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James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

  1. Int_skull_0 Illustration Inside The Sugar Skull: Charles Burns on punk rock, art school and why he won't draw his mid-life crisis
  2. Int_placehold3 Writing Opening Night: A playful poke at the private views we love to hate
  3. Int_crab_0 Art Show and Tell: Molly Crabapple shows us her wigs, pens and sketchbooks
  4. Int_carl_0 Photography Archive: Still-life photographer Carl Kleiner shares six years’ worth of analogue images
  5. Int_simon_1 Illustration Opposites Attract: Simon Hanselmann and Grant Gronewold on living together and drawing together
  6. Int_maddison_0 Graphic Design Design studio Maddison Graphic discuss the trials and tribulations of working with The Methodist Church
  7. Int_eike_0 Graphic Design Show & Tell: Eike Konig talks us through some of the objects he prizes most
  8. Int_ernst_0 Illustration Archive: We delve into The Royal Society's archive of Ernst Haeckel illustrations
  9. Int_kids_0 Illustration Knowing Nothing, Understanding Everything: Meet four creatives known for their work for kids
  10. Int_lotta_0 Illustration Show & Tell: Lotta Nieminen walks us through the most important objects in her Manhattan studio
  11. Int_flash_0 Art No Flash Photography: We meet six invigilators guarding London's best galleries and museums
  12. Int_stanley_0 Illustration Unpleasant Nightmares: Stanley Donwood discusses finding inspiration in bad dreams
  13. Int_ill_0 Graphic Design The Philosophy of Ill: Parisian Ill Studio talk to us about the influence of skateboarding on their work
  14. Pp_emilyking_1 Graphic Design History In The Making: Emily King looks back on 20 years of writing design history
  15. Pp_hayward_1 Art Only Connect: Hayward Gallery director Ralph Rugoff on being an outsider and bird shit as art
  16. Pp_newnorse_1 Graphic Design New Norse: We track down three Nordic design studios doing things differently
  17. Pp_endcredits_1 Photography End Credits: Jake Green focusses his lens on one of London's best cinemas
  18. Pp_chwaston_1 Art Chwast On…: The legendary designer and illustrator shares wisdom on a host of subjects
  19. Pp_dianhanson_1 Art Dian Hanson – A Life In Porno Publishing: Taschen's sexy books editor tells us her remarkable story (NSFW)
  20. Pp_janvanderveken_1 Illustration The Best Illustrator You’ve Never Heard Of: An in-depth interview with Belgian illustrator Jan Van Der Veken
  21. Pp_magmen_1 Graphic Design Mag Men: Three top designers talk us through their print inspirations
  22. Pp_stuartsmithtate_1 Art The Man Who Tore The Tate In Two: Stuart Smith on making Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth a reality
  23. Pp_artoutsideandupclose_1 Art Art: Outside, Up-close And Personal: Five of the world's best sculpture parks
  24. Apartemento Publication Turning The Tables On Apartamento’s Omar Sosa: Inside the home of a man who's changed the way we look at interiors
  25. Pp_barcelona_1 Graphic Design A Tale of Barcelona’s Design Brilliance: We talk to three studios at the forefront of the city's design boom
  26. Htmlflowers-virtualcandle-spaceface-itsnicethat-list Publication A frank, touching chat with HTMLflowers about his new book
  27. Maddisongraphic-whowerethefallen-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Maddison Graphic remembers World War One victims with considered design
  28. Studiosmall-margarethowell-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Studio Small celebrates ten years of collaboration with Margaret Howell
  29. Tuesdaybassen-itsnicethat-list Illustration Tuesday Bassen's got bad-ass girl gangs covered!
  30. Mucho-bulo-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Mucho designs newspaper type specimens for left and right-wing fonts
  31. Kentandreassen-casablanca-itsnicethat-list Photography Casablanca captured beautifully by young photographer Kent Andreasen
  32. Ping-zhu-sketches-itsnicethat-list Illustration While we wait for Ping Zhu's new site to launch, here's some of her ugly drawings
