Bompas & Parr's ice cream competition has been won by a Roman inspired treat

19 September 2018

Bompas & Parr/Estela Gless

Back in August, before the skies turned grey, the temperature dropped, and we all frantically searched for our favourite winter-ready coat, we brought you the news that food art fanatics Bompas & Parr were announcing a design competition to create three-dimensional ice cream moulds for London Design Festival.

Its search for the tastiest iced treats saw Bompas & Parr cast a global gaze at current trends in experimental ice creams, and today it has revealed the three winners, each of whom will see their design turned into one-off ice cream moulds. For one day only — Thursday 20 September 2018 — they designs will also be available to buy as part of the British Museum of Food’s Scoop: A Wonderful Ice Cream World exhibition.

So, what can hungry visitors expect? Well, overall winner Sally Reynolds’ mould has taken inspiration from Roman classical sculpture, second place Estela Gless looked toward a Mexican thirst-quenching treat for her design, and bronze medalist Michele Menescardi’s entry is modelled on a bubble-producing bar of soap. We’re a long way from a Mr Whippy with a dessicated Flake slung in it.

Sally’s ice cream — which comes in rose masala chai flavour — has been described as “a state-of-the-art ice cream, a beautiful sculptural piece with a very thoughtful concept, that evokes the lavish and lustful days of Ancient Rome in every bite,” by judge Gonzalo Herrero Delicado.

Anyone intending to eat their way through the winning selections should remember that you aren’t getting raspberry ripple here. Michele’s design has been paired with a pineapple and lemon concoction that’s inspired by a fruit-salad and the ancient Arabic tradition of sweets and culinary art, while Estela’s flavour is, we’re told, “Turkish-Dondurma-Elastic Cherry” that comes with candied ginger and poppy seeds.

These bespoke creations are available to eat for one day only, but Scoop runs until 30 September at Gasholder 11, London.


Bompas & Parr/Michele Menescardi


Bompas & Parr/Sally Reynolds

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