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Swedish hardcore band Pissjar creates a typeface by, erm, pissing


In recent years we have seen typefaces created using mayonnaise and identities formed with toothpaste, but Anton Bolin a graphic designer and bassist in Stockholm-based hardcore punk band Pissjar has upped the ante.

Pissjar Sans is an alphabet created by Anton and his fellow band members by taking careful aim and pissing each character of the alphabet onto a canvas. The typeface was used to create the logotype for the band on its first album Apathy and Cheap Thrills and Anton has made it free to download “if you want to spice up your wedding invitation, school report or use it as a logo for your shitty start-up”.

“We built a custom frame and tried out loads of different fabrics, using some good pieces of worn bed sheets with the perfect absorbency to cover the frame. Then we just started to pee a lot, one letter per pee session,” explains Anton. “When the bladder was empty we had like 5 seconds to photograph the frame before it bled out. After that we vectorized the photo and edited it with a font software.”

The whole process took around 300 ‘takes’, with the R proving particularly troublesome, over six months.


Anton Bolin: Pissjar sans


Anton Bolin: Pissjar sans


Anton Bolin: Pissjar sans