Apple launch Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot sessions, co-created with photographer Chase Jarvis

30 July 2018


Technology is constantly changing. There are a myriad different ways to capture a picture, a thousand tools with which to edit that picture, and more being launched every day. However, as useful as our ever-expanding encyclopaedia of apps is, photography has been around far longer than the technology we’re lucky enough to have at our fingertips today. There’s more at hand than point and click, and more to a beautiful image than a fancy filter, as photographer Chase Jarvis is quick to point out, “photography is about a story; it’s about moments.” And he’s quite right too… although there’s arguably no quicker way to capture these moments than by reaching for your iPhone.

Whilst Chase is perhaps best known for his work championing the powers of iPhone photography (2014 saw the publication of his book The Best Camera: Is the One That’s With You), he is also the youngest person to be named Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master and ASMP Master, so you can trust him not to be biased here. You can also believe him when he says that when it comes to taking a beautiful image, far more important than what camera or technology you’re using, is the subject matter. In fact, he attributes his success as a photographer to just that – taking pictures of things he cares about, or feels connected to. Makes a lot of sense once you think about it.

It’s tips like these – along with gems like “the best zoom lens is your feet!” – that you’ll be given in Apple’s Photo Lab sessions, co-created with Chase himself, and lead by Apple Creatives in stores across the UK. For Chase, great photography boils down to three elements – connecting with your subject matter, careful composition, and shaping and manipulating light. Equally useful if you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking to add another string to your bow, the immersive sessions take you through how to master each of these elements using your iPhone or iPad. Above all, you’ll walk away from the 60-minute session knowing the difference between simply taking a picture, and making one.

Apple’s offerings don’t stop at photography, the brand are just as keen as we are on championing creativity across the board – including art and design, coding, and music. Observational drawing classes, ‘Building your Song’ (a music workshop co-created with Florence Welch) and an introduction to robot programming are just a few of the other highlights. Discover more by clicking the link below.

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