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Art&Graft launches I Am Team GB animations for The National Lottery and ITV

London motion design studio Art&Graft has launched two animated shorts for I Am Team GB, The National Lottery and ITV’s campaign leading up to the Rio Olympics. The films combine a charismatic illustrative style with 3D character animation, and beautifully lit landscapes inspired by Norman Wilkinson’s paintings, to tell two different stories.

In The Road to Rio, lottery tickets escape from various familiar domestic environs, from behind a fridge magnet and inside a washing machine, and gather in the sky like a flock of birds. These then sweep through landscapes around the country transforming athletes into Olympians. This serves to promote Camelot, which runs The National Lottery, as a key funder of Team GB.

In I Am Team GB, the landscapes are less cinematic and more pared-back. Using a “rotating camera” point of view, the animation is more personable and low-key, showing characters turning into athletes.

The Road to Rio first showed on 21 July, and I Am Team GB on 25 July, with further promos and a print campaign to follow in the lead up to the Games.

Creative director on the project was Mike Moloney, head of animation was Clement Bolla and head of 3D was Martin Salfity. Art&Graft worked with The National Lottery, ITN Productions, ITV Creative and ITV AdVentures.