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Studio Moross crafts a bold identity for BFI-backed youth cinema initiative


Going to the cinema is brilliant. Honestly, we’ll watch any old rubbish just to have an excuse to sit in a dark room full of people eating popcorn at Merzbow-record-volume on a dismal Saturday night. Naturally, then, our ears pricked up when we caught wind of Studio Moross collaborating with the British Film Institute (BFA) on Massive, an initiative that seeks to connect younger audiences with British film.

Initially launched in August 2018, it champions cinema to 16-24-year-olds up and down the UK, from Billericay to Bolto and Slaithwaite to Swaffham. Massive’s aim is to champion British cinema to 16-24-year-olds, giving young people the chance to experience the best British films together and in the cinema. It is the result of a collaboration between crowdsourced cinema platform ourscreen and entertainment agency elevenfiftyfive, with Studio Moross providing the bold visual identity for a multi-platform media approach, which includes ads, posters, a cinema trailer and zine.

Nick Greenbank, a designer at Studio Moross tells us: “Our research for the Massive branding took us down the route of looking at magazine mastheads, movie posters and banners, so naturally we were looking for really bold typography that lent itself well to the world of cinema.”

This process eventually led to them digitising a film-friendly font from the good old days of Hollywood; Extra Bold Wide. “We took it upon ourselves to redraw some it’s characters and decided that it worked really well for the logo,” says Nick.

David Kapur, co-CEO, ourscreen and elevenfiftyfive tells us that Massive, and its noble aim of bringing the UK’s youth together through film, is crucial as “On a wider level we are seeing trends of loneliness and isolation for this generation, often associated with the ever-increasing role of tech in all our lives. Creating opportunities for us all to come together in the real world feels more important than ever.”


Studio Moross, ourscreen, elevenfiftyfive: Massive


Studio Moross, ourscreen, elevenfiftyfive: Massive


Studio Moross, ourscreen, elevenfiftyfive: Massive


Studio Moross, ourscreen, elevenfiftyfive: Massive