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Artist Celyn Brazier reimagines 133 airport codes on a wall in Brooklyn for Delta


Artist Celyn Brazier and Wieden+Kennedy New York have decorated a wall in Brooklyn with paintings of 133 airport codes for Delta Airlines. Each code relates to a destination that the airline flies to from JFK or LGA and the illustrations showcase details from the city or town it depicts. For example: an ear of corn appears in CDI (Iowa’s airport code) or an apple in JFK (for New York).

The wall, located on Whythe Avenue in Brooklyn will show the artwork until 27 August and is complemented with a social campaign across Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Delta has also opened a shop, which allows the public to buy merchandise to show some “hometown pride” with their native city code on.

Delta has previously used the wall for a campaign to help the public improve their Tinder profiles by providing images of cities around the world that could be used to make a backdrop to selfies.


Celyn Brazier: Delta Wall


Celyn Brazier: Delta Wall


Celyn Brazier: Delta Wall