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Art Vinyl announces nominees for best record cover artwork of the year


Jesse Kanda: Arca

Art Vinyl has announced the nominees for its 13th annual awards celebrating the year’s best record sleeve artwork. Featuring a diverse range of 50 covers, the shortlist was chosen by a panel of music industry experts and past winners, and the award will now go to a public vote.

Among the nominees are Beck’s Colors customisable album artwork by Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey, and Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy cover by illustrator and New Yorker cartoonist Ed Steed.

Brooklyn-based artist Sam McKinniss has been nominated for his painting of Lorde for her Melodrama album artwork; alongside the more abstract painted artwork of Pumarosa’s The Witch, created by the band’s singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome.

Björk and FKA Twigs collaborator Jesse Kanda joins the list for his artwork for Arca’s self-titled album.

Also nominated is the psychedlic, halftone graphics for Volcano by Temples, created by Jonathan Zawada; Pixx’s The Age of Anxiety artwork by model maker Natasha Lawes and RunRedRabbit studios; and Jason Galea’s collage set for King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard with Mild High Club’s record Sketches of Brunswick East.

Voting is now open online and in participating venues, and the winner will be announced on 9 January 2018.


Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey: Colors, Beck


Jason Galea: Sketches of Brunswick East, King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard with Mild High Club


Sam McKinniss: Melodrama, Lorde


Natasha Lawes and RunRedRabbit studios: The Age of Anxiety, Pixx


Isabel Munoz-Newsome: The Witch, Pumarosa


Jonathan Zawada: Volcano, Temples