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Andrew Khosravani animates new music video for Moon Panda


Animator and Illustrator Andrew Khosravani animates a short film to accompany new single from Moon Panda, Rabbit.

It’s not the first animation from the Madrid-via-London illustrator; last year his series of films Philosophy Feuds explored the work of Sartre and Camus in black and white, as well as creating the beautifully dream-like animations for London’s Citadel Festival.

Speaking to us about the process and concept for the Rabbit video, he says, “For me, the song feels like a journey. We wanted to make that journey as weird and psychedelic as possible. The story itself is a loop and in theory (if the song continued), the animation could continue forever.”

“We had lots of fun playing around with textures, colours and glows. I got really stuck in to the weird side of after effects for that, and Rosanna Wan was making some crazy face-melting llamas. How we generally worked was that we split scenes into segments and each did a bit of the scene. As it worked it, I did most of the final comping and Rosanna created lots of the elements and characters.”

The video takes you on a weird and wonderful journey through space and time, via Andrew’s imagination, and can be seen exclusively below. The single is out now.