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Cards Against Humanity announces new plan to make crisps, not cards


Cards Against Humanity: Prongles

The popular game company Cards Against Humanity has declared a “major change” to their business, saying that they will now be ditching their card game in favour of pursuing snack food.

“We’ve had a lot of success in the games industry, but the future is in snacks,” said former Cards Against Humanity co-creator Ben Hantoot in a statement. “When we go into the grocery store, we don’t see any card games. It’s all snacks.”

“Effective today, we are leaving the games industry,” stated Cards Against Humanity via Twitter on Friday. “It’s time we focus on our real passion: revolutionising snack food with our new brand, Original Prongles!”

The company’s new potato-based snack will come in two odd-sounding flavours: Salt and Potato and Onions and Cream. They will be presented cased in a “distinctive tall can”, and will be available to buy nationwide in America and online at the price of $2.99.

“Our market research showed that the snack food industry is much larger than the card game industry,” Prongles data scientist Dr. Josh Dillon claimed. “It’s obvious we were in the wrong business.”

Ben Hantoot added: “Transitioning our business to be completely chip focused has been a huge undertaking. It took us months to find the crunchiest chips and tangiest onion powder.”


Cards Against Humanity: Prongles


Cards Against Humanity: Prongles