  33. Jakegreen-thecelestials-itsnicethat-list Photography Fascinating photographs look into London's Evangelical Churches
  34. Things-05-05-2015-itsnicethat-list Things Get ready for a rollercoaster of postal goodness. Things is back again!
  35. Radimpesko-fugue-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Radim Peško's website is a treasure trove of digital type design
  36. Nike-pacquiao-itsnicethat-list Film Nike follow Manny Pacquiao on his exhaustive training schedule
  37. Manvsmachine-itsnicethat-list Digital New site and typically brilliant new work from ManvsMachine
  38. Black-yaya-comic-list Illustration Jeffrey Lewis tells a folk fantasy comics tale for Black Yaya's debut
  39. Mobydigg-aandp-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Painterly brushwork to brand a consultancy firm from Moby Digg
  40. Oddwood-itsnicethat-list Product Design Oddwood's updated website shows off a load of great new projects
  41. Kristoffersonsanpablo-itsnicethat-list Art Childish dick drawings and celebz in the bath by Kristofferson San Pablo
  42. Jeremyliebman-gailbichler-printedpages-itsnicethat-list Printed Pages Behind the scenes at The New York Times Magazine with Jeremy Liebman
  43. List Photography We speak to Ruvan Wijesooriya about his documentation of a Kabul school
  44. Danstafford-printedpages-itsnicethat-list Printed Pages How Dan Stafford created his striking nudes in the latest Printed Pages
  45. Lostmagazine-itsnicethat-list Publication Lost Magazine explores global travel from a uniquely Chinese perspective
  46. List Printed Pages Printed Pages launches now and we're having some parties to celebrate!
  47. New-dps-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design P-DPA is a user generated archive of developments in digital publishing
  48. Jonjones-itsnicethat-list Illustration Brilliant process imagery from illustrator Jon Jones
  49. Artandgraft-thewalk-itsnicethat-list Animation Art & Graft takes us on a breathtaking animated walk
  50. Dinakelberman-imgoogle-itsnicethat-list Miscellaneous Dina Kelberman's I'm Google is a visual game of Chinese Whispers
  51. Schooloflife-love-itsnicethat-list Animation Great animation suggests "love is an illusion, we're all alone"
  52. Teaserlist Printed Pages A quick look at some of of Printed Pages' star features...
  53. Emptyfilmposters-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Some empty film posters to help you kill time until the working day's over
  54. Karenelson-timwalker-itsnicethat-list Fashion Tim Walker channels the occult in great new shoot for Vogue
  55. List Art "There's a whale in that tree!" exclaim Samuel Branton's strange new drawings
  56. Catswing-itsnicethat-list Web Nice and Serious swings cats in protest at London housing prices
  57. Hightide-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design A few nice new projects from NYC studio High Tide
  58. List Photography Jonny Seymour's photos of a brutal Easter tradition aren't for the squeamish
  59. List Art + Music George Salisbury reveals the hidden creative secrets of The Flaming Lips!
  60. Sygold-itsnicethat-list-new Illustration Unicorns, magic trees and hidden marital aids in S.Y. Gold's portfolio
  61. List Printed Pages What’s going on with all these half-naked people? Printed Pages is back in town!
  62. Atelier25-vagamodes-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design An identity composed from a vibrant moiré by Atelier 25
  63. Hato-press-dazzle-ships-itsnicethat-list Interactive Build your own dazzle ship online with Studio Hato
  64. List Advertising Impossible's witty new video shows how to use their instant lab
  65. List Graphic Design Seoul's Bohuy Kim is pumping out bold graphic design
  66. Jordy-fantasticfantastic-itsnicethat-list Art + Music Jordy van den Nieuwendijk animates his drawings for Fantastic Fantastic
  67. David-jien-its-nice-that-list Exhibition Superbly surreal new show from narrative wizard David Jien
  68. Helen-cathcart-bolder-int-list Web Worldly wisdom from the over-70s on new website Bolder
  69. List Art + Music We meet Popolo Press, Montreal's specialist music printers
  70. List1 Illustration Oscar Bolton Green dabbles in still life with superb results
  71. Camille-summers-valli-int-list Film Camille Summers-Valli discusses her nomadic Navajo documentary
  72. Hands-int-7-list Animation Hands studio makes informative animation fun and engaging!
  73. List Art + Music A guide to some of the most weird and wonderful music merchandise
  74. A2-moscow-int-list Graphic Design A2SWHK and Margaret Calvert create new typeface to improve Moscow's transport
  75. Namsa-leuba-khoisan-int-list Photography Namsa Leuba's Khoisan explores an ancient African tribe
  76. Vg_alphabeta_04 Graphic Design Great new work from Fabric poster designers Village Green studio
  77. Bodiam-sa-int-list Photography Michael Bodiam gets out of the studio and into the field in South America
  78. Johnny-ryan-angry-youth-7 Publication Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comix is disgusting in a good way!
  79. List2 Product Design Volvo's new luminous paint for cyclists is utterly astounding!
  80. Marion-fayolle-coquins-int-list Illustration Naughty book of saucy NSFW drawing by illustrator Marion Fayolle