Introducing The Graduates 2020!

Meet some of the most exciting creative talent graduating this year.


The summer months only really mean one thing to us here at It’s Nice That: Grads season. It’s been a tough year for the freshest new talent entering our industry – we don’t need to say more about it – but in spite of it all, we couldn’t be more impressed by the talent we’ve seen from The Class of 2020.

We’ll keep this short. We don’t want to keep you away from the abundance of outstanding projects, creatives and stories that await you below. All that’s left to say is, we’re amazed at what this year’s Graduates have achieved, let alone in the time of a pandemic. So in our most global showcase yet, join us in celebrating a host of talent from a range of disciplines including animation, art, graphic design, illustration, 3D design and more. Exploring concepts and tackling issues of great maturity, these Graduates are well on their way to changing our industry for the better. It’s safe to say we need them, and the countless other fresh graduates, dreaming (and actively making) the creative industry a healthier place. So without further ado, meet It’s Nice That’s 2020 Graduates.

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