


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  1. Tg1

    “Keep well away from animation, it’s dangerous, nasty stuff, could be catching and most definitely will leave some very nasty scars, especially on those knee caps of yours.” Terry Gillam, flowing locks in tow, cardboard ventriloquist doll on his lap, speaks out from the screen of Bob Godfrey’s 1974 DIY Animation Show. The voice throwing alone was enough to win us over.

  2. D2

    It’s called CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, the process by which animals born for mass consumption are placed in confined space and fed copiously to fatten, to become a tasty morsel for human mouths.

  3. Bag

    The tote bag became big when we gave up on the idea that we’d one day get around to using all of those plastic bags that were stuffed inside one another and lodged in a drawer. Less of an eyesore, totes came swaggering onto the market to couple with illustrators, designers, artists and record labels. The tote bagged them all and we loved them for it, so much so that they began to stack up, hidden guiltily beneath coats in their plenty, savoured by their users as fashion statements, edging dangerously close to the passé.

  4. Gj

    These objects are so wonderfully annoying in their uselessness that you stand before them, making them functional – “If you only hit with the side of the bat, you’d miss the hole; perhaps you could smack the dough rather than roll it,” but in truth it’s just not going to happen.

  5. Pr1

    Ok, prepare yourself – this might just be one of the most dangerously sweet publications we have featured in a while. And it will get you. You will be won over by the charm, the illustrations, the painfully lovely relationship that plays out in front of you where boyfriends kiss girlfriends’ heads, order them pizzas, make them cups of tea, fall asleep on top of them on the sofa and yet still refuse to bake them biscuits. And guess what – it’s all true and based on the relationship between Rice and her boyfriend, artist Luke Pearson.

  6. Swim

    You know that feeling you get sometimes when you’re doing something really good and you suddenly realise that it will be something you will miss one day? A nostalgia before the event has passed? Well that is the feeling you get when reading or looking at anything by Leanne Shapton and it is deliciously intoxicating.

  7. G

    So many beautiful things we don’t know where to begin. The new collection of jewellery from “illustrator, designer and general maker-of-things” Kaye Blegvad is stunning. Adorning necks with diving gulls or staring eyes, fingers with strands of laurel, posies or moonstones and wrists with tiny, tiny hands, they are beyond wonderful and we want them all.

  8. H2

    How to make the portrait shot more interesting? How about photographing you sitter in position, making multiple prints of those images, folding the prints into a maddeningly complex origami modular construction, placing it in front of the sitter’s face and then re-photographing the entire pose from scratch? Sound complicated? It’s just part of the process for the fantastically talented photographer Alma Haser whose work Cosmic Surgery saw her shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Award back in 2012.

  9. List

    Despite its fluorescent pink colour and fancy typography, new architecture magazine TREMORS snuck through the doors and onto the shelves of art gallery shops at the start of the year without us noticing. And it has certainly made an impact, impressing us not only with its concept and rather wonderful use of building analogies in its manifesto (that sees its writers travelling “beyond bricks and mortar” in their search of ways to re-think urban space) but also because the quality of its content punches a pretty impressive thwack.

  10. List

    It’s only been a few months since we last mentioned the striking work to come out of the Fons Hickmann M23 studio in Berlin but they’ve done it again, this time working for the Impulse Theater Biennale 2013 where radical theatre meets radical design.

  11. List

    French onion soup with fresh thyme and gruyère cheese; a light coconut crȇpe, wrapped around halibut delicately poached in truffle butter followed by forest foraged ramp risotto topped with prosciutto and dusted with fresh parmesan. Still hungry? How about some crack pie with milk ice cream balanced on a vanilla tuile followed by a French canelé with a malt barley and hazelnut latté?

  12. First

    Suddenly we have found ourselves lost, swinging upon a pendulum between dream and a reality made unfamiliar by colour. London based artist Molly Palmer’s new video work The Fade immerses its audience in delirious layers of bleeding light that flood curious landscapes inhabited by bodies led along a mysterious narrative. Complete, The Fade runs in six parts, soon to be showing at Torna Gallery, Istanbul. But the stills alone are exquisite and a visual treat in their own right.

  13. List-3

    Follow the arrow and it will lead you north, skywards, to the far reaches of architectural space; it will lead you to Nordic – Office of Architecture and their beautiful new website made physical by its complementary publication – a great looking thing in its own right created by London’s BOB Design.

  14. List

    Jammed between the molars or against the curb of the road, prised with the heel of a shoe, the belt buckle, the lighter or the key ring, alternative methods for getting that crafty bit of metal off the top of the beer bottle come in many guises. But the real deal, the bottle opener, is a work of beauty and simplicity and its wonder is being celebrated by Czech creatives OKOLO’s new exhibition Open & Drink!