We want to hear how the pandemic has changed your creative process

To inform the topics discussed in our forthcoming Extra Nice campaign, we’re keen to hear how the effects of the pandemic have altered your creative way of working.


3 February 2022


It’s fair to say that the working world has altered dramatically since we first began to learn about coronavirus in those early months of 2020. Within the creative industry in particular, we’ve seen a shift in collaboration processes while working remotely, projects shapeshifting with the need to move to a digital focus, as well as projects pausing, repeatedly rescheduling or unfortunately being cancelled. Balancing such consistent changes is stressful enough, but such changes have also been mirrored in many of our personal lives. Working from home has blurred the necessary divide between work and life. It has led to creative burnout, individuals questioning exactly what they want from their career, who they want to work for, and even where they want to live.

Important, life-altering questions such as these have accelerated in the past few months and a hopeful return to “normal” puts many of these considerations front of mind. As a result, we feel the creative industry – led by those who work within it – is at a crossroads when it comes to its future. From an increase in individuals changing careers within a global “Great Resignation”, anticipated trial runs of a possible four day working week, and even questions around how creatives may earn from their craft through the development of digital art practises such as NFTs, what our industry may look like in the coming years is a question difficult to answer.

These are all subjects we’re keen to explore in a forthcoming Extra Nice campaign, The Balancing Act. In this week-long editorial series, made possible by our Extra Nice supporters, we’ll be diving into many of these topics and more with informed opinions directly from the industry.

And so to start, we want to hear from you. To be able to make this series as informed as possible, our team would appreciate your personal experience and insight by filling out a survey on such topics. All answers are anonymous and will go on to influence our editorial direction for the wider series, as well as offer an opportunity for us all to gain a better understanding on which direction the creative industry should head next.

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