Yet more mysterious Aphex Twin-related artwork has popped up

31 July 2018

Richard D James – better known as Aphex Twin – has been one of electronic music’s most endearing and enduring figures the for the past part of 30 years now. The Cornish semi-recluse responsible for club bangers like Xtal , Windowlicker and luke vibert spiral staircase [future music competition] has always taken a cat and mouse approach to playing the publicity game.

Aphex often emerges briefly only to disappear back into the acid-lashed shadows, a ginger mystery, leaving little behind except a string of deeply weird, often brilliant records. We think he might be about to drop another one. Possibly. Maybe.

This weekend gone, mysterious marks appeared on the walls of Elephant and Castle tube station — marks that bore Aphex’s easily recognisable logo. Those subterranean signals have been joined by another batch of images, this time in the Italian city of Turin.

His fans will remember the blimp that fluttered over London back in 2014, heralding the arrival of that year’s Syro LP. They’ll also know that it is alleged that Aphex used to be holed up in a former bank vault in Elephant and Castle. They’ll possibly be aware that Aphex Twin will be playing Turin’s Club to Club festival in November of this year.

Both what this could signal, and whether or not the work is officially related to Aphex Twin, is currently unclear. A tweet by French journalism collective Sourdoreille suggests that something Aphex-related might happen in Paris this week. Soon enough, every spare surface on Earth might find itself emblazoned with the logo of a man who terrified a generation of post-party ravers with the video for Come to Daddy.

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